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Dear Lori JP Order #SO3597146 Thank you so much for contacting us here at Jackson and Perkins! We value our...

[Resolved] won't respond to complaints about product.

I ordered five rose bushes from this company. Four grew just fine, but one did not grow at all. It is dead, although all five received the same treatment as far as planting and watering. I have contacted Jackson & Perkins three times on this, but so far, have received absolutely no response. All I wanted was for them to replace ONE of the bushes. If they cannot stand behind their product, that leaves me no recourse but to let everyone I know.

  • Jackson & Perkins's response · Jul 18, 2019

    I am sorry that you have not received a response from us about your issue. Please call 1-800-292-4769 and ask to speak to Lakyn

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

beware!!! jackson & perkins are shysters! do not buy from them!

Don't buy ANYTHING from these shysters! Id' give them NEGATIVE 5 stars if possible!! Spent $25 on a rose bush, it arrived dead and they refused to replace the plant or refund my money. They gave me some song and dance about me living outside the zone the plant would grow in, but there is NOWHERE on their site that states the guarantee is void if you live outside a certain zone (even if it's only about 5 miles according to their map). Zero integrity, zero customer service!!

  • Ja
    Jackson and Perkins Oct 19, 2018

    Dale, I am so sorry to hear that your experience with us did not meet your expectations. I would love to talk more about this, please send me an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-292-4769

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received dead roses

Do not buy from jacksons & perkins! It will be a total cheat! We have recently bought 5 x 2-quart 'iceberg'...

bareroot roses

Ordered many bareroot roses in Feb 2018. Planted them after letting them soak as instructed. As of now, 7...

order #webjp2346572, 8 rose bushes - black spot nightmare

I ordered
Rose Easy Going FL, Item #: 32521, 1

Rose Cinco de Mayo FL, Item #:

Rose Easy Going FL, Item #: 32521, 1

Rose Moondance FL PP19126, Item #: 30516, 1

Rose Charisma FL, Item #: 32512, 1

Rose Caribbean Breeze FL, Item #: 33256, 1

Lavandula Phenomenal, Item #: 34755, 1

Part of my order isn't complete, but the roses I received were full of black spot. I saved up for this as a start for my rose garden.

I called customer service - they told me to "just go ahead and plant fuel-efficient they'll be fine..." I asked for replacements, and this is the response I got.

Even I know that's not how to go about trying to rid the roses of this mess! When I got done removing the affected leaves, I had very little leaves each bush!

What a mess! If they make it through the winter. I'll be surprised! Yeah, they are guaranteed until May 2018. What a crappy way to do business. I used to respect their name and product; not any more!!

Really sickened by the waste of my money. Won't be returning!
I've attached pic of just one out of the order. This is before I removed affected leaves. The leaves on the blue surface are the leaves that just fell off when I picked it up to take pic.

order #webjp2346572, 8 rose bushes - black spot nightmare


In January I started ordering flowers for my new home knowing that JP had such a good reputation and a surprise to my husband who loves rises I ordered over 1000.00 worth of plants . They did not arrive on time due to weather I was told in California which OK but plants started coming in dead and broken limbs and even though they did replace one plant I am totally surprised with the rose bushes from CA. They are awful small and thin and now leaves have fallen off and the plants ordered in January are still not here and the ones they dud ship were wrong. I called asking for all other orders to be cancelled and full refund and email confirming refund issued and was told had to wait for Aaron who was on a break must be a long break because I still have no response or apology, which would have been nice.

bareroot hybrid teas dead on arrival

This spring I ordered ten bareroot hybrid tea roses from Jackson & Perkins. Over 40 years of growing hundreds of roses I had ordered many fine plants from this nursery, but haven't ordered bareroot roses from them in a number of years. The plants that arrived were spindly in the extreme, not the quality Grade 1 roses I was expecting, and 7 of the 10 never put out a single leaf following planting. Basically 70% of the plants were dead on arrival. I don't know what has happened to this once fine nursery, but I will never do business with them again.

Product - our lady of guadalupe rose

I purchased this rose in May of 2016, got it in the ground right away, and it did well for the rest of the...

Bushes were dead and the rep told me that it was ok

Guys, avoid the company Jackson & Perkins. I have bought three roses bushes and they were dead on the day of arrival. One looked ok, but it didn’t leaf out. I took photos of the bushes and followed the instructions, which were with these bushes. I sent pics to the owner and asked if it was ok, but he told me that it was fine. But couple of days later I threw all bushes away. Don’t rely on the staff from this company.

Rose Died #SO1062262

Ordered the rose bush last fall and received it in the spring this year. Planted according to the direction...

Jackson And Perkins Brigadoon Hybrid Tea Rose

overcharged (3.28 times)

Jarrod Pawlak Wayside Gardens Customer Contact Team 1 Garden Lane Hodges, South Carolina 29695 Telephone...

over charge-no resolution

Although the Christmas arrangement was beautiful and arrived on time, I have a complaint with customer service.
According to their catalog, if I placed the order by Dec 16-17-18 noon 2008, (I forget the exact date), I would get a discount. So I called the 800 number and tried to place the order. They were out of the arrangement I wanted and suggested a few other things. OK, I ordered something else and I got the discount - total price quoted over the phone!
When the credit card bill came in - no discount.
I e-mailed my complaint to the customer service address and got a perfunctory response - "we received your e-mail". If they wanted to explain the difference to me, that would be fine. A year later - no explanation. I didn't call the 800 number again because I was afraid that I would mouth off too much.

  • Wa
    wally41 Dec 05, 2009

    This company has falsely advertised potted flowers pictured online following a link from a promo email. At no point during the navigation to select and purchase this item does J&P reveal that the recipient will receive a pot of dirt containing three bare bulbs. My emailed complaint was answered with an assurance that it states on p. 4 of their catalog that these bulbs will bloom in six weeks. What catalog? I was never directed to the catalog, never told that my gift would not remotely resemble the lush plant shown repeatedly during the ordering process. I fear others will be similarly deceived by this company's innocent or fraudulent misdirection.

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Absolutely ridiculous service

I placed an order with this company on 5/11/08 for a weeping rose tree for my yard. I paid extra for 2 day...