Barclays BankExcessive harassment

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I overdrew by account ten pounds 5 pence and Barclays levied three 20 pounds charges. After discussion they withdrew one of the charges. I credited ten pounds to the account leaving only unjustified bank charges. I still couldn't abide Barclays theft from my account and stopped using the account. One year later Barclays levies more interest payments and charges taking it to one hundred pounds overdrawn. I then got threatening letters and phone calls. I've since had over 30 letters and 50 phone calls sometimes one a day. Often they'd call 9am on Saturday waking me up. I explained numerous times but to deaf ears and they still didn't get it. Hell would freeze over before I gave them the money they tried to steal from me. I wonder if the shareholders of this bank know how much money they've wasted chasing this debt which wasn't valid, justified or reasonable. Their call center approach is just for harassment. If a genuine Barclays employee had called me I would have made them understand that chasing this debt would just burn their blood and waste their money.

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  • Pa
      Jan 12, 2010

    THIS is harassment

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