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Best Buy - Long Island City, NY / customer service

1 Northern BlvdLong Island City, NY, United States

Horrid store, horrible experience!

Oh man, where to begin? Can someone please explain to me why there is no sign in the store telling you where to go to pick-up your online order (it's not the customer service desk, it's actually near the back of the store)? Do you know how many times I've stood on line at customer service and watched people wait (as I did the first time) to pick up an item, only to be directed to another line somewhere else? Put up a sign!!!

And why isn't there a sign explaining that if you are returning or exchanging defective opened electronic merchandise, you must actually wait in the Geek Squad line (not the regular customer service line) so they can look at it there before they'll agree (or not) to a return/exchange? Put up a sign!!!

Also, why are the Geek Squad employees here so supremely unpleasant? Actually, I only dealt with one, but he was the King of Jerks. The computer I brought back was defective - a call with the manufacturer determined this, but the employee still wanted to charge me a restocking fee.

Actually, I think that I may have even been given a used computer, since there was no computer set-up process, only Windows registration, the hard drive had already been partitioned peculiarly, and there was no white sticker on the box which they put there to determine if the box has been opened or not. And I paid for a new computer, not refurbished. I had to argue with this guy for 20 minutes, with him telling me that all netbooks were like that, that why did I need more space on the C drive anyway, and was I sure that I hadn't actually messed it up myself? He actually asked me that, with a truly condescending smile.

I told him I wanted to speak to the manager. He finally came back and said I could exchange it with no fee, but if the next computer was like that, then there was nothing else I could do. Well, as it turns out, they were out of stock, so I opted for a refund. Guess what? Their computer system couldn't process returns for online purchases at that time, so I had a bad computer that I couldn't exchange or return. I had to drive to the Best Buy near my home, where the people were very nice and also couldn't do the return process the usual way, but managed to do it a different way, which they said the Long Island City store could have done too, and didn't have to send me out of the way for nothing.

By the way - I went elsewhere and got a new, different computer, same manufacturer (they use the same setup process on all their netbooks), and this time there was an actual set-up process, like there's supposed to be, and a white sticker on the box, like there's also supposed to be. Still think I messed up the first time, Geek Squad guy?

How much do I despise this store, and especially its King of Jerks Geek Squad employee? If my life depended on it, I still would never go back there again. Not for any great deal or bargain or location convenience. Not. For. Anything. Ever.

P.S. Put up a sign!!!


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