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Bell Canada / Asurion / unfair business practice and poor customer service

1 Etobicoke Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

On June 30, 2010 my Blackberry Storm 2 was stolen while I was on a trip to Montreal on the way back. We had stopped by St. Joseph's Oritoire (Church) before heading back home only to find out 30 or so minutes later that we were victims of theft (my wife and I as well as another couple who are our friends). We suffered over $3, 000 worth of damage.

I called Bell to have the account suspended which happened right away. The next day I called Bell to receive a replacement Blackberry Storm 2 as I was paying monthly insurance on it. They advised that that service was contracted and taken care of by a company by the name of Asurion. So, I called Asurion and asked for a replacement but they advised that I would be billed $150.00 for a replacement fee which I wasn't told about while signing up with them for a 3-year contract in the store (of course that would happen otherwise there is a risk of losing commission on the sale for the employee if I didn't sign-up for the service). I tried to fight the charge but got nowhere so I had no choice but to give in and pay it.

I received the phone the next day but with a crappy packaging where the device didn't even have proper protection around it like the foam or bubble plastic. It only had the letter stating basically that I needed to activate the phone by call a 1-800 number. It didn't come in the original RIM packaging like my first phone nor did it have the manuals, phone case, or the headphones. I called Asurion right away as I was shocked that an electronic device could be packaged this way and be brand new but they insisted that it was brand new just the packaging wasn't original.

The next day when I wanted to use the headphones (because I had forgotten to inquire about it and the case on my last call with Asurion) I called Bell and explained the situation. The rep by the name of Daljit said that they couldn't supply me with the replacement case and headphones and that I had to call Asurion (after putting me on hold for quite some time).

I called Asurion and Cindy the rep there (again after being put on hold for a while) originally said that they only supplied stolen accessories. I advised her that that was the case (which thief would steal the phone and leave the case behind... geniuses [nodding my head at their common sense]). So, she put me on hold again for a longer period than the last and said that Asurion could not supply anything extra other than what I had received. I didn't agree so she offered to transfer me to "Advanced Customer Care" line, which I accepted and was once more put on hold.

I got tired of being put on hold so I timed it. Approximately 10 minutes later I spoke to Brenda, the "Advanced Customer Care" rep only to listen to her repeat the same thing over and over again like a tape recording. I even questioned her as to I didn't get the original packaging of RIM but her answer was that I should call Bell and ask them and when I called Bell afterwards they said that I should call Asurion (they basically pass the buck and play Yo-Yo with the customer in hopes that they would give up and sadly enough that's what I did after swearing at the Bell Rep, Bradly in frustration because he started to sound like a tape recording as well and kept on saying that there was nothing he could do and I should contact Asurion for questions related to my claim).

Fortunately for them, my 3-year contract is fairly new and I am a first time customer for them so cancelling the contract early is not an option. I regret leaving Rogers. I had problems in the past with them as well but as far as I can remember they were always rectified. I am banging my head against the wall for making that mistake right now. I hope Bell goes down the drain unless, their customer service improves. The almost duopoly in Canada is not helping our situation as customers. In fact, I may even give the smaller service providers a try next time since I have a feeling that because they need to grow their customer base as a small provider they will give better service.

I pretty much have made up my mind that I will be leaving Bell Canada's services once my term expires unless they can offer me something that almost sounds too good to be true. At this point I very dissapointed in them and ticked off.

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  • Si
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    Bell Canada High Speed Internet - Bell keep charging my card even after canceling of account months ago!
    Bell Canada

    After getting numerous marketing calls I switched my Hi speed internet from Rogers to Bell. Before expiration of 3 months of free promotion I called them and got the cancellation number of my Hi Speed internet account and mailed the modem before completion of 3 months. Surprisingly, Bell keep charging me for last 3 months on my credit card. Called several times but getting empty promises as every credit card statement reminds me of my mistake of getting their service as Bell keep charging me even I have no modem to connect their network now. Rip off.

