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Barton Publishing / Overcharging

1 PO Box 50, Brandon, SD 57005, Brandon, SD, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1 866 931 1680

I ordered an electronic PDF download of a report about suggested dietary regimes for curing acid reflux at a total cost of $17.00. I also added a couple of "free" offers as a part of the order. However, after submitting my credit card details, I received an email detailing my order which totaled $48.95 as it included a hard copy to be sent to my home as well as a "VIP" upgrade giving me access to the "free" reports. I had also ticked a box which offered 2 months free trial access to WellnessWatchersMD, a website relating to healthy living. The confirmatory email (from Barton Publishing) stated that I was now committed to a monthly subscription to this website unless I canceled it in 14 days, and that Wellness would email me with login details in order to do this. So far I haven't heard from Wellness.

Have emailed Barton Publishing and await their reply.


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  • Pe
      20th of Aug, 2008


    did the remedy work? I'm looking for some natural ways to pass my 3 kidney stones...


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  • Ma
      21st of Aug, 2008

    Did you ever receive a refund or response? I had the same experience except I was charged over $250.00 and sent a variety of herbs to my home. I am furious as I made careful attempts to be sure NOT to authorize anything but the $17.00 initial fee. I am prepared to file a small claim to get my money back and also write a complaint to the FTC. Curious if you or others are interested in joining the complaint. I never do things like this, but I am so offended by this companies bad business practices.

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  • Bo
      24th of Aug, 2008

    I strongly suggest you get onto your bank immediately re WellnessWatchersMD. In my opinion their practices amount to theft and should be stopped! Like you, I ordered a book from Barton Publishing, ticked no boxes and was still mysteriously signed up to WellnessWatchersMD's "free trial". How come they can do this when I've never even heard of WellnessWatchersMD never mind given them my credit card details. All I wanted was the book I ordered and paid for! I thought using your credit card through a secure server was safe - obviously not!

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  • La
      18th of Sep, 2008

    I contacted WellnessWatchersMD [protected] or 1-(800) 591-6383 (outside of the United States call 925-264-3166)Monday - Friday 9am-9pm eastern.

    Someone did answer the phone & so far they de-activated my account, they emailed me a confirmation that it has been de-activated.

    I too went to Barton Publishing to order an online downloadable Anti reflux remedy but they trap you into all these other offers. What they are doing FRAUDULENTLY is that when you press confirm/checkout most other online websites go through a 2-3step process where you check out, then it tallies up what you have purchased & you have the option to add & delete. Then you do a subtotal again then once you are ok with everything you can submit then your Credit card is processed. But Barton Publishing does not do that, they skip a couple of steps & without seeing any totals, or subtotals or any options for editing you already have confirmed & your shipment has been processed. THAT IS FRAUDULENT. I only wanted to buy $9.95 downloadable acid reflux report & somehow ended up with $59.95 worth of products, plus a free trial with WellnessWatchersMD's.

    I called my bank immediately & I am disputing this claim, I will pay for only $9.95 but nothing else. I contacted WellnessWatchersMD's, luckily I actually spoke to a real person & I hope it is not fake & they remove my details.

    Barton Publishing I have left voice messages & about 30emails to cancel my order & all my personal information. They have not responded & I have been waiting 3 days. I think they are a SCAM. Absolutely appalled they are doing this.

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  • St
      25th of Sep, 2008

    I too got scamed from them with their gout remedy cure, and their enrollment fees for with WellnessWatchersMD's( that I knew nothing about)
    Asked for a refund for the cure because it was all a scam. NONE OF IT WORKED. THEY GUARANTEED 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED. I've been waiting over a week for an answer about my refund. Nothing yet.. I will report them to the BBB in their state.

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  • Wi
      2nd of Oct, 2008

    This is a scam.
    Items are tagged on to your order without realizing it until it's too late.
    Warning to all: Don't do any business with this company!

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  • Ro
      8th of Oct, 2008

    Now I feel silly. I was just looking for a natural remedy and fell victim to the same scam. Wish something could be done to get scammers like this. I'd watch very carefully for other fraudulent charges on you card as well.

