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Bay Area Credit Service


Fraud and scam

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 127 votes
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Contact information:
Bay Area Credit Service
1901 W 10th St
Antioch, California
United States
Phone: 866-471-9387
I fully agree that this "company" is a joke. They called my house 3 tmes in succession within 30 minutes. I informed them that I am well versed in the FDCPA ( Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and that what they are doing is in direct violation. And the guy just kept on taking. I then informed him that I was recording the telephone coversation ( in Texas it is not required that you inform anyone that you are recording the conversation when the call is made to a residence from a business.) Anyhow, I requested that they validate the debt with a statement or the final bill from their client. Needless to say that got me any further. So, I notified them in writing via fax and U.S. Postal that tey are to cease and desist from any further telephonic communication at any telephone number in my name. After being passed around from one fake American Name to another I finally told them they needed to read the FDCPA and learn how to use it.

I understand that these are highly educated people i very menial positions working for some blood sucking sump pump somewhere taking advantage of their family situation or whatever, but that gives them absolutely no right to think, believe that they can intimidate people into paying them any money.

We also found out that you can contact the company that they claim you have an account with. If that company still has record of the account, you can take care of the account with that company. What this does is cuts the collection agent out of the funds and you have this removed from your credit record and your account paid in full.

I actually have found it to be somewhat exhilerating exercise jousting with these agencies at times. It is really fun when you have the codes sitting right there in front of you and they can't dispute that you have busted them breaking the law.
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A  9th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Contact Hands-0n ventures LLC they own Bay area credit the owner is Par Chadha who bought the company in 2005- rick hunter was the President. they are located in Snata Monica California
A  1st of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just checked my credit report via truecredit (love it), anyhow, it had 1 account in collections, I was stunned. I am very up to date with my finances and have never had an account go into collections. So low and behold, the account in collections was Bay Area Credit Service here in the bay area, CA. I have lived here in the bay area for around 3 years now. So according to my credit report I owe 1700. Stemming from what? I never received any letter or phone calls regarding any account past due, ANY! I emailed this company tonight, we'll see what they say.
N  29th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
i called this so called collection agency after being harrassed for days by them. when i told them that they were listed as a fraudulent agency online they hung up on me. so what does that tell you?
whatever you do don't give these people any of you personal information.
D  4th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I called bay area credit on 08 / 03 / 09 @ aboout 2:13 pm eastern time and spoke with 3 different agents when transferred to an olga who was very rude and unpleasant. I was calling in reference to my father who is disabled who never rec'd a bill prior to receiving a statment from bay area credit. After requesting to speak with a manager about olga's customer service i was transferred to a manager by the name of michelle who was equally rude and felt olga's phone manner was appropiate when asked can olga be spoken too. Michelle continued to say that she agrees with the way her employee handles our phome conversation. I called back requesting to speak with a senior manager and spoke with tony scott who was heaven sent,. He handled our call and my issues gracefully and directed me to the appropiate person to speak with and advised me that the rudeness that was presented to mje would not be tolerated. He offered his apologies. Mr. Scott should be cloned 100 times over. Thanks again mr. Scott and my father thanks you as well.
N  25th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
So why doesn't Bay Area Credit Services get prosecuted? Their actions are clearly fraudulent. And the ones that get caught up in their scams are the likes of the elderly and others whom society should make more of an effort to protect.
N  15th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Get your facts straight. . . They are a collection agency. They are not to blame. . . They go by what the original creditor tells them they verified. If you haven't gotten any calls or letters think about this. . . Did you ever give them a number or address? Maybe they can't find a correct one for you. . All you have to do is call and verify if its your or maybe someone did id fraud with your info. Just call and find out. And if you don't wnt to give your social you don't have to. What you do is contact the credit bureaus and ask for a validation of the debt. . . Then they give you your full acct num and call bacs to give them that instead of a ss number. Its simple really just be calm and they will help you.
N  15th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
When you call an agent and yell at them of course they will hang up on you no one wants to deal with that. Also when a senior manager tells you that they will take care of an agents attitude they don't discipline them they just laugh it off. If you pay the original creditor the collection agency still gets that money. And it doesn't affect them either because bay are credit doesn't buy any collections.
A  31st of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I too have been harrassed by Bay Area Credit for a Ambulance bill for $532.00. I did pay the bill and now reading this site and understanding why I am having such a difficult time in getting my statement saying this acount has been paid because it is still showing on my credit as though it was not paid. I have made numerous calls speaking to many different reps at Bay Area Credit like; Walter who said he will fax me the letter and took my fax number down, Octavia, and another rep who I don't remember her name but was very unprofessional no customer service skill just down right rude, and they all said the same thing. He/She will send it out within 72 hours. So have maid a call today this morning speaking to a suppervior Janice and she varified my address and said she too will mail it out on Monday. Now I informed her about the Holiday on Tuesday Election Day so that should be Wednesday or Thursday again you see I'm waiting for this statement that seems to never go out. This company is a joke. If this company is for helping you then why aren't they sending out there letters per request like they should. All they are concerned about is getting the money and B/S you in getting your letter showing account pd in full and they still have not updated my credit report a year has passed and still showing unpaid. I keep good notes and I keep every statement given.
N  18th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
This company has been trying to contact the previous owner of our house. He does not live here, and has not for the past year and a half. They have been calling this long. I have asked over 15 times for them to delete our number, they say they do, and I still get calles from them. PLEASE help.
A  25th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been getting calls from them for a bill that a person with the same name as mine owes I asked them to remove my phone number from their records but they keep calling me
N  27th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
These idiotic people keep calling my number for a tenant that I have. I was told by "Mark" that my phone number would be deleted from their "do not call list" but guess what? I got another phone call this evening. Now that I've done my research, I can't WAIT for them to call my house again. Trust me, they don't want to mess with me. I'm sick of their attitude(s) and constant questions that I refuse to answer since the bill in question isn't about me. If my tenant does indeed owe money, then send a letter in the mail and stop harrassing me. The next phone call I get, I will inform them of harrassment charges that will be filed against them. I'm not kidding... this crap will stop. My tenant is so upset, he's freaked out because they won't tell him what the debt is originating from and frankly, I don't blame him. I am going to report these people to the BBB after I submit this.
D  8th of Mar, 2010 by    -9 Votes
there is sum thin knwn as settling a bill.be thankful 4 d reduxn u got on the bill n stop cryin lyk a baby...a collection agency dusnt collect as per what they like its according to what a client orders em 2 do..so be lucky not many people get settlements..collection agencies go cut their pockets to help u get over a bill which u dun have the capability of payin ...which was obvious as u didnt take care of the bill as soon as u gt the bill.so be thankful!!!
D  8th of Mar, 2010 by    -8 Votes
How abt opening a page where collectors can post their reviews about debtors???Have u ever thought abt the kind of racial discrimination, abususes, insults n unwanted crap that collectors take from debtors. . People need to get a lyf. . . Respect each other. . . If its a bill. . Its ur bill that u have to take care of. . . When people abuse collectors openly that they havent recivd a bill. . . Do they actually think they wanna pay it. . . Fact no. 1 - if sum1 really wanted to take care of the bill they wud have paid it when the first bill or correspondence is sent to them. . . And collexn agencies do send a bill to an account within 4 days of assignment. . Even if people dun get a bill its their debt and their responsibility to call and provide an address for a bill, which as usual never comes from their side. . . God wont send an e - mail stating. . Pls send a bill to that address. . . A debt is a debt and a person shud realize that he / she is in no position to make demands when thry owe something. . People are lunatics they kep askin for bills every week but cant afford to pay even a dollar on it. . . So collection agencies are generrous when it comes to sending bills coz they spend alot sending bills to thousands of people where the response is at a maximum of 15%
N  8th of Mar, 2010 by    -4 Votes
When it comes to wrong #. . . People dun even bother to help ver a # so that it can be taken of records. . . Its the other way round, where people abuse them and use profane language to get it of records without even helping a person identify a number to get it off records for their own benefit. . Even if it is a corrcet# people as usual lie that its a wrong#and pretend that its not them. . . When they hear the voice of a collector!!!
N  19th of Apr, 2010 by     Best Advice +7 Votes
This agency has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. Obviously the creep that keeps misspelling every other word in bold is a shill for the company.
D  27th of May, 2010 by    -3 Votes
Bay area credit service is a legitimate collection agency. How do you guys think they have been in this business for about moe than 20 years. Why should their collectors be blamed. Now they do thier job and do it as per the fdcpa. And for people who crib about not getting a bill its just a waste of time and more of an excuse for them not to pay the bill because obviously these guys dont have a single penny in thier pockets.
N  14th of Jun, 2010 by    +4 Votes
Sean- 5781- Charles,

