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Bay Ridge Nissan Dealer / scam

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I will try to be as nice as possible, especially since I am furious.

My brother recently went to Bay Ridge Nissan dealer with a friend. He does not have much knowledge when it comes to purchasing a car period. His saleslady was Florence. She and the general Manager, I believe his name is Dimitry, played number games with my brother. They sold him a 2009 Nissan Sentra that was supposedly a Pre-owned certified car. The listed price was $13, 995 and when I checked on the internet a day after he told me he purchased a car from them. I quickly went on their website and checked out details of the car. On their website the car was not listed as Pre-owned certified and it says finance now at $9, 995.
Here is a list of their scam in this deal:
- Sold car at price of 10, 995 difference from internet price
- Told my brother the bank requires LoJack to be installed (who the heck installs a LOJack in a darn Nissan Sentra? This is not a BMW and NO, it is NOT requirement!! So do not let them talk you into getting LOJACK! You will have full coverage insurance that is all the bank should care about because if you car gets stolen and totally damaged the insurance will pay out the market value of the car.. So please do not fall for that)
- He was charged for preparation fees (prep WHAT?? a freakin used car? you don't charge prep fees)
- They talked my brother into getting extended warranty. People, extended warranty is a stupid scam to get more money out of you. You DO NOT need it. Never buy extended warranty or the extra insurance in case your car gets stolen or whatever it is. You don't need it.

I can't remember the other charges they tagged onto my brother's contract. Luckily, he put the 1300 down payment on his credit card. I told him to call up the credit card company right away and explain his situation stating that he got ripped off from the car dealer and would like to cancel deal and get his deposit back. The credit card company credited his account right away and put in the dispute.

When purchasing a car, if you are asked to put a down payment or deposit to hold a car, NEVER EVER put cash because if you feel you're getting ripped off and call them the next day to cancel, it is very HARD to get your cash back, but if you charge it you let your credit card company deal with them. It is easier. After the dealer gets your cash, that is the end of it. Kiss your money good bye because you will have to call cops to help you get your money back.

So not only did the final price come out close to 16k for a stupid Nissan Sentry which he could have gotten a used BMW or a nice used luxury car, the saleslady Florence and Dimitry got my brother to sign finance documents and bill of sale. They did not give him a copy of any of the documents he signed. So i asked Dimitry, "how do you expect him to register a damn car without information of the car if you don't give him the bill of sale?", He gives a deposit on the car, shouldn't he get a receipt for such a big purchase? Dimitry said, yeah Florence wrote the information on a piece of paper and gave it to him. Hmm.. Why would you write information on a plain piece of paper. It should be a bill of sale and everyone should get a copy of all documents they signed.

We told him my brother has no interest in taking possession of the car. Thankfully, my brother was stupid enough to sign papers but he didn't take possession of the car for some reason. I think it was because he needed to ask me questions about the insurance. So they keep calling and telling us that my brother has to come back and sign other documents if he doesn't want the car or else they will start charging him storage fees. Storage fees my a-- because the car was never registered, insured and he didn't get any legal documents from them and never made a payment on that car because he never went back for it.

So whatever you do, if you wish to buy a car at this dealer make sure you are smarter and one step ahead of them. Play number games with them if you want.

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      10th of Mar, 2011
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    I am going thru similar or almost similar problems with this dealer. I am going to sue but on top of that i am planning to turn to TV, radio, newpapers, mayor's office and every where i can register a complaint. I am looking for people who were scammed by this dealer and are willing to go public. These people should be out of business.

    Let me know if you are interested.

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