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unauthorized credit card charges

I ordered BellaBright "Bella Bright Skin Cream and Bella Bright Eye Serum on line and received confirmation of order via email on 6/6/19 from

Confirmation Order #5478BA6564

No charge for the products - just shipping $9.94.

I received on my credit card the following charges: $89.92 (for skin cream) $84.95 for the eye serum

I called my credit card company just now and they said I should contact Bella Bright to dispute these charges and call the credit card company back regarding Bella Bright's response.

Please advise.

Peggy Belbusti
P.O. Box 472
Ridgeville, SC 29472
home: [protected]
cell: [protected]
email: [protected]

The Queen will NOT be happy with Mrs. Meghan...

Smile Pro & BellaBrite — trrial & customer service & no refund

I still have not received answer back from either company or a refund on the trial products and the extra funds removed from my bank account. I ordered both Smile Pro and...

bellaathome kit

I ordered the BellaATHOME free trial, however after 10 days I never received it!.. I called the customer service office, spoke to MJ. Proceeded to tell her I never received my...

unauthourise charge

Hi This US firm Bellabrite needs to be closed down as they are operating a scam whereby they offer a trial of their product but once they have hold of your credit card detail...

professional teeth whiting application

Internet scam, Teeth whitening system that doesn't work and company continues to withdraw funds from my banking account. The phone number listed for the company is not a working number.

I sent for a free sample and they charged for it I have since had two more samples

i ordered a sample of tooth whitning and i have since been sent three lots on my last credit card bill i was charged and iam afraid i will be charged again


The runaround has tried my patience. This is a fraud. False advertising. Complicit with Hydra White/ivory White as co advertiser. I have kept records of the advertising for these...

this business is giving other sites a very bad name for there actions

False advertising, they sell you a sample for $1.03 + $3.87 S/H and then they charge your card for $78.41 and when you call them they are rude, not sorry and will not refund you!I tried to ask to speak with a manager and the supervisor said she was the person in charge and the highest person to talk to .Read the agreement first…which they send you after you have signed and paid for your sample, . you have 7 days to call and cancel the remaining 2 Applicators or you will be charged. I did accept the one Applicator but after one session I was unable to use the remaining Applicators as the Goo ” BURNED MY GUMS” badly.

This Company was very misleading (SCAM), I did not see anything in the find print saying that said if I didn’t call back within 7 days to cancel I would be charged $78.41. I only wish I had read the “COMPLAINTS” on this business first otherwise I would never have purchased anything from BELLA BRITE / BELLA CLEAR..

This business is giving other sites a VERY bad name for there actions, because they should have refunded my $ I have called my Credit Card Bank to have any further charges BLOCKED . www.bellabrite.

  • Co
    courtneyj78 Oct 15, 2012

    Sandy I would love to talk to you I have had a huge problemm with this commpany an I am trying to find someone to help me I as well was takin advantage of please email me [email protected] looking forward to hearing from you

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Thomson Dec 03, 2012

    Hello l sent for THE FREE SAMPLE they sent the free sample and the full program they took £81.46 ($131.06) from my bank left me with no money to live on. l have sent them email they replied to one. I am sending the stuff back and hoping l will get my monies sent back to me. I live in Glasgow Scotland United Kingdom. l am not amused with this company. Jacqueline Thomson

    Email [email protected]

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  • Kr
    krispoo Dec 13, 2012

    i to had gotten a FREE sample then to check my account this morning and they actually took money outta my bank account for something that was free and had no permission to take money outta my bank account, i am beyond pissed with christmas being here and me needing that money. they need to b sued and have to pay back all the money they stole from people

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Thomson Dec 13, 2012

    Yes that is what they did to me they left me no money for food to feed my child l was very angry l have sent the free trail back unused and they have sad there is nothing there they have taken £93.28 out my account l am pissed off as well for l am on a fixed income l agree they should be sued .

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I have read a lot of complaints about Bella Brite. Mine is the same as some of the complaints you have in your files. This company is charging me for merchandise I haven't...

cheater company

I have a same issue with you!!! cheater company!!!

