Belkonline purchase!

I ordered a pair of shoes online. Something I ordinarily don't do. Especially shoes! The shoes I ordered was one price, with a discount added that brought price down. The coupon was accepted. By the end of transaction/checkout, I was given final cost of shoes. Once I put my credit card information in, it switched to another amount that was minus the discount. That made the cost of the shoes higher in addition to shipping, handling and taxes. At this point of going through all I went through, I was like, the hell with it! Go ahead on and wait for them to come in mail. By the time they arrived at my house, they were the wrong size. I returned them to store in my city. After subtracting the full cost of shoes, shipping and taxes. They still owe me almost $6.00. So basically, I was cheated out of almost $6.00. Thank you, Belk's! I will not buy anything from you again! Online or in your store!!! Hope that $6 bucks come in handy because you will not get anymore from me, my family or friends!!! Below one star! One star ⭐️ is still a rating. You get, NO STARS!

Jun 01, 2018

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