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Ameritech Services / harassing phone calls

May 22, 2019

I receive at least 6 calls a day from [protected]. Please stop this number from making these annoying phone calls.!!! Listen, I just want to have Ameritech stop this caller from phoning me everyday. It has been going on for weeks on end, at least 6 times a day minimum. Can you get on their...

Ameritech Services / phone service

Apr 11, 2019

+[protected] a number from the Ameritech phone carrier is running a money loan scam. Man and women with Middle Eastern or Indian accents. Actually admitted to running a scam when I repeatedly asked about the companies motivations for calling.

Ameritech Services / constantly getting phone calls

Oct 18, 2018

I am receiving numerous calls from [protected] which shows its Ameritech Industries from Champaign, Illinois. I'm disabled with only one hand. To answer the phone isn't easy for me. Bonnie Ives [protected] I will proceed to try to get them blocked. It is harassment. Any questions please...

Ameritech Illinois / equipment in our yard

Jun 21, 2018

There is one of your equipment boxes in our front yard. The cover was damaged years ago. It looks very trashy!! Several workers have been out to do some type of work inside it, but it has never been replaced. The cover is currently half off. Please send someone out to replace or REMOVE...

Ameritech Illinois / telemarket health insurance

Apr 02, 2018

Leaves messages everyday. I block them and the use a new number. I have countless logs of them calling and me blocking. Robocalls are illegally being misused. I have been harrased on a daily basis for almost 2 years. This is ridiculous misuse of resources...i have co tinually used their...

Ameritech Illinois / phone scam

Dec 06, 2017

Both my wife and I have received 3 calls from 3 different phone numbers associated to Ameritech over the last 2 days (Dec 5th and 6th 2017) The calls were to our cell phones and occurred virtually at the same time. According to a reverse phone look-up, the numbers are associated to...

Ameritech Illinois / constant phone calls

Oct 13, 2017

We get phone calls from them at all hours and all days, including weekends and holidays even after we've told them time after time they have the wrong number. They have been calling us for over a year now. The number they always call from is [protected] and the people are always very rude and...

Ameritech Illinois / telecommunications

Jun 27, 2017

I received a phone call on 6/25/2017 which I was unavailable to answer they left a message. The phone number they called from was [protected] which when a reverse look up is done it is your company listed as their carrier. Then on 6/26/2017 I received a call from [protected], a reverse look...

Ameritech Illinois / Your calls

Mar 31, 2017

Please stop calling my cell phone. I did not authorize any telemarketers to be calling me and leaving blank messages and wasting my cell time to delete your blank messages. You keep calling me every day or every other day. I do not want to see this number in my "missed calls" list...

Ameritech Illinois / Phone scam

Mar 09, 2016

Received three calls in 2 days from 3 phones numbers in Illinois. Each time there is a connection, but no one there. On trying to immediately return the call, the number is stated as disconnected or no longer in service. The numbers are: [protected] [protected] [protected] Reverse look up...

Ameritech Illinois / fake callers to india


He/she from the number ''+[protected]'' miss called in my cell number ''+[protected] '' (india) at about 08:48 PM(GMT +5:30) ON 16th december 2012. we were disturbed and called to that number. an amount of INDIAN RUPEE rs 40 was deducted from my account...

Ameritech-Services / Overtime &Taking money out of check


Ameritech-Services = takes 7% out of our checks until reaching $3, 000 (they say?) Because the amount is not stated on the check. At the end of employment we are sent what's called a Settlement Agreement. It says that in order to collect the money taken out of your Pay you need to...