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I have a Beko Fridge Freezer since new (now only 18 months old), and it has an intermittent fault which Beko's engineers have been unable to locate and fix. I have lost 2 full freezer and fridge loads of food (>£800) and Beko refused not only to compensate me for any of it, but they have now said that as the fridge freezer is out of guarantee, they will not repair anything, including the original fault.

They are the most awful company


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  • Sm
      Jul 01, 2009

    we have just got our BEKO fridge freezer delivered yesterday and it has not worked at all, so we call them up and they want to send someone out to repair it and wolud not come out untill tomorrow which we didnt want anyway because why would we want something repaired that we have just payed for and got no use out of it!!!
    there a complete joke and with this heat we are having at the moment no fridge equals no cold drinks there a waste of time and money and i will never be getting anything from this company again or argos, so rude too, they said we refused for it to be repaired so hang on buy a brand new BEKO fridge freezer and have it repaired before you use it makes a lot of sense and such a great deal!!!
    oh how i have not swore typing this out.
    do not get anything from this stupid company!!!

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  • Ir
      Jul 08, 2009

    had my beko frost free fridge freezer 11 month 2 weeks when it stopped freezing engineer said it wsas the timer, some thing happen 2 months later engineer come out asked me if i had a spare freezer like i keep a back up in my knicker drawer, told us to turn it off for 48hours see if that help as he didnt have a clue what was wrong and as we didnt get extended warranty theres not a lot they would do, will im sorry beko i expected it to last a bit longer than 11months, wouldnt touch beko again, if ur looking for a new freezer steer clear off thse thiefing sods!!!

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  • An
      Aug 03, 2009

    your not on your own i have a beko fridge freezer that is 18 months old it just stopped working! ive been on the phone to beko who dont seem to care at all. surely they are meant to last longer than 18 months!!! all beko said is that it that theres nothing they can do!!! we are very disapointed with the companys response as they didnt even try to be helpful

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  • Ct
      Jan 29, 2011

    Ha! All these are as nothing compared to our experience. We had FOUR Beko fridgefreezers in under FOUR years. 1. Curry's broke the leg on delivery - replaced. 2. had mishapen freezer cabinet so burnt itself out after Beko took 2 months to send engineer under guarantee. 3. pipe leaked at back and corroded the compressor - burnt out and packed up. 4. internal pipes in the fridge part got blocked so freezer fluid couldn't circulate. Packed up after only eight months. Each time we were without a fridge for a week, had to keep food in the garden and keep vital eye drops in a friend's fridge. We lost £ 200 of food overall. The third was out of guarantee by three weeks, so we had to buy a completely new one. Beko have persistently refused to take any responsibility and even refused to organise a door hinge change on the 5th. We cancelled. WHICH: Fridges should last 6/7 years.

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  • El
      May 09, 2011

    hi, i have had nothing but trouble with beko, i bought a range cooker for £700, it went wrong within months, the ovens stopped working, i was still within the garantee, so a very pleasant repair man came out but was unable to repair it as the cable to the mains was too short to pull out the appliance, and was not prepared to touch the mains cable. i then had the cable lengthened and asked them to come out to do repair, a different repair man then refused to pull out the range because he had 'bad back, ' although i was perfectly able to move it as it has wheels, { i am a 5'2 woman}! in her early fifties!
    A few months later i was out of guarntee, and the same repairman came out, said he 'knew what the problem was, and would order the part, ' he stated he would sit in his van outside and order it immediately, after taking the part they had previously sent sayin it was wrong! I then rang the office a few weeks later, to be told that the repairman had refused to enter my house, because'it was too dirty', he had entered, {and i have witnesses, }Then the man on the phone very rudely asked if my house was tidy now! No other repair man has ever refused to enter my house, or anyone say it was 'dirty'.I am disabled, and a full time carer for my disabled son. In these economic times can BEKO really afford to have this bad a reputation. I would never buy beko appliances again. This is the first time i have told this to anyone as I have felt so ashamed.

