Bell Canada / mobility

I have been a bell client for more than four years with four lines majority of the time. I called the first time and the person was rude to me and told me that due to black friday he was frustrated with customers questions and decided to take that frustration on me. The second person i talked to showed that she cared and only to tell me to show me that my business is not valued at all. When i mentioned that this was horrible service and i will be closing my services she had the audacity to say let me help you close it by transferring you to the department that will help you close your accounts. I cant wait till my term is up and then i can go ahead and not renew them with you guys. Worst service ever i have recd. i have a better option with my work through rogers. I will be switching as soon as each contract gets matured. Not worth it. You get treated like dirt cheap when your on a contract under the pretext that nobody will payout and close the contract. Anyways thought that people should know about poor customer service

Nov 26, 2017

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