  • Su
      7th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes
    Bell Canada - Integrity

    I requested an installation for a new phone connection, at my new address. I was informed by Bell Canada, that they could connect me, with no technichian coming out to my new home. I recieved my connection, but they connected to me to someone elses line, who lives down the road. I reported this, and they said they would send out a technician, on a certain day. I recieved two automated messages, reminding me that someone would be here on Friday, ahhh!!! Friday came, no one showed, and I recieved no phone calls to let me know otherwise, I lost a day of work. It happened a second time.
    Finally the third time, someone came. And worked outside my home, connecting the correct wires. The clinger here is they charged me not only for the activation fee of $55.00, but also Inside-wiring work, for $99.00. They did not do any inside wiring. I haved phone twice to have this corrected. A large company like integrity. What is most bothersome, is the fact that their technicians... never phoned to let me know they could not make it. I have a cell phone. So beware...and if you can go with another company.

  • Mi
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    Bell Canada - aweful service!
    Bell Canada

    After 2 months of empty promises from expressview I cancelled . They NEVER fulfilled their end of the contract yet they can charge me 150$ to get out of it! Now, today after over 20 years of paying on time, the cut my phone off with NO warning! I am injured and have doctors appointments and medical things ongoing. Now no phone. They said I owed and thats why. I said I received no notice. Apparently that doesn't matter. They said pay it now and have service restored in 2 hours. I paid it and when I called back they said 2 to 24 hours. Nice of them to change it to a longer time so quickly. Further, I had to use my cell phone and be on hold forever, paying to continue to get their crappy service. God can nobody do anything with these losers!

  • Yi
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    Bell Canada - bell cashed my check and did not credit my acct

    Bell cashed my check and then did not credit my acct. I have a hard copy of the check which bell refuses to let me send to them. They are blaming me for the funds that are missing saying I did not pay. w hen I called my bank they say it was def. cashed and mailed me the hard copy. Bell transferred me to credit services and now its being investigated on what they did with the $ after they cashed my check. it was for 101 dollars> I phoned crtc and got the executive # for bell which I plan on phoning tomorrow. how can they cash my check, not credit my acct, BLAME me for it, refuse to see the proof I have (the cancelled check endorsed by bell!) they told me two weeks I have to wait! If I can not get anywhere tomorrow with executive I plan on going back to the crtc. Does anyone have this happen to them?? I have paid them on time every month since I had an acct with them, over 10 years already. I am disgusted with bell's horrible customer service.

  • Ba
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    Bell - faulty phone
    Bell World

    I got a 3 year plan and cell phone through Bell. After 5 months my phone keeps shutting off. I took the phone to Bell World and they informed me that it had water damage and my warranty was void. She showed me something inside the phone that was supposedly a different color that tells them the phone has water damage. Noone showed me the inside of the phone when it was purchased so how do I not know it was like this already? The phone has been discontinued and I feel all Cleo cell phones should be replaced by Bell. Terrible quality!

  • Ar
      8th of May, 2010
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    Bell - Everything

    I do not know about anyone else, but the service I have received from Bell has not been good. I never get things like billing, the right packages etc right the first or second time. Half the time I cannot understand the people on the other line due to language issues. Plus I was lied to about a contract and they have also changed the contract since i signed it and I cannot get out of it.

    Over all very dishonest and they could care less if you stayed as a customer.

  • Ke
      2nd of Aug, 2010
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    Bell Mobility - price

    *****Usage outside Canada is way more expensive than other providers*****
    Bell Charges $6 per MB of data usage outside Canada. Other providers include USA data in plans. This goes for data on phones, smartphones, mobile internet sticks, etc.
    Text messaging is now $.60 per sent message when outside Canada

    *****Voice plans are too expensive*****
    Bell no longer has long distance plans other than the overpriced north america plans. $80 for 250 minutes is the lowest price plan you can take if you need long distance. I rcently bought a prepaid cell phone from the states and $75 gives me 900 international minutes!!! I planned to keep my Canadian phone and put it on a cheaper Canada plan, only to find out they no longer offer that. They also now charge the $.30 a minute if you go over your minutes, plus now charge long distance on those minutes as well!

    Say goodbye to the $1000 a month I pay you idiots. The coverage is just as good with certain other providers now (not like a few years ago) so take a hike!

