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My name is Harold Leonard i have a long term care insurance with you my policy is [protected], i am 81 years old i hardly can hear, i am starting to forget after i fell off the leater, and now the best places that took good care of my wife and me this woman she say her name is Lanet Henry and i was told mt the facility this is her number [protected], she say she is an investigator for banker life, she can be or not i don' t care, bankers life owe me money for back in 2015, 2016 never got it, and i have send in a bill one of those papers and now she is harassing the facility, the bankers life owe me close to 65k for the nursing home they never pay me but i still pay the premium, the facility told me i need to reimburse the $21, 400k back just for assisiting living sake i am a veteran for god sake, do you have any respect See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX. this woman from facility Laura put it on the speaker loud so i can hear how rude and mean she is, some respect for elders, and in the state of texas i ahve rights i dont have to ask permision to what i am doing, i am my own decision maker, so i dont have to tell her or anybody nothing, nor the facilty, so what if i forget, so what if my wife died and i want to keep her alife, when i sent the bills that they own me yes it makes me feel she is still alive, so its a none stop with this bankers life, they dont pay then they harras you and treathen you when will someone do soemthing about it, for how much people pay them and they have no feeling for soemone sick or me that i am a vet and old

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Dec 11, 2018

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