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  • Ge
      9th of Oct, 2008

    I just went through this whole SCAM routine with Barton and WellnesswatchersMD. Barton didn't tack anything extra onto my order with him, but he gave all my personal info including my credit card number to Wellness. Sure nuff they put a charge of $29.00 on my card. We caught it early and told the credit card company not to honor the charge. It was to be a monthly recurring charge for using their rip off website. If you don't check your credit card bills carefully you can run up a tidy sum with them. They fight like hell when you call them on it and both stick to their guns that you are obligated to pay because you didn't cancel within their self imposed 14 day time period. They didn't get away with it with me, but it was a fight. They think they can sell you anything simply by sending you an email and telling you they are going to do it. I have reported their ### to the FBI. You guys should do the same. They have a simple form to fill out on their webpage. Go to this webpage to make your report:
    I have also referred the FBI to this site to read you guy's comments on these jerks. Don't let the ### get away with it.

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  • Jo
      9th of Oct, 2008

    First of all, I'd like to reassure people that Barton Publishing is not defrauding or scamming people. We are forthright in our marketing, and anyone who reads the offer page for Wellness Watchers MD can easily choose NOT to sign up for it.

    We clearly tell people (not in small print - it's right out in the open) that if they choose to accept the 2 free bonus gifts of a $25 gift card (to Wal-mart or Target), and 14 days of a personal health consultant, they will later be billed $29.95 if they don't cancel within 14 days. We also provide the toll-free phone number up front: 1-(800) 591-6383 (outside of the United States call 925-264-3166)Monday - Friday 9am-9pm eastern.

    In addition to the clear writing on our website, they receive an email that restates what they agreed to. Then, Wellness Watchers MD contacts each new subscriber within 2 days with 1) a welcoming letter in the mail, 2) a welcoming email, and 3) a welcoming phone call.

    So the charge 14 days later should not come as a surprise.

    Unfortunately, some people don't bother reading what is clearly written on our website... and then later come to complaint boards online and express their frustration, despite our best efforts to remedy the situation.


    If you have ordered from us and would like a refund, please email support [at], or call 320-323-4331. We will reply to your message within 1-2 business days.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally at joe [at]

    Yours for excellent health,

    Joe Barton, CEO
    Barton Publishing Inc.

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  • Ge
      12th of Oct, 2008

    The article in defense of his Businesses Scam activities by Joey Barton, is a nice story, but there is very little truth in it and what it does say makes very little sense at all.
    First of all I received no WellnessWatchersMD offer sheet. Thus I did not sign up for it.
    I also did not receive an e-mail from Barton stating what I agreed to. I could not have since I had not agreed to anything. Why would Barton feel they needed to send me that email if I had already legitimately committed to the sale? All part of the SCAM

    I also did not receive any of the following: 1) a welcoming letter in the mail, 2) a welcoming email, and 3) a welcoming phone call. Makes no difference if I did or did not, they do not have the right to sell me something I did not specifically order regardless of how many times they “Welcome” me and I AM NOT OBLIGED TO EVEN READ THEIR SNAIL MAIL OR E-MAIL.

    I found the following in an Internet post relating to credit card fraud. It precisely describes what Barton and Wellness are doing:

    "Web Firms Sharing Credit Card Numbers
    Last night, we appeared in a DC Fox-5 (WTTG) investigative story exposing how web sites share credit card numbers with third parties and the third parties bill the credit cards for products the consumer didn't knowingly order. It's an old scam that's moved from telemarketers to the Internet"

    Sound Familiar?

    I just rechecked their website and found no mention of WellnessWatchers.MD. Even did a search. Perhaps they mean they tell you all about it when you order. I saw nothing when I made my order and even if I had seen something that fact does not constitute permission for them to order anything for me nor does it allow them to furnish my personal information to a third party so that the third party may use it to sell me their services. There was no response to my question to Barton as to where he got the authority or permission to peddle my personal information to a third party. Tough question to finesse huh Joey? They need a firm positive commitment from you in order to sell you anything. I found the following on my receipt from them on my legitimate e-book order only after I discovered the SCAM.

