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Glasgow, KY, United States

To whoever this may concern,

There has been a delay in sending this as I have been busy getting back into a routine since coming back from Mexico. I was to raise my concerns and also a complaint regarding the misinformation and false hope that your company are giving your customers. My boyfriend and I booked our first holiday and first trip to Mexico staying in the Rui Cancunb hotel. We paid, as you will be fully aware of, a lot of money to go to Mexico on the 20th of September. On our first day, we were given room number 100, with the view of a tree trunk, and a balcony smaller than I've ever been in any hotel in my life never mind a 5 star. This balcony wasn't ever half as wide as the other balcony's in Riu Cancun, it was shocking. I have attached pictures of this. When booking this holiday with you I was shown pictures of my room and the view I was supposed to be having and continuously reminder of the view i would be waking up to as you were selling this holiday to me. There was also a bunch of other people we met who had experienced the exact same thing. The reps also made us aware that this is a constant issue they have as you fail to tell us that there is a possibility we may not get the room shown to us or even close to it and promise everyone these sea view rooms which is absolutely disgusting. This caused a lot of stress and upset on the first day of our holiday, resulting in us arguing because of how raging we both were which is not how I planned our first holiday together and set it off in a horrible way. We then had to go to the reception and go through a lengthy process to get this room changed, almost needing to pay an additional charge however were let off with just paying a tip which we shouldn't have had to in the first place. This wasn't done until the following day resulting in us both having to repack our cases and hang around for this new room which also put a dampener on our second day. I think this is an absolutely disgusting way to treat your customers and it is definitely something I will remember in future as I usually book every holiday through Barrhead Travel.

Gutted and shocked that you feel this is an acceptable way to sell a holiday to someone, wouldn't have paid £300 for that room never mind around about £3500.

The holiday was booked under the name Craig McMahon.

Yours sincerely

Barrhead Travel Service
Barrhead Travel Service

Oct 16, 2018

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