Bella clear uses trick marketing schemes. I was ordering my ipad online through a contest and all of a sudden bella clear add popped up and suggested that it is mandatory for me to order a $4 bella clear trial product in order to receive the ipad. so I purchased a 4 dollar trial package. I saw my credit card statement and they charged me $90 for the whole package which:- 1: I did not receive any of the products in 5 weeks...

  • Ji
    JimHawkins Nov 18, 2012

    Go to court with it because i was about to order when i came across this site. thank you so much so now i won't be scammed

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  • Ji
    JimHawkins Nov 18, 2012

    Sorry, typo but yeah, now i won't be scammed

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lie! not a free trial, costs 78.41. a total fraudulaent scam, criminal activity!!

I signed up for a "free trial" and was told I had thirty days to return. My credit card was charged 78.41 on November 26th. Today is December 1st, just five days later. I also...

Bella Brite Tools — unauthorized charges

Was offered a free ipod via an online ad. The ad opened a form and eventually asked to give a credit card number to pay for shipping and handling. It looked legitimate. Against my...

scammed for $1.03, plus $4.87 and charged also additional $78.41 and I just received the package yesterday!

I purchased a Free Trial of the Bellabrite Tooth Whitening Gel and I was only going to have to pay the $1.03 and the $4.87. However, I just picked up my package from the Postal...

money taken

Well went for there free trial for £1 months ago but now they've taken money from my account for nothing.I havent received anything from them so why have they taken money from me.I dont want to waste anymore money trying to call them again as it seems all they do is take from us.I would like my money refunded and for them to take my details off there system as i never want to deal with them again if possible.

orthocare/bellabrite-bella clearteethg whitening

ordered the sample products over the phone for $1 each & didn't get the items for over a week. after 1 1/2 weeks i wasn't satisfied with the teeth whitening & called bellabrite not only to cancel my membership but found out they charged my credit card $78.41 without my authorization. i was told as long as i call them within a month (30 days) i can cancel & wouldn't get charged for $78.41. today i was told it wasn't 30 days & needed to call them in 12 days for return or cancelation & that they had e-mailed me with this info which i never received. this is ridiculous! i did let the c/s rep know that i was willing to return the items back but instead she hang up on me. so unprofessional!! this was my first time ordering free trial samples & after going through this nightmare with them & my credit card company only choice i have left is to cancel my credit card & dispute the charges. i hope per my request they cancelled my membership for both companies & not have to deal with them ever again...what a scam!!!

  • Wi
    will notify authority Aug 30, 2011

    ordered the sample products over the internet for $1 each & didn't get the items for over a week. after 1 week i called bellaclear not only to cancel my account but found out they charged my credit card $78.41 without my authorization. i was told as long as i call them within a month (30 days) i can cancel & wouldn't get charged for $78.41. today i was told it wasn't 30 days & i needed to call them in 8 days for return or cancelation & that they had e-mailed me with this info which i never received and have not recieced the products as of to day. i did let the c/s rep know that i was willing to return the items back but instead she told me they could only return $60.00 of my money because they had to replace there stocking fees. "what is this" this was my first time ordering free trial samples & after going through this nightmare with them & my credit card company only choice i have left is to cancel my credit card & dispute the charges. i hope per my request they cancelled my account for both companies & not have to deal with them ever again...what a scam!!!

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  • Wi
    will notify authority Aug 30, 2011

    again...what a scam!!! BELLACLEAR NOT GOOD BAD EXPERIENCE!!!

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scam and fraud

I saw an ad for a "free trial" which I answered on line for "$1. plus shipping. A lady called me within a few minutes and said my credit card would be auto charged every month and...

misleading advertising

A small add showed a woman w/child picture promoting 'Amy, an ordinary mom from YOUR HOME TOWN discovered a clever trick to get a celebrity smile for less than $6. Thanks to...


51774 I ordered a Free Trial Offer from BellaBrite (for teeth whitener), but cancelled my account within the fifteen day time limit. I then received a cancellation e-mail from...

took my money

I was offered a free trial and then bellabrite took $78.41 out of my account which emptied my entire ckecking account and all my savings leaving me with a negative balance of -$10...