    " Gifts 1 FREE $25.00 Giftcard, FREE doctor's 0.00
    Advice Worth Over $149.00, and 2
    FREE Weeks of WellnessWatchersMD -
    Starting After 14 Day Free Trial
    it's just $29.95/MO. To stay
    Enrolled, billed by
    WellnessWatchersMD - For More Info

    I don’t recall seeing it at the time and would have ignored it if I had. During the order process itself I saw nothing pertaining to WellnessMD whatsoever. If it had been there I would definitely have rejected it given the opportunity.

    Anybody see anything in that receipt where I was given an opportunity to reject or accept the offer? I don’t even see an offer. About all it does is imply (and that is a stretch) that you will be given a choice.

    Anybody think that their printing of the above on your receipt gives them the right to peddle your personal information to a third party and order services you have not agreed to? Anybody see anything in there that says “You will be charged $29.95/mo after 14 days if you do not take action to cancel it”
    Anybody know of anything that requires you to read anything they may write on your receipt or in an e-mail? Or to even look at the receipt or e-mail? Anyone ever hear of a contract being legal if it is not signed? I received no notification of any kind, telephone or e-mail, having to do with this Wellness order. We do not talk to telemarketers making unsolicited calls to us. If it is an 800 number that we do not recognize, we simply reject the call. This, of course, is in order not to be bothered by all the SCAMMERS in that business. Barton and the Wellness people know full well that people do not read all the SPAM mail or e-mail that they receive and there is absolutely no requirement that they do so, yet they go ahead and charge you $29.95 per month on a recurring basis and hang their hat on the fact that you didn’t tell them not to. I don’t care if they called me a thousand times and e-mailed me a like number, they still do not have a legal right to make that sale. It is as simple as that. It takes two to enter into any contract, written or verbal.

    I dare say few of us would get much sleep if we felt that this was legal and that there may well be other companies with demands for sales hidden in our SPAM mail or SPAM e-mail..

    How, pray tell, can you tell them not to sell you the service when you have no idea that they are going to do it? Further, , even if you did get their e-mail, you do not have to respond to it. They cannot tell you they are going to sell you something unless you jump through some hoops they have erected in order not to be sold something that you neither ordered nor wanted. They also know full well that many people use SPAM filters on their e-mail as I do, and that those e-mails are directed to a Junk folder and later deleted unread. All e-mails from senders that are not on your approved senders list go to the junk folder. How many people would just happen to have a company such as on their approved senders list? Do you think that Barton and the Wellness people do not know this? Reputable companies DO NOT operate in this manner and anyone with any sense at all knows that.

    If Barton and WellnessWatchers.MD intended to be on the up and up, they would, in the Wellness Welcoming SPAM, offer you the opportunity to accept their order and give you a link where you could make the order yourself instead of selling you by forfeit. No good though from their perspective as it would cut the blazes out of their SCAM sales.

    Anybody see where Joey has addressed the question of the overcharging? Wouldn’t he have if there was a legitimate excuse for it? Probably just computer error, right Joey? Anybody think that a $250.00 charge on a $17.00 dollar order is just an inadvertent error? And what of all the others who were overcharged and didn’t catch it? Anybody think they got refunds? .

    Those of us who have posted here know full well that this is a SCAM. Joey’s response is simply to hoodwink other potential customers, simple as that. Don‘t fall for it folks and don’t let them get away with it either.