  • Sa
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    Bell - Lies
    United States

    I signed up with Bell in September of 2009, because I was referred through one of my close friends. He had told me that he had an incredible price. I asked him about the services and he told me that he was receiving 8 television theme packs as well as 5 HD theme packs, 1 phone line with call waiting and caller id, with a fax line built into the line, also mid level high speed internet for $180/month including a Bell PVR free rental for 12 months. When I was on the phone with the sales agent, I had given her my friends information ie. phone number, name. I instructed her to set up a new account with the exact same package and was told that it would be no problem. I received all of the equipment (excluding the PVR) and service promptly. I had purchased my own Bell HD receiverand included with the receiver purchase was a $100 programming rebate upon service activation. To my surprise, I had not received a Bel PVR for the first 6 weeks (November 2009), so I called Bell to inform them that I had not received my PVR and they told me that it was not included. I insisted that I was told that it would be included, and the customer service agent (located in the Phillipines) told me that it was not. I escalated the matter and after 2 days of phone calls, I finally spoke to a manager. She told me that Bell did not offer that Promotion anymore. I explained to her that I was very specific with my expectations when I originally set up my account. I had told them the package that I had wanted and was promised this package and therefore a contract is in place, but they were in BREACH of contract because they were not delivering on the service that they had promised. I then told her that I would not pay any of the bills that Bell was sending, until they rectified the issue.

    I continued my service until late December 2009 and I began receiving harassing phone calls on a daily basis from the Collection Department in Bell. I told them again that I would not pay them anything until someone would take care of my problem. I was transferred to a Manager who was FINALLY able to review my account. She reviewed my account and said that a technician would be able to bring by a PVR for me free of charge. I also requested a HD receiver for my home, because I was entertaining someone for a few months. They told me that it would be an additional $10/month for the receiver and NEVER told me that there was a contract involved. If they had explained that, I would have gone out and purchased one for $180. I began having issues with my internet connection in January 2010. I had 2 technicians come by on different occasions to take care of this problem within 2 weeks and were not able to take care of this problem. Internet is a VITAL tool in my business. I am a Real Estate Agent and must be on the internet all the time from home as well as the office, even from my Mobile phone. I decided to upgrade the speed to My Fibe 16 and was told that there was only a difference of $5/month for the additional service. I had another technician come by to install the Better Service and I still was having problems with the interent cutting in and out. I made another appointment for a Technician t come by the home, so I had my Assistant stay at the house to wait for the Bell Service Technician who was suppose to come by between some ridiculous hours like 12pm-6pm. I called her at 6:30pm to check in and see if they had come by, because I was busy and really needed her help and she said that they had not even made a phone call. I was furious and called Bell and was told that there was no service booked. I booked another appointment 4 days later for another technician to come by and they came by again with me being at home. By this time it was March 22, 2010 and again there were issues with the service so I called Bell again like all of the other times with the Technician there and I was on the phone for 3.5 hours because I began going through my billing as well. I realised that they had not given me my initial deposit of $100 back, they had not given me the PVR rental for free, they had been charging me $20/month for 3 consecutive months.

    I got the Executive Office number from the technician that was there. I spoke to A John Paul or Jean Pierre at the Executive office, because I wanted to cancel at that point. He assured that they would take care of the technical problems and would give me the rebate of my internet services for the month of March 2010, $60 for the PVR and $100 for the deposit that they conveniently failed to give back to me. He informed me that the HD receiver that I had was under contract even though no one had told me that there was a contract involved. I explained to him that I did not need the receiver any more because my guest was no longer staying with me. He told me that if I did not cancel the service, that Bell would still give me the PVR free until September 2010 and they would give me the other HD receiver until December 2010 for free as well. In Addition to that, Bell would reduce my bill to $126/ month. I requested that this representative send me an email to confirm what he had told me, and he told me that he was not able to send any sort of HARD copy to me. I found that strange, I do not know if these individuals receive bonuses for Customer Retention, but I was lied to again. I regretably agreed and continued this roller coaster of emotions. I still was having problem with my internet and approximately a week later, I spoke to a customer Service agent and explained the problems that I was having and that I wanted to upgrade my Internet service to the My FIbe 25, because the modem could have been an issue according to one of the technicians. She informed me that me bill would go up an additonal $5 for the Faster Service and $4 for the Upgraded Modem rental, therefore making my bill $135/month. I had a technician come by and set up my Internet, and it FINALLY worked properly. I was ecstatic about this. I received a bill a week later for my services and the bill was over $220 for the month of Marcg, so I immediately called Bell and told them I was canceling my service at the end of April 2010. The customer service agent told me that, that was fine. I had sold my house and moved out on MAy 10th, 2010 and I received a Bill via email in an amount exceeding $550.00 for the partial month of March (rebates) all of April and all of MAy. I sent back an email to Bell stating that I would not pay this. I followed up with a phone call to the James Myers Senior Vice President from the Executive Office and was transferred to different people in different departments ie. Television, Interent etc... and I explained to them that I wanted to speak to someone that could speak to me about everything. AGin FINALLY After 3 weeks, I speak to Annie Bussiere and she tries to retain me by offering me $137/month but is limiting my television to half of the themes that I agreed to. This was on Wednesday June 23, 2010. I refused to even listen to any other offerings from her pertaining to my television and internet, because she would probably want to minimize those services as well. She told me that she could cancel my services without penalty as long as I returned the PVR and HD receivers. I asked her if she could send me the email on Wednesday June 23 since it was only about noon and she told me that she would be sending me an email on Monday June 28th, 2010. When I asked her why it would take her almost a week to send the email to me, she did not have or even offer an explanation. Monday came and went and I did not receive an email, so I called the number she had left on my email and I could not even leave a message, let alone get through to anyone. She called me Tuesday afternoon and told me that she did not have my email address, and I reminded her that it was Tuesday and not MOnday, she was a day late and she should have written the email down that I had given to her on Wednesday. She again had no answer for me.

