Barrhead Travel Service / hotel we are booked into

Falkirk, Scotland, Central, United Kingdom

I had booked my honeymoon with barrhead travel in Falkirk. When we had booked the hotel we had picked out the grand oasis sens in Cancun Mexico. This was lovely when the travel agent was showing us online and she explained this was an amazing hotel which she has not had a bad word about. 2 or so weeks after we booked the hotel something wasn't right in our guts and we decided to check it out once again. Only when checking on the website and having a detailed read through the website we discovered this was a swingers hotel. I had emailed our travel agent who was dealing with this and explained what we had found. Not even an apology or anything. We got told there was not alot they could do to change the holiday for us apart from 3 hotels, which for Mexico were ridiculous and especially when it is our honeymoon. They did not care where they were putting us. We got 3 choices of hotels to change to which as I stated above were horrible. We got told to change operator from Thomas cook to Thomson for a better hotel we would loose our £500 deposit which we have already paid. Which is ridiculous when it was not our fault for a travel agent of that experience not pointing out what kind of hotel this was. We have always went to barrhead travel to book our holidays which I have never had a bit of trouble before. Now this is our honeymoon supposed to be a magical experience is turning into a nightmare!. I am so stressed about this as we are supposed to be flying on 25th december this year 2017 but we still don't have something sorted for this. I will be going to social media and the papers if this doesn't get resolved. This is not the experience you are supposed to have when booking your honeymoon!

May 14, 2017

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