    Tell you what guys and gals, if Joey and Wellness can get away with this, we may all have stumbled onto a way to become fabulously wealthy. I live in Hawaii. I could create a website called “A Pictorial Vacation in Paradise.” I could fill it with beautiful scenic photos. I could then, by hook or crook, obtain a bunch of peoples personal information (names, e-mail addresses and especially their credit card numbers). Perhaps I could purchase them from another company, that I knew was in that kind of business, at a flat fee and a percentage of the profits on each. I would then send out an e-mail telling them all that they had been chosen to receive a 14 day FREE trial to the use of my website and that it would be only $29.95/mo thereafter unless they cancelled within the 14 days. I would of course in all fairness put up new photos on a regular basis. I mean we do not want to cheat our customers. The SPAM e-mails would go unread and the money would pour in. Sure, some might catch it and cancel within the 14 days, but if too many did I would simply change the trial period to 1 day. Why give the suckers a break, right? That probably would result in a 100% sales success. Anyone who complained would be told that yes, I would cancel their account, but that the first month charge of $29.95 would have to be paid since they had not cancelled in the required time. Sound familiar?

    Eureka guys and gals, we have finally found that perfect home business we have all been dreaming of!

    Check out the complaints of Barton’s buddies at here Really nice business partners to have..

    My purpose in going to all this trouble is to prevent others from being SCAMMED and to perhaps convince Barton and Wellness to change their ways. I am not in any business and am not competing with either of these companies. I’m just a 75 year old senior citizen who doesn’t like to get taken advantage of or see others cheated.

    Remember friends, it is our fault this has happened because we are too dumb to read all of our SPAM snail mail and SPAM e-mails.

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  • Da
      12th of Oct, 2008

    Earlier today I went ahead and ordered one of their reports, despite the comments here.

    -First, I was asked if I wanted to choose 3 more report for 19.95, which seemed like a good deal so I said yes.

    -Next, I was asked if I wanted a printed copy by mail - I only wanted the download PDF version, so I said no.

    -Lastly, I was presented with the Wellness trialoffer - with this you also got a 25.oo giftcard to target or walmart + a free phone consultation with a doctor from Wellness, but in order to get those 2 things you had to accept a 14-days of service for 29.95 billed later, seemed like a tempting offer, but I also said no to this. Not actually seeing any fault in this, as it is very common these days.

    My receipt indicated that I was only charged for the report I wanted and the 3 additional reports I wanted, so I didn't see any wrong doing by this company... Seems like they sell pretty inexpensive products so overall I have no beef.

    Oh yeah, because I had previously came to this board before ordering and was skeptical, I called them to ensure my order was A-ok, left a voicemail and was called back by a very nice young lady who assured me that everything was fine. My understanding of all it is that they are a rapidly growing company that gets 1000's of orders, perhaps daily (they have nearly 100 websites!), so just about every company that size is going to have errors and a few unsatisfied customers, but by no means does this reflect on the overall customer satisfaction (or at least I'm satisfied). The report was actually pretty awesome and I was impressed with the customer support.

    my 2 cents anyway - I'd say if you order to just read the offers and if you don't want them say no - kinda like they tell women to say to chant to men "No means No, No Means No" - or kids to stay off drugs "Just Say No"... My best guess is that complainers here probably accidentally said yes or didn't realize what they where say yes too - Golden Rule quoted by the smartest man I know, "Always think before you stink and if you smell don't blame others".

    Peace to the crease,


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  • Ge
      14th of Oct, 2008


    Despite your superior intellect, it appears you didn't fully comprehend what the above complainers were saying. They too, like you, thought their order was correct and were satisfied with it. They became disenchanted when the charges from Wellness showed up on their accounts after they too had said no or had not even been given an opportunity to say no like in my case. Do you really believe that people like the above, who are clever enough to seek out this method of complaining, are not capable of enough intelligence to "Just say no" to a very simple question? You also ignore the overcharging.. That cannot be explained by your superior intelligence and our stupidity. Also, if you were Barton and knew the the law would probably be coming around to check you out, wouldn't you clean up your act? Certainly you wouldn't continue with your scaming. activities.

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  • Ge
      14th of Oct, 2008

    One last post (I hope) on this Barton/Wellness SCAM.

    Barton is obviously working as an affiliate of WellnessWatchers.MD.

    Why don't they operate in the normal affiliate manner and give their speel on why WellnessWathersMD is worth $360.00 per year and then give you a URL link to Wellness, which would include Barton's affiliate identity so Barton would be credited with the sale?