    The company is terribly run, I would have have to explain all the problems and troubleshoot the system with someone from the Phillipines who has absolutely no Technical training whatsoever. After jumping through hoops to be transferred to the ACTUAL technician which are located in Hamilton, they gave me their direct number in Hamilton, because we had so many problems with the internet service. I invested so many hours into this NIGHTMARE. Do not make the same mistake that I did. I am compensated quiet well for my time and efforts in my business, now what about all the time I lost? Is BEll going to compensate me? What about all the stress and aggrevation? What about the potential to pursue them legally? WHy not go back and listen to those conversations, that they solely record for their benefit? They lied, cheated, offered an inferior service to Rogers and they lost me from Bell Mobility 3 years ago. That is another story I will be posting as well. I should have learned my lesson the first time. Rogers offers 50 megabit service where Bell offers 25 megabit, Rogers cable service is very rarely interrupted, where Bell's Satellite service is disconnected when there are snow storms, rain etc... Rogers is a far superior Service Provider, Make your choice. I have many holes in this story, because this is another 3 hours, I have invested into my frustrations with this company and I refuse to invest anymore. I will be distributing this message all over the internet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 647-302-5075. Since beginning these complaints, Annie Bussiere (Assistant to James Myers who is the V.P.) from Bell sent me an email stating that my bill was only $204.74 on June 23rd, 2010 and then received another bill on

    June 26th, 2010 in the amount of $352.19 and yet another email on July 26th, 2010. requesting the amount of $82.35. I have left numerous messages through email as well as phonecalls to speak to James Myers (vice President) in regards to ALL of these concerns, with not one response from this individual. I guess mismanagement begins at the top. How are you to be professional, when the executives have no conception of respect or integrity.

  • Su
      6th of Sep, 2010
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    Bell Canada - BEll never gets bills right
    BEll canada, cellphone service

    I was treated with a very bad attitude when I was trying to get an explanation of the billing mistake in the local store. Plus, they can never get the bills right. Each time I need to call them and get the mistakes corrected, even after they promised mistakes would never happen again. Details: On June13, right after I signed the contract on June10, I found the cell phone do not work properly and can not take incoming calls. In the Bell local store in London Masoville mall, they refused my request of keeping the phone number while changing the problematic cell phone, but charged me for number-change fee WITHOUT any notice.When I found this and asked them about it, their answers were very vague and attitude are very impatient. Finally, after many many times of my visiting to the store on June15, June23 and June25, they admitted that it was a mistake. However, when I called the customer service couple days later, the representative changed their word, saying it was not a mistake, instead, it was already a promotion to my account. After more calls, they said they were sorry and would not make any mistakes again. My cell phone bills for July and August, however, were wrong again! ... I can not trust them any more, and want to cancel my contract without termination fee.

  • El
      19th of Sep, 2010
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    Bell - claim about Bell wireless service.
    Phone: 5100541818

    I am your unlucky customer, whom Bell representatives mocked. I am shocked from the tricks and contempt that Bell representatives do to me as to a customer. My interrelation and associating with them is the perfect example of how to break and violate all the rights of a customer and a Canadian citizen. I would like to express my claims about Bell representatives’ work.

