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BBVA Compass Bank / excessive nsf fees

1 Austin, TX, United States Review updated:

Account holder for over 7 years and I mistakely used the wrong card for a purchase resulting in an overdraft in my Compass acct.
Compass rearranged the only other draft made to the acct. within the last two weeks (even though it had showed clear prior to the accidental charge) so that additional fees could be imposed. So $76.00 in for one mess up and then since I do not live near a branch.. I was unable to make a deposit quickly and they tacked $7.00 a day on for each day the acct. was overdrawn for 21 days! So for one charge of $395.00 - Compass charged my $226.00 if fees!!! That is an awfully expensive short term loan... and I never asked for it-- The way that they process transactions are intended to clear larger debits first which makes it more likely that they can charge more NSF or overdraft fees for all the small charges that wont clear because of the larger going thru first. Deceptive at best and completely unethical to charge someone for a loan they did not apply for and one in which the terms didn't have to be disclosed until after the fact.
How is this legal? COMPASS BANK BBVA makes millions in profit from overdraft & penalty charges alone annually! Wake up consumers and stand up for your rights-------------- we shouldn't be paying high interest loans for debit transactions!

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  • Mr
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Yep, same experience here. Made a subtraction error in my register which I keep faithfully and went -$9.32 (that's right, not even $10.00.) overdrawn. Compass has now charged me close to $300.00 in service fees and I have never even come close to bouncing a check with them before. I went in person to the bank and was told they couldn't help me with the matter other than to caution me that they "always process debits before credits". The manager at my branch told me that they take out debits and checks before they process deposits (on the same business day). I then called the toll free number (I certainly would never call it customer service) and got a completely illiterate man who after listening to my story said, "uhhhh, you'll have to call back later, uh, uh, our system is down". He was rude and unhelpful and I now seriously doubt their systems were down. I initially opened this checking account online but ended up having to go into a branch (45 miles away from my home) because there were so many problems. I foolishly funded my account electronically from another checking account. They removed the money from my other account and yet didn't credit my new account at their bank for almost a week. I made numerous phone calls to try and figure out where my $500.00 bucks was. Once my account was open it was six weeks until I had my two debit cards and several months before I had checks with my correct address and two more months and five trips to the branch to get the cost of my checks re-imbursed to me since the bank kept having the incorrect address printed on the checks. Of course I never even got an I guess I shouldn't even be surprised at all the complaints I've read tonight about BBVA Compass Bank...apparently I'm not the only customer that they have ripped off recently...Yep, I got sucked in by promises of no ATM fees or service charges - that is a total lie. The first time I got an ATM fee I took my statement to the branch...was told I would have to send in the withdrawal slip (which of course I had already shredded) but the teller couldn't even give me the address to send the slips to, she said I should be able to figure it out online. Terrible customer service from day one - I only have myself to blame for sticking with them too long!!!

  • Da
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    Have to say I agree with all the complaints.

  • Lo
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    I went to the store to get gas in my gas tank for the lawn mower and went to the grocery store and had an available balance of $40.00. I had forgotten that one of the items pending had a $6.00 tip that had not cleared and when it cleared it caused us to go over by $2.50. So basically I got 8 NSF charges for going over by $2.50 to equal a total of $304.00 in fees. The processed everything from high to low and even took out the NSF fees before all the other small charges. I also made two cash deposits ($120.00) and ($200.00) which did not show up until Midnight two days later. I have other bank accounts and this had never happened. It happens all the time with Compass Bank. I hate Compass Bank and I am cancelling the bank account this week and moving to Wells Fargo/Wachovia or Bank of America and opting out of overdraft protection. Compass won't even let you opt out if you choose not to have it. I would rather the embarrassment of having my card rejected than being charged $300.00 for a $2 dollar mistake.

  • Sc
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    I have a business account with BBVA.

    A deposit that should have been made last Monday was not made until Tuesday.

    On Monday night, 50 checks hit my account that overdrew it by $266.00. (All of the checks except two were for under $50. There were two large checks.) Compass carged a $38 fee on 44 of the checks, for a total of $1672 on NSF fees on a $266 overdraft. When I made the deposit on Tuesday in person, they did NOT tell me about this. Thus, my account was overdrawn again. On Tueday night, more checks it. NONE of these checks would have overdrawn the account had they not carged me $1672 in NSF fees on a $266 overdraft. On Tuesday night, they charged me for another 29 checks @ $38 each. By the time I found out abotu it two days later, and transferred more money into the account, that had charge me $4, 978 in fees on a $266 overdraft.

  • Am
      11th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    BBVA Compass has gotten me 4 times in the past 2 days. It looks like NSF charges cover only 2 transactions but I am being charged per day. At $38 dollars a pop that is $152!!! I put money in to cover my error yesterday and they show taking out today $38 in NFS then $30 to cover a check which makes it go negative again and they charge another $38. Only I don't understand the $38 charge as I was positive on the account. What is going on with the bank? I had $55 in to cover the $30.

  • Jo
      11th of May, 2010
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    I last checked my account and I have $11 which is not a lot. I then notic that there was a pending charge of $9.74. I spent $4 on food and I went $2 under.. The next day they smack on 3 NSF charges.. Not 1.. 3 on the same day! I'm paying them $112 for a little $2 mistake!! I'm sorry but I can't stay in a bank like this.. I'm afraid I'll go from $100 to -$200 in a week without spending a dime.

  • Ph
      18th of May, 2010
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    I agree! I was charge over 26 INF chargers for 3 items. They held a deposite which would have covered my charges for 48.00. How can this be legal. What can we do...Help!

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