You must bill collectors or work for this company or obviously you have never dealt with this agentcy they are rude and their word is not trustworthy.
Ihave dealt with other Collectors in the past but this company takes the cake and advatage at that.
There other ways to collect a debt without resorting to being nasty and unscrupulous.
You may think that this is some act of nature on their part and that they are deserving. Your Charity toward them is a joke Especially when the Ambulance company such as AMR charges $40 to $75.00 a mile depending on where you live and that's just for travel service not the cost of treating you.
So tell me oh compassionate ones who are the real crooks I know you know the answer. If we are all dead beats then its because the Ambulance companies forced people to be that way because of thier predatory charging.
People would be more willing to pay if their bill was more fair and affordable.
Go ahead and keep kissing thier [censor] with your comments. As for me I have had enough of them and their loan shark tactics they are not getting squat from me no longer
N  23rd of Jun, 2010 by    -3 Votes
This creep here is another one of those [censor] who cant pay their bills but just love to talk( Yap ! yap ! yap !.).So dude if you dont have the money to pay your bills atleast dont come here and post your s****y comments.So next time pay your debts first then talk abt Debt collectors or Debt Colection agencies.Cya losser !!!
N  23rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
This has all been very interesting. First of all, of you are going to post something accusatory and confrontational, it would be helpful to use correct English so people can actually understand what you are trying to say. Second, I just received a call from this company, but was unable to answer the phone, I know for a fact that I do not owe for anything. I have no credit cards, no mortgage, only utilities, rent and a car payment. Why this company is calling me is beyond me!
N  26th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
You ever heard of something called 'WRONG NUMBER'.What if your are calling a number for a particular person and you don't know its a wrong number, the person on the other side either abuses you or doesn't pick up the phone how would you feel? Only if the person once picks up the phone and a tells the other person that its a wrong number then wouldn't it be much easier than nt picking up the phone everytime and blaming the person who is calling him.So next time do that better than posting crap like this.

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