    You, then, would be able to directly take action to order the services if you so desired and there would be no question whether you wanted it or not.

    The answer, of course, is darn few sales and less income for Barton/Wellness.

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  • Sa
      16th of Oct, 2008

    they told me they have sent me a full refund i look into my account yhis morning yes a rfund went in but then they have took it straight back its a scam where my refund?

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  • Jo
      16th of Oct, 2008


    A little over a week ago, we changed our Wellness Watchers MD offer page wording slightly, so it is now more clear. Some people were clicking the "Continue" button and not reading the text on the page, thus agreeing to the terms & conditions and privacy policy, as well as the trial-offer for Wellness Watchers.

    It now says "Choose below, Yes or No".

    It is technologically impossible to go through our order process and have WWMD added to your order unless you clicked that "Continue" or "Yes" button - so I strongly disagree with your allegations and assumptions.

    Again, if anyone has a problem with your order, if you want to cancel or need a refund with WWMD, you can contact their customer support here -

    We have taken drastic measures in the past week to improve the clarity of our sales process, and we hope you'll trust our integrity.

    We do not want a bad reputation, and if you read Dan's comments above, you will get a genuine feel for how we do business and treat our customers.

    Thank you, Dan!

    For excellent health,
    Joe Barton, CEO
    Barton Publishing Inc.

    p.s. Gerald, if you have any further comments, please email me directly to discuss before making false allegations and sharing your frustrations with the complaint board.

    p.p.s. Wellness Watchers MD provides an EXCELLENT value for a low monthly cost. It is like having a doctor on call and a health coach at your disposal, whenever you need it. With the rising costs of healthcare and the slumping economy, this is an excellent value for everyone who accepts this offer - and there is no risk to give it a try.

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  • Ge
      17th of Oct, 2008


    I hope you have gotten your refund situation straightened out, but if you haven't, call your credit card bank, tell them the story and tell them that you are disputing the charge and for them not to pay it.

    Which company is doing this to you? Barton or WellnessWatchersMD? Doesn't sound like something Barton would do, but Wellness certain would.

    Good luck.


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  • Ly
      18th of Oct, 2008

    It's nice to see all of these comments, but not one person said whether the reflux remedy worked? Anyone?

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  • Go
      18th of Oct, 2008

    Same complaint here in South Africa. Surely a seemingly astute businessman/health- concerned person like Mr Barton should know that his sales tactics and and fraudulent manner of overcharging customers is seriously flawed if not downright dishonest. I have sent an e-mail through to Barton publisher's. Failure to refund my money and stop further deductions, will mean that I will refer others to this site and the complaints therein related to this company, and comment aggressively on other sites to make others aware, not only of Barton Publisher's, but other similar money-seeking charlatans who prey on unsuspecting individuals. We are made to believe that dealing on the internet in money matters is safe and reliable. Obviously this is not so. Our faith in the cyber world has been given a heavy blow. We hope that by dealing with Mr Barton and his ilk our faith will be restored.
    p.s. I am not convinced by Mr barton's attempts to redress the situation. There are far too many complaints to ascribe it to customer ignorance or technological glitches.

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  • Ge
      18th of Oct, 2008

    Hi Goosain,

    Thanks for backing me Goosain. I was beginning to feel like the lone ranger on here. Stay tuned. More to come.



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  • Mi
      18th of Oct, 2008

    Martin, Steve, Gerald, Samantha, Dan or Lara,

    Like Jerry I would like to know if Barton's reports are worth the money or better yet "cure" your heartburn problem.

    I'm lucky enough to have a good bank. One phone call and any phony or scam charges are instantly removed from my bank account and the merchant VISA account number associated with the scammer is forever blocked against my account (at no charge to me from my bank). Believe me if do decide to buy one of Barton's reports I will be checking my account immediately and ready speed dial to my bank.

    Sure would like some good news. I've used all of the over-the-counter and prescribed medicines Barton mentions in their online ad. I just need/want relief. If a couple of you can give the thumbs up it would be great.

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