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We have a current issue with BB&T that we'd like to share and it's pretty clear and simple that this is a case of a bank using illegal practices, resulting in fraud against the consumer.
Situation: We were going on vacation 3 days before Labor Day. We made a transfer from our Main account to our personal account on that day before we left to cover incidental charges. The main account has no debit card, the personal account does, which is what we use to spend for vacations. We initiate the charge before we even leave the house, so naturally this is before any specific charges are posted against this account. Each day we check the account to ensure we haven't forgotten to enter any charges into our check register, albeit we kept receipts and the like, just to triple check ourselves (we're careful to a fault like that.)

Upon our return home 5 days later, on a bank processing day, we realize we're in the hole to the tune of about $200 dollars. NO WAY we spent ourselves into a hole. We quickly check the account and immediately realize our pending transfer has DISAPPEARED. We make another transfer at this point because shoot, we're in the hole and there is a list of charges pending, all valid charges. We call BB&T and a representative advises us that this happens from time to time over long weekends such as a holiday weekend, simply so the money is not tied up for too long.

WTH?? If I make a transfer, you leave that transfer there until your bank can process it. Who gives you permission to undo what a customer wants to do, without notifying them? Nevertheless, he says it's no problem the money should appear within 24 to 48 hours, toppling the second transfer we made during our panic. Two days later when the initial transfer never shows, we call the bank again. A nice lady kindly explains that she doesn't know what that rep is talking about and that all she can do is refer it to a 2nd level representative, who should be able to resolve it within 24 to 48 hours.

Meanwhile, charges are still clearing and SOME come with overdraft fees, some don't. We ask, well why don't the other charges come with overdraft fees since they were all made around the same day, if what you're saying is true about our account having insufficient funding? I don't really know, she replies, and begins to spit out her customer service rhetoric again. I say: FRAUDULENT and UNETHICAL. If this doesn't get resolved, we're contacting a lawyer, the SEC and whomever else we can find to hear about this that can do something about it.

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  • Ja
      Mar 15, 2011

    The SEC is not the right agency to complain to. The FDIC has oversight on state chartered banks. You can Google the FDIC and file your complaint on line, which I have just recently done against BB&T and plan a second one on another matter this week.

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