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Bershka / customer service

1 Berlin, Germany

Today is was in the store in Berlin at kurfstendam . I was amazed by the new collection and already tried many pieces until I saw the amazing mannequins from menswear . I took my way up to the menswear section and found the items that I was looking for . On my way I found at fitting room with literately nobody in, no customer and no staff . I was happy because before I was in a crowdy fitting room where I oulndt even think clear because all what I could here was the staff yelling to customers about how many pieces they had .

I was done trying but my friend was still in the fitting room . I finally saw a staff member and wanted her about a jacket I saw but couldn't find . I asked her polite if I could ask her something . Without seeing my friend ( who is a girl by the way ) was the first thing she said that I'm not allowed there, that it's a men fitting room and I should leave to the woman's fitting room .. I was so shocked that I dindt even reacted . I'm so shocked that she looks at me, judge my gender and then tells me to leave !? What if I'm a transgender ? What if the line is so long and I went all the way up to have a less stressful experience! Honestly I hope that this is not how berska works because I would definitely not put any foot in the store again even if it was always my fav store at kdam .

Oct 11, 2018

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