    My claim is about the wireless service. The problem started in 2009. My husband and I bought a Blackberry phone in a Bell store (in the Conestoga Mall, Bell department, Waterloo, ON), but it had some sort of defect. When we returned the defected phone to the Bell representatives from this store, they promised to fix the problem, and we would receive the phone back in 10 days. Since the store didn’t have any similar model of the Blackberry we had, the representative give us a very old model.
    When we came home, we figured out that this old model didn’t work – we couldn’t call anybody and we didn’t receive any calls. That is why we returned this model back to the store right away and got written proof about this returning and the apology from the store representative.
    In spite of the representative’s promise to return the fixed phone back in 10 days, we were kept waiting for almost 2 months. We came to the Conestoga Mall Bell department many times and every time we complained about the phone and Bell service. As you understand, we didn’t have ANY wireless service from Oct.24 until Dec.15, 2009. The Bell representatives from this department confirmed this fact in written form, and we still have this written confirmation (the copy of which I have sent to the Bell company about 4 times!)
    Nevertheless, the Bell Company sent us a bill for this period of no service. We have called immediately and informed this company about the mistake. However Bell representatives tried to compel me to pay for non-existent service period and refused to hear anything I had to say.
    I called many times and then sent three letters with my claims and demands to examine this situation. However, Bell representatives completely ignored all of my arguments and reasons and I didn’t get a single official answer to all my letters. My conversations with them by phone were like a conversation with a parrot who just knows four words. They didn’t listen to me and only repeated one phrase “you have to pay”.
    What is important in this situation - ignoring my logical arguments and real written proof, Bell did not forget to send me a new bill every month with the constantly increasing month to month amount for the non-existent service period in the following format:

    January – $71.15
    February – $71.15
    March – $169.60
    April – $176.69
    May – $183.29
    June - over $200
    July –over $300
    August –over $400
    September –over $500
    (Amounts are given without the addition of the “late-payment” fee!)

    I have found an email of the Customer service manager, Andrea Still, and wrote her a claim. Then I sent three emails with my complaint to Head Office, to Senior Vice President, James Myers. I also spoke with somebody else from this department (this person didn’t give me his name). I demand to fix a mistake and solve the problem. However, the way of solving a problem, which Bell representatives offered me, was extremely strange.
    At the beginning they insisted that they have a few calls (phone usage) in their record-report in the named above period. I explained to them that I have no idea where, how and who used my phone, or my number, or anything else during that time (If it is true!), BUT I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING and I did complain every 4-5 days to Bell representatives because of this! I sent a written confirmation from the Bell-store representatives (who were constantly bothering my husband and me during that time!) about that fact .
    When I explained to them that this is an impossible, absurd, and an idiotic lie [we had neither phone, nor any service during that time – what kind of record-report could there be?], they at once created a new scenario. These people from the Customer service department told that Bell offers just service and it doesn’t response for the defective phone.
    My next forcible argument was that Bell is responsible for the phone that it sells. I didn’t bring this phone from some other company but I bought it in the Bell store, as well as precisely this phone was offered me with the promises of a good service and quality. The service ONLY works with this one phone.
    After that, customer service’s representatives (finally!) admitted to my arguments and agreed to solve a problem… The solution was more than scoffing and humiliating:
    1. Andrea Still offered a discount of 15% for the huge amount of Bell interest that was created by Bell during the period of our argument and “fighting”.
    2. The other person offered me to deduct the amount of $71.15 (the period that I didn’t have any service) from the amount of Bell interest.
    I was shocked once again. If I am right and they admit the fact that I didn’t have any service in the named above period, what kind of payment could there be? [By the way, I have paid in full and in time for all other services that I really had from Bell!]
    I refused both these offers and asked these people from the Customer service office to send me an official answer to my claims and deduct the amount they have created over this period of time. I told them that I would like to have their official explanation of the mockeries and scoffs that I got from Bell during last 9 months.
    Of course, I didn’t receive ANY answer from Bell. However, my both phones (cell and home) were disconnected in two weeks, without any notice or call.
    The worst part about this is that it happened the day when I brought my husband home from the hospital after his heart operation. I needed to call to the doctor for the consultation because my husband felt extremely ill but I couldn’t. My husband was experiencing immense health risk because of Bell’s irresponsible attitude towards the customer.