Bella Brite Whitening Teethtotally fraud, misleading

This company should be stopped right away. They are totally fraud and misleading!! I only agree to accept Free Trial with $1 shipping, after that now I am in trouble with them. You can not escaped from this company without be charged 19.41$ or 78.41$. How awful with this hell company!!!

deceiving offer

the offer was to pay $1.00 shipping for a free trial kit. The cancellation information did not indicate that the free trial kit must be returned to prevent further charges. The...

want to cancel and cannot get through on the telephone or the internet

I asked for a trial to be sent of this tooth whitening product and after reading the small print I decided to cancel this teeth whitening product. I cannot get through on the telephone number that they supply and also cannot get through on the internet They give you 14 days to cancel and then after that they bill you £56.82 each month Please can you tell me how I can stop this scam.
in hope Gilly Dolder [protected] United Kingdom

  • Lu
    LUCY2 Feb 03, 2011

    I signed up for the free trial, then saw all of these blog entries and used Easy Cancel on the website. Although I got an email to say that my account had been cancelled, I still got charged £50! Apparently my 14 cancel period was up and the order had already been dispatched!! I have fingers crossed that this will be the only payment to be taken out- but fear that they may continue!

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So i went to go pay for something with my credit card when it didnt work.. so i checked my banking online only to find out that i was charged 89 effin dollars for this stupid...

misrepresenting the free trial

I ordered the free trial and the company sent the free trial And the first mos. supply which looks like all samples it contains small amounts of gel in each vile or what are shot viles. I told them i didnt want the first mo supply and they said well you recieved it and your cAncelation deadline was yesterday. They took my 78.oo and it was still in the process stage and they said they would not refund it . i had my bank try and freeze my account so it wouldnt go through soon as i reopened it . they were the first to withdraw! UGGGGGHHH!! never again will try a free trial of anything of any kind of products EVER thanks Bella brite! Oh your product is the same as any other whitener .. nuthing specila or better so i may as well use a company that will not screw people out of that much money.

  • Ta
    Taken1cagain Jan 13, 2012

    False advertisement; illegally bank debits; fraud; unjust return charges On line offer for free trial tooth whiting product; side up on 11/06/11 paid 1.38 for shipping. Several days later received a package in the mail inside were two sample packets of Bella Brite; some time after I received a phone call I assumed a sells person told her I was NOT interested just want free trial. In my bank statement notice a 78.41 withdrawal by BELLACLEAR8009163487-V 800-9163487 CO on 11/28/11 tried contacting by phone put on hold. Then on this date 01/09/12 received another package Labeled "Fulfillment Center" another two packets of Bella Brite Checked my bank account this time charged 84.36 on 01/09/12 I finally got hold of company and argued I did not sign up for monthly packages just free trial was told their web site does not offer free trials. Told them they are fraudulent and wanted my full refund for both shipments was told send back second product un opened and will receive full refund minis 5.?? for shipping but would not receive any refund for first package. More then likely got a false Hindu name "Hastet" and this badge # 05043121

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  • Jc
    J Cowman Oct 31, 2012

    As everyone else I took the bait and had them send me their free sample, which turns out that it isn't really free. I paid my $4.90 fees on my credit card and they did send the samples. I was more fortunate than the others above, in that my credit card company (fraud prevention dept) called and questioned the $78.41 charge. I was lucky that they didn't approve the purchase and I put a stop on Bella Brite ever charging anything to my card in the future. I did call Bella Brite and spoke with a person and he told me I could cancel my account and return the free samples and they would only charge me only $9.xx to close the account. It wasn't any use of arguing with him, I just stopped any future charges. I writing this so that more people will be aware of these free giveaways.

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credit card fraud

Complete criminal operation. Somehow obtained my credit card information w/3 digit code, email address, cell number, personal mailing address and possibly soc. sec#. I have never...

scam warning!!! do not use!!!

Warning!!! Your trial period starts the day that they ship and they bill your account before the trial date is up! My gums are severely damaged and were bleeding after the...