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  • Di
      May 09, 2011

    I purchased a Beko fridge/freezer 3 weeks ago. It will not get down to temperture, I have set the fridge to 4 degrees and it is reading at 9 degrees, doesn't matter what I do to it, the temp wont come down. After phoning Beco about this I was told it does not have a warrenty as its on a non domestic premisis. Whats that all about? So I am left with a fridge freezer that dont work properly and there is nothing I can do. Any suggestions would be very grateful.

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  • Jo
      Jul 02, 2011

    We've had a Beko fridge / freezer for 5 years & had no trouble with it.
    Recently Beko informed us that they needed to send an engineer to fix a potential fault with our F/F (they said it might burst in to flames).
    The engineer came & connected a small box.
    The next morning, Saturday, we realised that our F/F wasn't working.
    We rang Beko & they said that this often happens after the box has been fitted, as there's a fault with some of the boxes!!!
    Beko have refused to even look in to our problem until Monday!!!

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  • Js
      Jul 10, 2011

    I have a Beko fridge freezer, I am waiting to get some sense out of the idiots, who keep sending me E-Mails asking for the same information, 5 times now. I have told them it is like having a time bomb in the kitchen, on their web site they say all the fridges affected are SAFE TO USE. Well we all know what they said about the TITANIC.

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  • An
      May 28, 2012

    I have a beko fridgefreezer (not the one that is a fire hazard) it's only 4 months old and stopped working the engineer came out 1 week later and advised me that the control panel stopped working and it will almost certainly go again anyone else had this problem

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  • Ki
      Nov 15, 2012

    I had a beko fridge/freezer that was 18 months old that caught fire and damaged everything me and my young family own!! We luckily decided to go shopping 5minutes prior. A independent forensics engineer has agreed it was down to a fault in the product but beko are refusing this is the case. Please do Not buy anything beko as it nearly cost me and my family our lives!!!

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  • Br
      Jun 21, 2013

    BEKO ARE RUBISH!!! If you want to keep your sanity steer clear of this company. Had fully intergrated dishwasher DW686 for seven days before it blew all the electric. Engineer ordered part. Then said the one sent wasnt right. Customer service say they need to conact Turkey to find out if correct part can be ordered. Two days off work, several phone calls to so called customer 'service', paid electrician to return electric to house, paid fitter to fit dishwasher. Three weeks later I am uninstalling myself and returning it.

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  • Be
      Aug 29, 2013

    I came home from holiday to find the house stank. We rapidly traced the fault to the freezer that had decided to become a cooker, the food inside was now warm, mouldy and stinking, so instead of unpacking I had to dump the lot in bags and go straight to the tip.
    Bekos opinion is that my my 18 month old freezer is not their problem and 'they don't build them like they used to'. They want me to pay 172 pounds for a repair. Then if I lose another freezer full of food they might give me a new freezer.
    Its cheaper to buy another freezer - any make but Beko

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  • Ch
      Oct 11, 2013

    bought a American style fridge freezer BEKO. old one died so we were desperate unpacked this one and assembled etc... then noticed there were a couple of faint scratches and two little tiny ones. we then noticed the next day that the water dispenser also didn't work. phone company we bought from and they said we will have to phone beko but we would give £30 off because of the marks. phoned beko they took ages to send an engineer who was baffled. we had to explain and find out that there was a lip on back of dispenser that was stopping it sitting flush to the engineer. this was replaced, now 3 months on the fridge and freezer packed up overnight ruining all the food, only knows how much worth in fridge and freezer. phoned beko said they would send an engineer out in 3 days! complained again and they sent someone next day. he said compressor had gone so they would have to wait for part. phoned head office and asked what the hell I was supposed to do in the meantime as they had no time span. A week on I still have no fridge freezer after spending £600 and losing all my food. I am furious as they should replace the whole thing as I did not pay for a refurbished item even when I does get fixed!!