    As you can see,
    1) Bell sold me a phone with a defect. It wasn’t my fault and wasn’t my problem, it was Bell’s fault because Bell is responsible for the products that it sells. Otherwise a customer can’t bring his own phone to have service from Bell. If Bell insists in buying products in its store, it should guarantee the quality of this product, or at the very least make sure there is a replacement that works.
    2) Bell couldn’texchange the defective phone and couldn’t provide me with any equal or similar working model for about two months, as well as Bell couldn’t provide me with service for this period. Whose fault? Of course, it wasn’t mine.
    3) Bell consciously ignored all of my letters and calls for the duration of nine months and at the same time consciously increased the amount for my non-existent service, hence leaving me to pay more. Bell created a problem for customer and only aggravated the situation.
    4) Bell violates customer’s rights and doesn’t want to solve this problem. It only brings a headache; constant nerve-wrecking and time-wasting conflicts. The actions of Bell representatives are fraudulent and unfair!
    5) Bell disconnected my phones without any reasons and without any notice and hazards my husband’s health.
    Such actions of Bell resemble that of a parasite, which sticks to the skin (of the customer) and sucks out the blood (money). The representatives of this company don’t follow any logic or listen to any rational arguments; they simply try to steal customers’ money.

  • Fr
      11th of Nov, 2010
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    Ball Canada - Home phone contracts
    Ball Canada

    Bell Canada had included a $150 charge for allegedly breaking a 2 year contract that was allegedly made when they called me at home to offer me a lesser monthly charge. Of course the act of making a contract by accepting their offer was never mentioned during this phone call, and therefore the existence of an alleged contract was unknown to me, until I had decided to cancel Bells services on moving to a new home. My assumption is that Bell cannot provide a recording of this phone call that would be satisfactory to their case. Bell I hope you enjoy that money, its the last dime you'll ever see from me. BTW, whats with the sales calls from noisey call centres by people who cannot speak english? good business plan - alienate prospective clients by frustrating the hell out of them... glad to see Bubbles-the-chimp finally got promoted to upper management.

  • Sc
      6th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Not taking the side of the company... but... when you sign up for ANY insurance there is a deductible that you have to pay. When you sign a contract, take the 10mins to read it.

    Also, with ANY property insurance, you need to claim everything that was damaged/stolen. The people on the other phone have no idea if your phone has a case on it, or headphones plugged in. This needs to be divulged during the claim, and not after the fact, as insurance expeirences a high fraud rate. If you don't claim it, you won't get it. Just sayin..

    I don't agree with you getting yo-yod around though and for the poor packaging. Nowadays though, if you are signing a contract for anything, take the time to ask questions and keep track of who you spoke with and when.

  • Ex
      12th of Feb, 2011
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    this is typical bell. They make mistake but we end up paying.

  • Un
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    I am going through the same thing; see link:

  • Sa
      4th of Apr, 2011
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    Bell - Please talk to each other
    268 Merton St
    Phone: 416-488-2363

    Bell has me under 2 different Account billing is double, sometimes missing completely. Service disconnected Dec 8, took till Mar 26 to show credit of 572. Last week I rec'd AN 205508030 acct shows 0.00 amount due. Today, a Dsiconnection Notice on acct 210485646 for 637. Still pay monthly for phone and internet use, just can't have satallite off balcony. I am 10 months into my 1yr contract but when Bell changed my phone # and my account #- everthing has been crazy. Daily calls that I owe money. Explain it a million times, can't someone take note so the next CS person is updated without constantly disturbing their customer for information they already have been given. By the way, someone in acct transferred the 637. balance on the Old number to the New number BUT now still send me a disconnection notice for 637.28 in One week. I don't have to say make up your minds, do I have a zero bALANCE WITH BELL OR NOT/

  • An
      12th of Apr, 2011
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    I just experienced the same thing. Although, I had a blackberry and was paying the insurance on it and randomly it stopped working so I called that insurance company and they seemed very helpful and said they were sending me a new phone in two days. I, like yourself, was very concerned with the packaging they sent me. When I called Bell I found out that the "new" phone they sent me wasn't new at all, it was refurbished. I was very pissed because I had no idea how old this stupid thing was and my phone wasn't even a year old. It is now not even a year later and surprise surprise, my refurbished phone doesn't work. This past weekend I spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with Bell and Asurion and another 30 minutes in the Bell store. Asurion told me that I was going to have to pay $150 to get a refurbished phone from them. To me this sounded ridiculous because it would cost me less to cancel my Bell account and start an account at Telus and actually get a new phone. When I told this to the Bell representative he continued to tell me that i was able to get a free upgrade on my phone... if I signed on for another 3 years. Being only 5 months away from finally being free from the worst company I have ever dealt with, there was no way I was going to sign another contract with Bell. I also experience the being put on hold about 6 times in that conversation and I was, as you say, yo-yoed back and forth between Bell and Asurion 4 times. Finally, the only person that actually listened to what I was saying, the cancellation agent. It took me 3 hours to get to talk to her and her solution was she'd give me back 40% of the money that it would cost me to get Asurion to give me a refurbished phone.

