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Bell Canada / calling cards

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My parents have recently returned to Bell after a short association with another company. Bell was very happy to have them and their $100+ per month back. Everything was just as it was, with one big exception. When I call them using a prepaid long distance calling card (purchased from a reputable company) my call goes directly to a voice mail box that DOES quote their area code and number but ISN'T their v-mail box. My sister tried for days to get through to them from overseas and got the same phantom voice mail. Needless to say, if I dial directly the call goes through no problem. If I use the same LD calling card to call someone else, the calls go through fine, so it's not the card.

And we aren't the only ones that this is happening to. Friends and relatives have called and left messages, in some cases important messages, on the phantom v-mail. There's no indication from Bell that calls have been diverted and
Mum & Dad don't have access to that v-mail box so the calls are missed.

Bell keeps insisting that there is something wrong with my parents' lines or phones and have sent 3 separate repair people out to have a look. They didn't find any problem and reported such to their masters. Bell then informs my parents that their problem is fixed. It's still happening of course. When my parents called again today, Bell offered to send yet another repair person out, refusing to accept their that the problem is not in the house or admit they are blocking or diverting calls from pre-paid calling cards.

Has anybody else experenced anything like this? Can anybody suggest a solution?

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  • Jg
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    I have a somewhat similar problem. My son, who is Canadian, was arrested on a misdemeanour charge in the U.S. He regularly calls collect - up until last Sat. Oct. 24, I was able to accept his calls. But lo and behold as of Sunday when he tried to call, he got a voice recording "collect calls are restricted on this phone". I placed a repair call to Bell last evening and this a.m. was advised by Bell in India, that the problem had been fixed - it hasn't been. I spent all day today on the phone with Bell customer service reps and all were either in India or Manilla (Phillipines) and hard to understand. Another repair was requested as the first one had been closed, since the problem had apparently been fixed. I even called the Executive Offices of Bell and left 3 messages at different times throughout the day - no response. As a last resort, I dialed O for the operator and got to speak to someone in Montreal (at least I could understand him), all he could tell me was that there was no block evident on my home phone line and he could see the repair request on his computer and all I could do was wait until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow to see if the problem had been fixed.
    My brother had the same problem last week and after 18 phone calls to Bell, they finally were able to fix it. Apparently, when he signed up for the Bell bundle service, he was issued an identical phone line with a different phone # which could be used as an office phone to fax, etc. My son is able to call him on that phone line. When my brother complained last week that I was able to accept collect calls on my home phone line and he wasn't, Bell asked for my phone #, which my brother gave. Makes you wonder if they removed the service off my phone and transferred the service to him??? Who knows. I totally share your frustration.

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