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  • Ca
      Oct 21, 2013

    I purchased a Tall larder Beko fridge TLDA567 in January 2010 and in July 2012 the fridge door fell off. So after trying to get Beko to sort it out I purchased a new door. Guess what the same thing happened to the new door in Sept 2013. Beko still will not do anything about the problem but tell me that I may be overloading the door causing the problem or leaning on it. It is actually a bad design with a plastic plug not supported so it over time makes its way up into the door causing it to fall off.
    So I have now gone to Currys where I purchased it, to say under the Sales of Goods act 1979 I have a faulty item can they do anything about it. And you guessed it I am still waiting and the email I did get wanted a Technician report as to what was wrong with my Fridge. Where am I suppose to get one of them from I ask myself. Well all I can say is do not buy this fridge and suffer like I am doing.

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  • An
      Oct 28, 2013

    My experience with Beko has been one of utter disbelief and despair!! Our American fridge freezer was delivered with a number of faults. These being that the fridge would not achieve a safe low temperature, the drawers are designed to fit on runners either side but only sit on one side ( the cabinet being too wide or even having sides not parallel) and with a door that made an awful noise. After a visit we had a replacement unit sent that has had exactly the same faults!!! Letters of complaint do not seem to get any response. We have had photos taken of the drawer issue which is a major problem when the drawers are heavy as the draw 'crabs' and will break. Carol.[protected] is the complaints contact who responded when the door developed a serious issue of dropping after it had been supposedly repair for the noise issue. The Beko agent just stated it is 'normal' for these units to struggle to reach temperature in hot weather!!! There is also a high humidity warning indicator light which has been on since delivery which the manual states indicates high humidity - now they say it should go off(!) if there is not enough humidity. This company is incapable of dealing with customer issues in a professional way and should be avoided at all costs. I will not make the mistake of buying another Beko product again.

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  • Pe
      Nov 05, 2013

    We bought three Beko appliances from Tesco Direct. A slimline dishwasher, A washing machine and an gas cooker. What a load of rubbish they all are. The dishwasher doesn't get the dishes clean unless we handwash them first, which is defeating the object, the washing machine trips out the circuit breaker on anything more than half load and the cooker never reached the correct temperature. Anything that was supposed to be cooked on gas mark 6 for 35 minutes, took 55 minutes or more. We've now got rid of the cooker and bought a New World which works perfectly. The dishwasher will be next when we can afford it. We will never buy Beko again and most certainly not Bush either as we have been told that they are built by the same company to a lower specification (if that is possible) to sell cheaply in Argos.

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  • Pb
      Dec 13, 2013

    We needed more freezer space & opted for Beko fridge freezer CF5015APW after doing lots of research & looking at their reviews. 16 months down the line & it only functions correctly intermittently now. Contacted Beko who really don't want to know about the fridge freezer, and the dilemma of the now defrosted items, as it's only guaranteed for 12 months but as a goodwill gesture would consider looking at it up to 15 months-ours is almost 16 months old. The quality of this Beko product & their service, in this instance, has been one of disappointment prompting me to write this negative review.

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  • We
      Jan 07, 2014

    I have a 2 year old Beko fridge freezer with a drinks dispenser in the door. Have noticed its already rusting near the drip tray, complained to Beko & Currys and because I didn't take out an extended warranty, theyre washing their hands of it!! Am going to give it a try quoting the 1979 Sale of Goods act- stating that it would be quite reasonable to expect such an appliance to not start rusting at 2 years of age. Worth a go though I wont hold my breath!

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  • Ia
      Apr 24, 2014

    3 year old fridge freezer and the fridge element is now also a freezer. It has also been like living with a couple of heifers in the kitchen from the day I bought it. This is the response from BEKO customer service.

    I am sorry to hear of the problem with your Beko fridge freezer. The noises you are referring to will not be related to any fault. These are the noises of the gases running through the cooling system of the refrigerator. These are normal system noises and will come on and off every half hour or so and more dependent on frequent use of the appliance. Sometimes people describe them as a groaning or mooing like noise. A gurgling noise when the door is closed is not a system noise but the air equalising and pushing air down the defrost water pipe and causing bubbling in the water in the compressor drip tray. A cracking or creaking noise is where the appliance is expanding intermittantly when cycling on and off.