    Bell is honestly the worst phone company there is out there. I have had to deal with them over charging my bill on at least 6 occasions and all of my friends that are with Bell have the same issues. If anyone ever mentions anything about how bad Bell is you can see how angry my friends get because they know how awful their experiences have been. if anyone is considering changing their phone company, don't pick Bell.

  • Bi
      13th of Apr, 2011
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    Bell - charges
    420, 2nd avenue
    Phone: 450-346-1420

    I think bell is a scam not parucaly the store from where i bough my phone but when i first got my phone they told me that if i did not paye my contract for a year they will close my phone.But i have been putting money on my phone, i was not working at the time so it was my mom that put the money on my phone.But when i fanally got a job and that was just a few months when i put the money into my phone. I called in because i was so happy that i would be able to pay my phone sens i got my first pay check.But they told me that i needed to deposite atlease 600$ to reactivates my phone and my face just fell off.I have said for what i havent been using the got dam phone.Soi call in the next day and they told me a diffrent price that it would be 460$.So my mom got involved and called and told her that i needed to pay 200$. So we asked him to send us all the details of why it was costing so much and it did not show much of why they keep charging me these charges especially like 4 diffrent amount they can't make up there mind and they had to authority to cancel my service because it hasint been a year at all.

  • An
      15th of Apr, 2011
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    Bell Canada - Charges for no reason

    I have been with bell for about one year now, and i pay my bill every month, in the month of march i paid my bill in 4 payments through out the month all the payments were before the due date of the bill, I made the first 3 payments by internet and then the 4th payment by credit card just so that i wasn't late paying the bill. when i confirmed the payment that my bill would be at $0.00 they sent me a conf that it was currently at $0.00 we have even been checking online to make sure, because every month no matter how much we give them the bill never seems to be at zero the next month there is always a forwarded balance so yesterday ( april 13th 2011) our bill was still at $0.00, today when i got home from work i checked again and we had received out monthly bill, so i check the bill and my bill is over the amount that it should be, so i looked closely trying to figure out why that was and i noticed that there was once again a forwarded balance on my new bill. i am so fed up and don't know what to do at this point, i pay my bills in full before they are do and then all of a sudden there is a forwarded balance, is anyone else having this problem???...

  • Di
      23rd of May, 2011
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    Bell Mobility - Cancellation of Phone
    Bell Mobility
    British Columbia

    Back in February I had made an agreement with a representative to pay the total sum of $236.67 and my Bell Mobility account would be officially cancelled. All I had to do was send in the phone and they would cancel the plan. I received a call from the agent on March 10 stating that the phone was received and they were going to wave $350 of the $400 cancellation fee which was fine with me. I then received a bill a couple of weeks ago for $531.35. About 4 days later I received a call from a collection agency stating Bell had sold my account to them and I needed to pay. When I explained the situation the collector said to contact Bell and let them know what was going on and that this matter was settled and you had a message left stating it was. When I called Bell a women named Erica employee number EX93305 said there was nothing she could do for me and that I needed to pay. When I asked to speak with a supervisor she put me on hold for approximately 5-10 minutes and then came back on the line to tell me I was not going to be speaking with a supervisor as they refused to talk to me. I am not happy with this situation as I have followed my part of the agreement I made with the representative in February. I have a voice message stating that it was cancelled and now have a bill for $531.35 sitting in collections. I just want this bill cancelled and paying them doesn't seem to work either so I don't know what recourse I have left. Please can someone help me.

  • Ar
      26th of May, 2011
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    Those dumb bell customers never make sense, they want everything for nothing. We suffer so much at Bell because of this stupidity ... sometimes we wish they stop calling all together and go away ... rather get no calls and possibility of business closure than to deal with ###s who know nothing about their plans, bills, or even the phone they're using ...such ###s.

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