Barrhead Travel Servicecancellation of holiday by company

Good evening.
I had booked a holiday through Barrhead travel for a holiday to New York on 17th January direct from Inverness return. The deposit was paid as appropriate with the remainder paid 12 weeks prior to departure date. We received 2 letter reminders from the company about the remainder payment within the agreed period and this was paid in full as requested. Following this I e mailed the travel team to request specific flight details and timings as these had not been provided.
I called the office to enquire to this and was passed to the manager who was " dealing with my case". He informed me that unfortunately the holiday had been cancelled several weeks prior. He stated that we we informed by letter, e mail and mobile phone.
This was a complete and devastating blow to us as we had NEVER been informed of this and would never had progressed to full payment if there were any truth in receiving any correspondence. I can categorically say that no correspondence was received from Barrhead travel on any occasion.
I re iterated that the payment team had managed to contact me successfully via letter twice in a matter of weeks requesting full payment and had any correspondence been received payment would have not progressed.
There was no initial rectifying of the situation as the manager wished to investigate this with the individual who sold us the holiday.
He informed me that he would contact me the next day with an outcome.
I phoned the next day to be told that the manager was off. Again this was upsetting and exceptionally stressful as we did not know if the holiday was to be honoured.
The following day to this I phone Barrhead again and was told that the agent was trying to find me another holiday and would phone when he had further information. I did manage to speak to the agent and made clear how much stress this had caused and the upset that came with this.
He did phone later that afternoon with an alternative hotel and options for flights. Due to alternative direct flight times we had to choose indirect flights meaning extra travel for us.
I am not happy with the distinct lack of attempt to communicate the holiday cancellation and certainly lack of offering immediate choice of alternatives when Barrhead one this was cancelled.
I do not accept that letters were sent or e mails as any correspondence received would have stopped me progressing to full payment.
Had I myself not contacted Barrhead travel we would still, today, have had no correspondence to inform us.

I am requesting that you either offer a financial compensatory offer or a room upgrade to appease the uneccessary distress that was caused.

Karen Milne and Michael Ure

Dec 11, 2018

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