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In November of 2006 I bought a Bernhardt couch from the Bernhardt Outlet store while visiting Hickory, NC. Within several months of buying the couch, the leather started flaking off. This seemed extremely strange since we have never had a cat, dog, or other animal. Now it is about 7.5 years later and the couch is horrible looking, even though we have never had any animal in the house. We have had a cover on our couch over the last couple of years since it is such a mess. The flakes of material on the couch get all over our house and we literally have to sweep or vacuum around the couch every day. As you can see from the pictures, the couch is in horrible shape. Today I realized there is a hole in the material as well. I will NEVER buy any piece of Bernhardt Furniture again. The quality of our Bernhardt couch is unacceptable and I wasted a lot of money on this purchase ($835 to be exact plus a hefty shipping fee). I called the Bernhardt outlet in Hickory and was able to get copies of the receipt from them. They also sent me my "Terms and Conditions" file copy which I NEVER SIGNED! (Pic of unsigned document is attached).

If I had not bought the couch "as-is" I would have immediately contacted Bernhardt to notify them of the problem. I know there are no guarantees when you buy an item "as is" but I feel that Bernhardt should have been up front with me and told me that the issue with this couch was related to the quality of the actual material. They knew there was or could likely be an issue and did not tell me. I assumed that the couch was on sale since there was a minor scratch or since the bottom of one of the couch legs looked slightly different than the others. Little did I know the couch would become a major health hazard. I have two small children and am constantly worried about my children putting the couch pieces in their mouth or accidentally ingesting them while on the couch. The couch is also a terrible eye-sore. Additionally, we have to sweep around the couch at least twice a day and have done this for years. Once the couch developed a rip in it on the cushion (the rip is currently several inches long and is shown in one of the photos) I felt compelled to contact Bernhardt Customer Service. It is unethical for a company to not share information it has on their products, especially if a product is damaged in some way that the customer does not know of if the product could cause a serious health issue. After numerous emails back and forth with Bernhardt Customer Service, they have offered me a discount on SHIPPING ONLY of a new couch IF it is shipped to a location in NC, and IF I am willing to purchase another terrible quality from the outlet which I will most definitely never do.

This is the worst quality of any item furniture or otherwise that I have ever purchased. The quality of our Bernhardt couch is unacceptable and I wasted a lot of money on this purchase. If anyone is purchasing furniture, I strongly recommend staying away from Bernhardt. Do not make the same mistake that I did.

Bernhardt Furniture
Bernhardt Furniture
Bernhardt Furniture
Bernhardt Furniture
Bernhardt Furniture

Aug 09, 2014
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  • Ma
      Jul 14, 2017

    We've had one of their top grain leather couches for 10 years and it still looks and wears great. It had minor scratches and the seat cushions had lightened from wear. A simple application of leather cream brought it back to a much newer and richer look. What happened to your couch is awful and i don't blame you for documenting it. From personal experience, I can say their couches hold up well. I'm betting you had one in which the leather was bad from the get go. They sold it as-is because of that, but I guess this is an example of buyer beware when it comes to these kinds of items.

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  • Pk
      Mar 24, 2018

    Bernhardt - great design, quite poor quality and workmanship. I wish I had known about others' experience. I'm still working with the dealer to replace yet again a dresser, nightstand, desk, and two side tables. All arrived initially with problems, wood unsanded in areas, missing finish in areas, malformed metal leg on desk, gouges in wood that were just covered over with stain, and overall poor quality/workmanship. Having now received replacements, I see the same finish problems and inept labor. The salesman initially told me the furniture was made in America - not so. It's from China, and there seems to be no quality control at their factory there. Also, I had ordered an upholstered chair that I provided expensive custom fabric for them to use. The workmanship looks like someone who took a two day upholstery workshop, with puckers on the seams, overly stretched fabric, and misalignment of the pattern. It's been an incredibly bad experience, and I want to warn other consumers to avoid this manufacturer.

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