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Barclaycard / Harassment from collection agents

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I am customer of Barclaycard and paid all the credit card dues on time. To my surprise, I got a SMS from Barclaycard on June 20th, saying I have crossed the credit limit and suggested me to pay the amount immediately. I immediately called up the customer care department of the Card and clarified that I have not done any transaction during that month and no dues are pending from me.

As per Barclayscard, in June 19th there were transactions worth Rs. 1, 55, 666.38 ( including Bank charges) where my credit limit was Rs. 1, 50, 000/-. Fact is none of these transactions were done by me and I do not have any clue on merchant mentioned by the Bank. Those transactions were foreign currency transactions and I was very much in India on that day.

I have called up Barclaycard many times and checked the status of these fraud transactions. They have informed me that they are inquiring about the incident and requested me to send a mail / letter to their Bank, which I have done. Also send them a mail and letter requesting them to cancel my card account since they do not have any security system in place to stop fraud transactions.

Now I am getting harassed by Barclaycard collection agents for making payment as per the statement. I am getting around 6 calls and SMS's from the Bank / Collection Agent. I have informed Bank about these calls and checked the status about fraud transactions. Inquiry is still going on and they do not have any update till now. Since I do not have any other dues with Card, I am not making any payment.

Request your help to stop these harassments from Barclaycard. Do I need to make a Police complaint against Barclaycard? Also request your suggestions to handle these kind of issues.

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  • Ga
      10th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Any one who holds the Barkley card appears to me a dumb fool and an idiot beyond match. This, Barclay Bank, is the worst Bank I have ever come across. My observations are as under:

    1. They don't keep any information about there agents, and don't even verify their credentials. They have no control on their employees, what they say and what they sell. I came across two agents of bank who promised a Wrist Watch with this card, only to learn that no such offer exists. Later when I complaint to the Bank, they say they don't know about these agents, they were not surprised and never considered it important to cross-check. I personally know atleast 250 such persons who were trapped by this bank. Definitely it was a ploy to increase banks customer base.

    2. They will send billing information at several places- your email, sms, and hard-copy. Some times they won't send it at all places and thus will delibrately confuse you and charge you with late payment fees. This is the way they make money for their bank.

    3. Worst customer care department I have ever come across. They have placed foolish and ignorant persons at help desk.

    4. Worst Organisational setup. There customer care department, marketing and sales department, bill generation department, etc. do not have any communication across themselves. I have been offered half-a-dozen cards even though I have a card of this bank. And those who call appear so blank that I have card. When they ask for my bill payments, and when I enquire about my complaints, they again start appearing like foolish ducks. They don't keep track of your earlier emails and each time ask for email confirmation.

    5. Delibrately use fake email address to respond. They will respond from some fake email address belonging to, that is no where linked with Barclays.

    6. They call at my cell-phone requesting for payments of someone else.

    And so I say that any one who holds the Barkley card appears to be dumb fool and an idiot beyond match.

  • Su
      2nd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    if you are a responsible person you would not need to contact your creditors. the fees and or charges are most likly things you have caused yourself and are unwilling to accept the issues you have brought on yourself.I am sorry I am old but have never had a creditor call me and have held 3 barclay cards myself for many many years. grow up and be responsible. sounds like you are playing the blame game, Barclay has very compitant employees.Unfortunatley they have to deal with people like you all day everyday.

  • Ra
      14th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    fraud bank not good reputation

  • Sa
      14th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am sick of the Barclay card collection department. They have no ethics in business. They say one thing and do the other. Every month i pay the money through drop box. They do not collect the cheque on time and add late payment fee. In this way they have made over limit charges . Several STD calls i have to make every day. But no use. They keep disturbing ever day for the payment. Recently i complaint the customer care (Case No. 5362682) They said you inform the collection center with this reference number. Most surprising fact is that the credit card department cannot communicate with the collection department. I tried to contact senior officials . But they do not reply. Just sitting behind curtains. Most idiotic Bank I have ever seen. I want to close my account, but they are not helping me.
    If any responsible person happens to read this, please help me. I will be very greatful to you.

  • Re
      26th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I accumulated over 111000 miles on my barclaycard arrival card account. worth at least $1110 if redeemed for travel related purchases. the Bank decided that giving 2.2% on all purchases is to custy to them, so they closed my account and stole my rewards.

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