BellaBrite /OrthoWhite teeth whiten — scam/misleading/fraud

Offered free trial on line (advertised on on them). send it and after 15 days they send a message stating you have an account with them and then they charged me...

Bella Brite Teeth Whitening Productrip off

Bella Brite terms and conditions (small print associated with box to click on) is a trap. They say on the website only that you are paying for shipping for a free trial. Then they send along a second box with the free trial order and charge your account over $80 for it ten days later. Plus they automatically enroll you in auto ship and send another order a month later and charge your account over $80 again. To return the order there is a phone number to call first-clearly marked on the box to not return the order without calling the number first. When you call the number an automated system accesses your account and cancels your accont adn then says "Goodbye" and ends the call. When I sent back the unwanted order "return to sender" and called a week later to see if my account was credited, I was told that there was no way I would ever be refunded the $80 because I didn't return the order "correctly". I was supposed to get a return authorization number first. I was told they would refund $45 "as a courtesy". It was explained that even if they did receive the returned product, which she doubted because there was not the proper return information on the box to credit the order to my accoount, they would not refund the money because I didn't return it correctly the first time. Then when I called the representative read me over the phone the terms and conditions outloud showing that I didn't "do it right" and therefore did not qualify for a refund even though they did receive the returned product. I told her that she is working for a company that is scamming their customers. I said that if they cared about whether or not the product was any good they wouldn't run the company this way. They are using the product to lure in and take advantage of their customers and I am going to report the company to the NYS Attorney General's office.

  • Ge
    gensei Aug 14, 2009

    Sir/Miss, I just bought their free trial kit for 4.59 dollars including sipping and handling fee. I paid with my credit card, entered my credit card number. Do you think this could be a scam as well? It says they will send me the 14 day free trial and if I did not cancel the free trial within the 14 days i will automatically be enrolled in the 89 bucks thing. Is there anyway he can get my money from my bank? thank you very much, im very worried!

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awful company

Telemarketer calls and speaks very fast and unclear, somehow they tell you the last 4 digits of your credit card. They then offer a $100 gas card, then starts spitting out offer...

unauthorized charges

I ordered the product from Bella Brite and tried to cancel it right after I ordered when I realized I would have to send back product if I did not like it and wanted credit. They told me it was already shipped which is impossible. I had my credit card company call them and they still refused to give credit. They told me I would have to pay shipping $5.87 and $19.95 for the free( hi hi) kit. I was advised that when package comes just refuse delivery on the package and my credit card company would get me credit. I hope this will happen but when you are dealing with dishonest companies you usually wind up loosing. This was on a Target web sight. Beware to not order from this company.

  • Al
    Al in San Diego Feb 26, 2009

    I have been a victimn of this so called BellaBrite company as well. However, I did not agree to the free trial program at all. Somehow they were able to charge my credit card (I did not give them my cc number). They must be affiliated with Travel Savings Club as well, because they charged my credit card for that service as well on the same dates.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Wade Jul 14, 2011

    I agree with all the above comments - I have got caught as well - receiving goods not wanted and they charged my credit card. Refused to refund the money. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!

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  • Mr
    Mrs Wade Jul 14, 2011

    As above - wish I had read the complaints first before dealing with this company

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  • Ap
    apeg Nov 22, 2011

