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Best Buy - Kennewick, Washington / very poor business practice

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We purchaced an lg lcd television and lg "french door" refrigerator on 7/12/06. At the time the salesman asked if we'd like bb to come out and set up the tv. We declined.

Turned out we had a bit of trouble. I called next day for help. After spending about $3500 with them,
They wanted to charge $100 for a service call, which I declined. I also let the person on the phone
Know that that type of "service" is very poor business practice for the amount of money we'd thrown
In their laps.

But wait! There's more!

The refrigerator arrives, is installed well, the guys were great. However, when attempting to remove
All the protective tape from 14 gabillion parts in this refrigerator, I snapped off a little arm on the slide-up "opti-bin crisper/humidifier" door. I called for help and a replacement part. Customer service didn't return the call as they said they would.
I called again. Finally they called back. The fellow promised he'd look into it and get a part for me, or find out what he could and call me back... He didn't.
I called the 888 number for best buy customer service. Spent 1/2 hour on the phone only to find out
1) they don't have the part
2) they don't have the part because the product is new and they don't know if they can even get the part
3) they can send out a service guy to take a look and order the part that they can't get.

Do you think i'll be a loyal customer of best buy now? Doubtful!

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  • Kl
      10th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I think my complaint can out-do yours! I purchased a new HP pc on February 1 of 2008 from the Kennewick, WA Best Buy and spent the extra $100 to have it optimized and also spent more money having one of the Geeks come and transfer all my files from my other 1-yr old HP that I spent MORE money on having viruses removed. After less than 3 months, I began to have serious problems with the pc. I have spent the last 8 and 1/2 months on the phone and online with Microsoft and HP, ran diagnostics until I was "blue" in the face (yeah, like the "blue screen of death" that continually shows up), was told to perform a recovery which should solve my problems, only to find out it made matters worse - and the list goes on!

    The last 2 days, I have been speaking with a case manager from HP, thinking it was HP's fault. Wait, it gets better! This morning, he informed me after further investigation and a full lookup on my model and serial number, that the pc I was sold was a refurbished one, not a new one that Best Buy represented it to be!! To make matters even worse, Best Buy recorded the sale in December of 2007, instead of February of 2008 when I purchased the pc (yep, you bet I have receipts!) The HP case manager has offered HP's full back-up and cooperation in helping me resolve this with Best Buy. He informed me that "They cannot legally advertise refurbished units as new, and even the computer itself shows activity prior to (my) buying it, so they will not have a case against (me)."

    So, I now have the unpleasant job of storming the doors of the Kennewick Best Buy and demanding they either give me my money back in full, or replace the misrepresented pc with a genuine NEW one. If they won't do anything, then I will be forced to contact their corporate headquarters and try and get satisfaction there. Believe me, I will be armed and dangerous with receipts and communications and the help of HP!

    I would advise anyone in the Tri-City area to refrain from shopping at the Kennewick Best Buy! You do so at your own peril!

  • Bo
      1st of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Sorry, except for the part about the door handle (which forgive me if I'm wrong... but you broke?) if you decline a service like them installing it (setup when you purchase a product) then it's an entire service setup again, thus the $100 charge.

  • Me
      31st of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    the response of "for the amount of money we'd thrown in their laps" sounds like something someone would say that has never worked a retail job. All retailers have to buy those products from companies and 3500 isn't much for a french door and a tv. i'm sure you probably got a deal for buying both too, that best buy is notorious for practically giving away tv at cost. so let's say they made $200 off of your purchase(not saying they did, but then again i do know what cost is on a fridge like that) Do you really expect them to come out to your house and set up your tv because you don't know what you are d0ing AND THEN replace a part on a fridge that you admit you broke off yourself?(you can blame LG for the bazillion parts of plastic, best buy didn't put them there). they couldn't survive as a company if they gave away their install services wirth hundreds and pay out of pocket for parts they didn't even brake and pay the overhead of having a building you can walk into and pay people to sell and explain things to you. I understand your frustration of not having things work the way you plan but it sounds like you just want to blame someone and best buy was the only place you could think of to blame(cause you can't blame yourself for not paying them to install it the first time right?). PS if you buy new stuff from LG and parts break when you unwrap them, if you contact LG they usually send you out replacements right away. Still don't understand how you can even blame best buy for that one.

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