Best Buy / sold a two year old laptop as new

Alexandria, LA, United States Review updated:

After saving for a year, I went into best buy to purchase a brand new macbook pro. The store employee tells me they have a returned macbook that was complete and had been returned within the 14 day window. He also stated the computer had been checked out by their "geek" squad and was complete. I tell them it sounds good and he rings it up, I purchase the extended warranty and leave the store. Drive the 60 plus miles to my house and take it out of the box. What is this, no power cord. I call the store and they say oh we are sorry, it was a returned item. I drive back to alexandria to talk to the manager and it turns out it wasnt even the right computer. The computer in the box was over two years old and a different serial number even. Still to this day they have not made this right. I'm going to bbb on this and sure hope anybody reading this will think twice before wasting their hard earned money on a overpriced paperweight.

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  •   Jul 27, 2011

    Best Buy is known for their horrid customer service. Scratch that, their horrid... everything. However, you should have checked the box before leaving the store. Especially since you were told that it was a repackaged item.

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  • Be
      Aug 19, 2011

    The other thing that needs to be asked is did you hang it yourself. One of the number one issues with tv's is that people tighten the bolts in the back to much and damage the panel.

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