Barclay Card / Closing account

Union City California, United States

I closed my credit card with barclay because I was consolidating my credit and they had a high APR 19.5%, I even tried to talk them to lower the APR but that was a fail. So after paying off my debt, I used the app and after making the payment in full the first time I did not get a confirmation number or email so of course I try to do it again just to make sure it went through and I finally got a confirmation of my payment. Fast forward two business days later, I now had two transactions of $1, 089 taken out of my bank account. After I noticed it I call the number on the back of the card and explain to them there was a mistake and now my closed account is at -$1, 089 meaning they owe me obviously. I ask the customer service lady to reverse the transaction because it's Friday and I'm going on Vacation on Tuesday. No, they don't have the capability of doing that and they are going to have to send me a check which will take 7-10 business days. Meaning I'm not going to have $1, 089 available. After spending sometime furious and upset speaking with the supervisor and everyone else I come to terms with it and say ok ill deal with it when I get back from vacation. Fast forward again 7 days later, I left on Tuesday for vacation and came back on Tuesday to find NO check in my mail. After calling yet again the lady tells me it has been processed on March 28th Friday, then finally processed on April 3rd, then from April 3rd it takes 5-7 business days which means I won't get it for another God Damn Few business days. Don't ever NEVER will do business with Barclay Cards or Banks again. Lost a customer and all my family and friends!

Apr 8, 2014

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