    Ice droplets are normal and form on the back wall of the appliance. When the appliance cycles on and off they then turn to condensation and filter out the back of the appliance into a drip tray situated on top of the compressor at the rear of the appliance. If the appliance has started freezing in the fridge and ice is forming that is more than just droplets, then the appliance will need an engineer to identify the problem and possible fault with your appliance. If you could confirm your postcode, we can advise on the local service engineer for your area.

    Engineer call out £69 +VAT plus any parts required !So, if you too would like to feel you are living in a farmyard and have an appliance that fails within a very short time by a BEKO!

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  • Ro
      May 03, 2014

    I purchased a Beko Dishwasher in June 2012 from Comet; as thy are now out of business, I have no re-dress under the Sales of Goods Act. Beko have 'fixed' the machine three times (humming no water - from other sites, a common theme). It is now approaching the end of the 2 year warranty; they have not confirmed that they will replace even though customer services said its their policy to repair after 3 of same fault. The Head Office said are referring to manager to see if will replace, but if they do, it's up to me to have fitted. I'll NEVER buy a Beko appliance again

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  • Ed
      Aug 18, 2015

    I am the same beko fridgefreezer not 2 years old yet. Phoned them.Up had 3 engineers out can't fix it then they say go in buy another Cause I didn't take cover out. So contacted citizens advice and they said write to them asking for a refund or a replacement as they have not provided a suitable appliance act 1979 of the trading standards act for an appliances to not work after less than 2 years old if they don't do either I will take this further. E.Emslie.

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  • Ge
      Aug 21, 2015

    Purchased Beko amercian fridge freezer in July and from day one the valve has leaked on water dispenser. We have had 4 visits from engineers and two new water boxes and one new valve. All have leaked. Each one seems worse than the previous one. It cant just be us that have this problem. It
    has to be an inherent ptoblem with the valve. Engineers have now handed us over to the mercy of the Beko customer services. Not been very helpful at all. Is anyone else having the same problem

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  • Pe
      Mar 13, 2016

    Bought a Beko fridge freezer with a water dispense. It is less than 18 months old and the front door is already seriously rusted. Didn't realise manufactures were still allowed to make such low quality in 2014.

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  • Ve
      Aug 01, 2016
    Beko - Broken
    England, West Yorkshire
    United Kingdom

    We bought a Beko Frost Free Combi model CFD64S 15 months ago and it has just stopped working. The light is on but neither the fridge or freezer is working. I am extremely disappointed with this has I didn't take the extended Warranty out has I expected it to last longer than this. This was the first time that I have bought Beko and it will be the last. What a load of c***. All my other appliances have lasted years but when I moved I bought new and what a mistake that was. I would advise people to stay clear of this make absolutely no value for our hard working money.

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  • Ka
      Aug 01, 2016

    This has just happened to mine, exactly same model, age and problem. So angry.

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  • Ra
      Aug 07, 2018



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  • Ra
      Aug 07, 2018

    I bought freezer from Baco Amman Jordan its rubbish manufacturer default they refuse to change it I will raise my case to the court if any one have any ideas against them please advice me

    Dr Hendawi


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  • Gr
      Aug 09, 2019

    Returned from holiday to find my Beko Fridge Freezer - fridge part had stopped working. I purchased this particular model and paid extra for it to use in the garage. I was thankful the freezer still worked, but five days later that packed up as well so all the food had to be thrown away - approx. £120 worth - that's bad enough, but it the inconvenience of it all. Beko do not want to know as I've had the F/F for two years or rather they will send someone at a price! My Beko Washing Machine packed up after twenty five months and the engineer that called said Beko were absolute rubbish. I replaced my washing machine with a Bosch but I really can not afford to replace the fridge freezer as well. What an absolute rubbish company they are. How can they trade by supplying such inferior products. The write up for the F/F was so good. Only those that are caught out by the Beko company can know how soul destroying it is to throw bags of food away. Shame on you Beko you do not deserve to continue trading

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