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BB&T / fees

1 Foxcroft Ave.Martinsburg, WV, United States Review updated:

I have not used my account in more than two years. I keep it open in case I got a job that required direct deposit. As of December 1, 2009 I had $0.56 in my account. Yesterday, I received a letter saying that my account was negative $35.44 which shocked me. I call my local branch and asked why I was overdrawn when I hadn't even used this account. She informed me that during the months of Dec and Jan when I called the customer service number on the back of my card and ACTUALLY talked a representative they charged be $2.00 PER phone call. They charged me $6.00 total in fees for the phone calls and THEN charges me $30 for an overdraft fee. I told her that this was complete ###. What kind of company charges their customers to speak to a live person through customer service!!!???!!!???!!! They told me that the overdraft fee might be waived but the phone fees I will have to pay. Yeah, Right. Sorry, this girl don't play nice when things like this happens. I am NOT paying ANYTHING to them because I feel what they did and do everyday is wrong. I will going to my local branch tomorrow and closing my account. PERIOD.

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  • Zo
      22nd of Dec, 2008
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    These people are ridiculous. I got a mysterious $8 maintenance fee on my statement, with no explanation after having an account for 4 years without this happening. SO I called and they told me it's because I didn't meet the $2500 that month. Nice, so they were going to keep charing me $8 until my savings account was empty? SO fine. I transferred funds into the account and the lady said everything was fine I shouldn't be fined next month. OF COURSE, I get next month's statement and another $8 fee, then I look at my balance which remained over 2500 since I put the money in. SO I call them again. I get put on hold 3 times and get told a supervisor will call me back because of course she can't figure out why I got charged. Of course, 5 hours later no supervisor has called me back. SO I get on the phone and call again. I explain everything to a very sweet woman. SHe tries to figure it out and is again perplexed. She finally claims it's because the average since last month is not over 2500 I got charged again. This sounds ridiculous to me. I said well I don't think I should pay this since your employees are lying to me. I asked the lady last month if I would be charged for this month and she said NO. She starts sputtering about talking to a supervisor puts me on hold where I get to listen about BB&T's values (YEAH RIGHT). Then they tell me they can't take maintenance fees off my account, I have to talk to my local branch. THEN WHY THE HELL HAVE I SPENT 30 MINUTES AND 2 PHONE CALLS DISCUSSING THIS WITH YOU PEOPLE! So she gives me the local number. I call them and get an earful of attitude. They start asking me if I've been writing checks from this account, I SAY NO (shouldn't they be able to tell if I've been writing checks from this account???) and that I called the 1800 number and they all said it was about the amount of money in the account. She says I'm going to have to call you back. YEAH I'll be holding my breath. Incompetence doesn't even begin to describe it.

  • Da
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson

  • Ha
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    Thanks to this website I am more prepared for the confrontation I will be having at BB&T tomorrow. I opened my accounts in Louisville, KY several years ago and never had a single incident. I have never overdrawn my account (until now in SC). BB&T holds every check I deposit including government checks. They have pulled out checks and left them sitting on the counter. They have charged overdraft fees when their holding of the deposit was the cause. Most recently, I made a deposit written by a local business. As usual, the deposit was held. Then today I pulled up my account and saw that they credited the deposit and PULLED it out again.

    I am not a rich person, but I do manage my finances responsibly. These practices are RIDICULOUS and hopefully illegal. I will join any group that is putting together a class action suit. You have my input and support. I do not plan to make another deposit with BB&T just to watch them sit on MY money interest free. I have another deposit to make this week. I intend to take this post to BB&T personally as well as to my NEW bank.

  • Bg
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    Charging a fee for service might seem unfair, but it's not "wrong."

  • Ja
      15th of May, 2011
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    The fee is for talking to their 24 hr 800 number customer service (never call that # to talk to someone unless you have an emergency... such as you lost your card/ checks) call the branches during working hours... its free ... yea... you have to look up their numbers on the website or google it... but in any case... its peferable because then if you need to follow up you can always go in and see that person face to face

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