Bernhardt / Odor from sofa

Orlando, FL, United States

I bought a beautiful Bernhardt sofa several years ago. At first when I sat on it I noticed my eyes burning, so I limited my time on the sofa and thought the problem will go away in time, and give it a chance to off-gas. Fast forward to today, the sofa produces a persistent unique smell. To mask the smell I place blankets over the sofa. After a couple weeks the smell is in the blankets. I wash the blankets and put them back on the sofa. This has been going on for years. Bernhardt has now given me a resolution that and I am happy with it. I wish I could have returned the sofa sooner though. Lesson learned, when you buy from a store that sells only as-is but the product is still new, you still have the right to exercise the product warranty, with recourse through the manufacturer. If you have a customer service issue with this company then don't give up. They only have one person fielding the customer issues, and she is very busy. For me, it's not that easy to sell a used sofa and it is not cool to have to take a loss on it when it's clearly defective in that it should not stink. I have had it cleaned even though it was clean, and covered, and I placed it on my covered patio to air it out. I have tried everything. It's only fair that Bernhardt make good on this since they may have used burnt foam or too much flame ###ant or something unknown which has affected this sofa. At least they did honor their warranty.

Jan 18, 2015

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