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In August of 07 our family was transferred from Saskatoon to Calgary. We had one cell phone 3-yr contract with Sask Tel Mobility at the time. It was no trouble to cancel the contract as long as we transferred to an affiliate - which in this case was Bell Mobility.
So we did, but not only did we transfer, we added 3 more phones for a total of 4 and signed-on for another 3 yr contract.
At the time, and apparently up until about July 08 - (not sure because to my knowledge I had received no notice of any change in that regard), Bell reciprocated the same affiliation with Sask Tel.
In late August of 08 our family was unexpectedly transferred back to Saskatoon from Calgary. When we enquired and attempted to change plans, after many confused conversations both on my part and that of Bell Client Service staff; we were finally told that Sask Tel was no longer an affiliate of Bell Mobility. And thus we would be required to pay a cancellation charge of $800 per phone. When I pursued the issue, after several explanations and attempts to understand- through various levels of staff, I was told that they would (so honourably) reduce that charge to half. And to add insult to injury, I was told that I could not cancel, as of that time, I had to give 30 days notice, essentially meaning I had to pay yet another month's fee. Is it just my naivety or does this translate into a serious lack of integrity on the part of a well known and established company?

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  • Lk
      Sep 09, 2008

    My apology. . . The cancellation fee was $400 per phone. The (so honourably) reduced charge to me would be $800 (1/2 the original).

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  • Ew
      Sep 10, 2008

    I sympathize with you and how angry you must feel. I just absolutely hate dealing with this company and swear never to go back to them again regardless. Initially I didn't leave them because of any bad experience but after leaving they charged me a huge fee (although not as bad as yours) which they never told me about when I asked before leaving. They are totally unprofessional, unscrupulous, and very dishonest in the way they conduct business i.e. they'll tell you one thing, then another person would renege on it or give you a total new line of BS. I just hate those [censored], every single one of those low lives. So, what are you going to do? Are you going to actually pay them to save your sanity or fight it? In the end, unfortunately, you are at their mercy otherwise they'll screw with your credit rating. Canadians would be better served if they just go bankrupt.

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  • Ch
      Nov 26, 2008

    I have never dealt with such rude people in all my life. My husband and I purchased the phones so that we could stay in contact while he was out West working. Well at first the bills were fine I received a bill for $900.00 dollars and couldn't make heads or tails out of it. I called about 6 times until someone called me back, it took them a week to figure out they over charged me by about 550.00. The best part was it took me to explain to two different people that there was something wrong and someone needed to look into it. We are looking to close out the accounts but it will cost 700.00 to close out both phones but the last bill I received was "oh yes 1200.00" Customer service my ###

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  • Wj
      May 06, 2010

    I have been a very long time customer at Bell and a very strong proponent of their service(s). Today however, that has changed to the point where Bell is the last company in the world I would do business with. Liars and cheaters - that has been my experience with this company.
    Disclosure is a vulgar concept to Bell - just to get the terms of my contract has been a horrific experience, so much so, I have had to make a complaint to the Complaints commission to get someone to address my concerns.
    For the life of me, I cannot understand why it is so difficult to get a coherent, consistent, and reasonable response to my question(s) like among others - what are the terms of my contract!
    They tell you on the phone what they think you want to hear and then absolutely refuse to give you anything in writing (other than your bill) and hide behind what they call privacy. Well I am the CUSTOMER and do I not have a right to know what my contract is how they arrive at the charges, they do, and how they can change my contract terms – like its length without disclosing any of it to me!
    How they can get away with the things they do is beyond me but this much I can say. I take every opportunity to tell friends, relatives, coworkers, and customers to stay away from that company. Proudly I can say that I have personally influenced many people to switch from Bell to other companies for service. Maybe in their infinite wisdom Bell will eventually figure out that cheating people out of their money will only last so long. My guess though – considering their arrogance they will bleed a slow death to bankruptcy before that realization occurs to them.
    Never again will this [censored]hole company get my confidence or my money.

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