    Was offered a free ipod via an online ad. The ad opened a form and eventually asked to give a credit card number to pay for shipping and handling. It looked legitimate. Against my gut feeling I started to fill out the form. I decided to stop filling it out shortly after when I realized that it was likely a scam due to additional advertisements on the page. I never actually hit the submit button but somehow it captured all the information I had typed in. The form must have had some back end programming to capture each field as it was typed because a day later I was signed up for the Bella Brite Tools subscription without any consent. Bella Brite charged a total of $79.44 on 3 separate transactions. One was for shipping, another was for handling and the last one was for the product. Chase credit card actually notified me of the charges asking if they were fraudulent. I said yes. They talked to me and I explained what happened. They said they would consider the charges unauthorized since it appeared to be an advertising scam. The first two charges were dropped. The third charge came in tonight. I filed a dispute against that charge as well. I expect that will be dropped. I googled the company and found their website. Did the "Easy Cancel". Then googled the complaint boards. At that point I realized that this company would probably continue to charge my card anyway so I called Chase CC again to cancel my account number to prevent further subscription charges. Not happy with all the hassle but at least I noticed it before it got out of hand.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Bella Brite is owned by convertis marketing who owns many brands. Those brands all have complaints because the are all sold using their business model. Convertis relies on external partners for various business needs. I'm going to name the ones they listed on their website because they support this ethically challenged company.
    BBB rates them an F.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    -They specialize in reducing chargebacks/returns (hence the impossible 10 day return policy)
    -They run the "Easy cancel" page and answer the phone for customers who are wanting to return or cancel product.
    -They perform the follow-up call to verify your address and upsell after initial sign up.

    The next few are probably the guys that offer you a free iphone/ipod/etc (and never deliver on promise) in exchange for your information so they can sell it to Bella Brite as a lead or full sale. (That would be the handling charge?)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ad network media campaigns
    Claims to have 5, 000 website publishers in its ad network
    Social media included.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This company provides customer lead generation, email, display solutions, consumer surveys and postal list rental

    searchlounge /Trevio Media, LLC
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Affilate network (Websites that publish their ads)
    Customer lead generation /Marketing campaigns

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Affilate network (Websites that publish their ads)
    Customer lead generation

    Acquinity Interactive
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    They sell qualified leads from

    Google ad sense
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    They buy google ad space

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Bella Brite Tooth Whitening Systemunauthorized charge to my credit card

I ordered a free trial of beela brite tooth whitener on line on november 12th, 2008. They were authorized to charge me only $4.87 for shipping and handling. I received the item and there was only one package. Nothing in the package indicated that I needed to send part back or wqould be charged an additional$78.41 because I would have returned it immediately and called to complain. The product works beautifully but I would not recommend it to anyone because they were dishonest in how they do business. Compnies should not be able to mail you something you did not agree to receive and then charge you more money for not sending it back! They should pay me for having to deal with this and waste my time. I found out about the extra charge when I received my credit card bill. It caused an overdraft which cost me an additional $30. I had the same problem with the seattle coffee company. I ordered some coffee through them and received it within a reasonable period of time. They charged $26 for shipping and handling and then proceeded to send 3 more shipments a week apart that I did not authorize. They did not notify me by email nor did they include any billing information in my shipments. When I called them they said I could change my order to less frequent. When I cancelled enstead and told them it was due to them billing me without notification they sent an email to confirm the cancellation. I did not give it over the phone so obviously they had it all along. So... Buyer beware! I for one am finished ordering on line. I cannot afford the overcharges or the hassles.

  • Ma
    Mary Hauger Nov 15, 2010

    I have tried calling several times also, tried to get ahold of them by internet!
    I got no responses! They give you no time to even try it with a shipment already in the box before you even accept it and then charge you!
    They even charge you for a box if it is damaged!
    This is fraud and I am mad as H---!
    Mary Hauger
    236 Burnsville, Mn 55306

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Bella Brite / Hertz Car Rental — false information

I rented a car through hertz, apparently one of your associates,, I gave my mothers name and address as next of kin in case of emergency, gertrude d westrom, 31889 w, lakeshore...

Ivory White, Bella Brite, Bella Clear, Ultimate Facial, Eyepothesis — all same company, all scams

All these products are scams run by the same company. Convertis LLC. All have to do with a free trial (not so free) followed by charges of 70 to 80 dollars. All agents here are...

fraud, misleading advertising

I recently responded to an ad for "free trial offer" from the above company; almost immediately, I noticed a charge of $78.41 on my credit card!!! This is no free trial offer;... — overcharged

I ordered a free trial whitening teethes online at and i paid for delivery only $4.87. I received the free trial with the complete program that i didn't...

Ivory White / Bella Brite — shipping fraud

This company needs reported to the FBI, for fraud and Scamming people. I just did some research on them and they have over 300 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. The...