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BCS Wireless / AT&T wireless / deceptive business practices!

1 United States

In February of 2005, I received a promotional letter from "AT&T Wireless" offering a free phone when signing up for new service. I called and was offered a choice of phones and service packages. Within the next couple of hours I received two phone calls from AT&T Wireless, one to confirm the order and the other was an inquiry.

At the time, I made sure that I would have 30 days period of trial meaning that I could cancel the service with no extra cost. They provided me with two cell phones for free. Because I was unhappy with the service provided, I terminated the service. They instructed me to use the return address provided to ship back the phone, and I would be responsible until it was returned.

I returned the phones as it was asked. They claimed for a long time that they did not receive the phones. However, I called UPS and collected information and documents and proved to them that the phones were delivered to the address provided. In addition to the false claimed, they charged me a termination fee and high phone bills (U$628.61) from a phone that I just had for 14 days.

6 months later, I received a collection notice from ENHANCED RECOVERY CORPORATION demanding $150.00 on behalf of BCS Wireless. This was the first time I heard of BCS Wireless.

I contacted ERC, the collection agency, and was first told that BCS Wireless claimed that the service had been interrupted by AT&T, and I owed for service. Knowing that this was not true I questioned them further, they then said I had cancelled the "Contract" for the phone. I told them I had use the phone for 14 days, and I had 30 days period of trial. After they review my case the “Collection" agency says BCS Wireless said they never got the phone back, it went to AT&T. At no time was I ever led to believe that I was dealing with anyone other than an AT&T. So now I have been told three different stories why I owe $150. Finally, after 4 months calling them and trying to explain my situation, they said that I did not need to worry about the bill or my credit report.

Since ENHANCED RECOVERY CORPORATION, who was hired allegedly by BCS Wireless to collect is now offering a settlement, I asked for an address where I could write or a phone number to contact BCS Wireless myself regarding the collection. They claimed they didn't have that information. I called AT&T who is now telling me I owe them nothing; they show the service was cancelled in February of 2005.

After 2 years wondering why my credit line was not good at it was supposed to be (I pay my bills on time and I do not have any debt). In order to find out the reason why I don’t have good credit, I decided to go to and run my credit. Extremely upset I saw that a had “Collection Accounts and Public Records” lowering my score. I called the credit report company and the little that I knew that BCS wireless/AT&T wireless were the responsible for my bad credit.

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