Bernhardt / Leather Sectional

10070 Wheat Ridge Drive, Frisco, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 469-939-7278

I purchased a beautiful Bernhardt leather sectional sofa from a couple that lived in a town an hour away from me. The sectional was three years old and when I bought it, it was gorgeous. It is indeed Bernhardt because I checked and did my due diligance before purchasing this. I still paid $700 for this three year old sofa knowing I was paying for the name. Im a single mom so that's still an expense fo rme. Within 2 months my sofa started peeling slowly and now four of my cushions are utterly disgusting! i can't even sit on them without the leather pieces comign off on our clothes and skin. Underneath the peeling is still leather. I saw the invoice and receipt of the lady's purchase of this and it was from Weirs and was indeed Bernhardt. I can no longer find their phone number and I guess their gain was my loss. But Weirs carries this exact sofa and it's 4k. This sHould not be happening. utterly ridiculous workmanship!


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