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Bella Brite terms and conditions (small print associated with box to click on) is a trap. They say on the website only that you are paying for shipping for a free trial. Then they send along a second box with the free trial order and charge your account over $80 for it ten days later. Plus they automatically enroll you in auto ship and send another order a month later and charge your account over $80 again. To return the order there is a phone number to call first-clearly marked on the box to not return the order without calling the number first. When you call the number an automated system accesses your account and cancels your accont adn then says "Goodbye" and ends the call. When I sent back the unwanted order "return to sender" and called a week later to see if my account was credited, I was told that there was no way I would ever be refunded the $80 because I didn't return the order "correctly". I was supposed to get a return authorization number first. I was told they would refund $45 "as a courtesy". It was explained that even if they did receive the returned product, which she doubted because there was not the proper return information on the box to credit the order to my accoount, they would not refund the money because I didn't return it correctly the first time. Then when I called the representative read me over the phone the terms and conditions outloud showing that I didn't "do it right" and therefore did not qualify for a refund even though they did receive the returned product. I told her that she is working for a company that is scamming their customers. I said that if they cared about whether or not the product was any good they wouldn't run the company this way. They are using the product to lure in and take advantage of their customers and I am going to report the company to the NYS Attorney General's office.

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      Aug 14, 2009

    Sir/Miss, I just bought their free trial kit for 4.59 dollars including sipping and handling fee. I paid with my credit card, entered my credit card number. Do you think this could be a scam as well? It says they will send me the 14 day free trial and if I did not cancel the free trial within the 14 days i will automatically be enrolled in the 89 bucks thing. Is there anyway he can get my money from my bank? thank you very much, im very worried!

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