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Bank Of America / poor customer service

1 CAMBRIAN BRANCHSan Jose, CA, United States Review updated:

Bank of america - cambrian branch

Today I went to b of a cambrian branch, san jose, ca, to get travelers checks I need for my vacation.

I stood in two lines only to be told the bank did not have travelers checks except for 1k amount.???

The rest were on route???

This is very poor service.

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  • Da
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    I had an experience today at Bank of America that I will never forget. The embarrassment and humiliation is completely uncalled for! I DO NOT hold an account with Bank of America so I suck it up and pay their 6.00 fee for cashing my payroll check. When I arrived there was 1 person in line. I, on the other hand had to stand in a different line for non account holders. Well, let me tell you, I was in line for 15 minutes. As people were coming in and out of the bank I just stood there like a dummy. At least thats how I felt. They refused to wait on me. I finally piped up and asked if there was anyone there to assist non account holders. They never even looked at me. Just completely ignored me. A woman from the back came out and stated that their account holders come first and I will not be waited on until the bank is cleared. As people keep walking in. I mean, honestly, have you ever been in a bank that was empty. Heres the kicker...they then asked me if I wanted to open an account. Are you kidding me? You just treated me as if I was the lowest ### on the face of the earth and you ask me if I want an account? Why on earth would anybody want to open an account after being treated like that is beyond me. I will be letting my boss know about their behavior and demand that he close his accounts. I am sure he would not like his employees treated this way by his own bank.

  • An
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    omg! i totally understand you. Bank of America is the worst. I have 2 children under 2. I went to the drive thru window to cash my payroll check which is drawn from BOA. I figure drive the xtra mile so i dont have to lug 2 kids int he rain, rather then goin to my regualr check casher. I was told that i would have to go into the bank. I explained i have 2 kids and its pouring outside, she didnt care much. I know its not the teller's fault. But she did have the nerve to ask if i wanted to open an account also. UNREAL. I hope that god awful place goes under. How do u expect to pull customers with awful customer service.? I have told everyone i know about my experience with them, and most have had similar issues, a few deal with them or shall i say dealt with them as a bank but no longer do, due to unusally high fee's and aggrivation.

  • Ju
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    Bank of America's lending practices have become ridiculous. Not only do they not return phone calls or emails, they have no respect for closing dates and have caused me to lose my deposit of $12, 000.00 but not closing according to the real estate contract. They were rude and I will never, ever, ever do business with them again.

  • To
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    I have a home loan with Countrywide, who have now consolidated with Bank of America. Bank of America has absolutely the worst Customer Service that I have seen in my lifetime. (and I have seen some bad service.) I took TWO days before someone at Bank of America gave me the right phone number just to get a simple question answered about my home loan insurance. I was transfered soo many times and I was repeatedly given the wrong numbers to the area that I needed. I don't know how that they stay in business with that kind of awful service. If anybody is looking to get a home loan, I will advise you not to go through Bank of America. You will be sorry. They want you to make your payments every month on time, but when you need them, you will get nothing but the run around!

  • Go
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    Bank of America is not professional about handling their "making home affordable plan", I have applied twice and no answer. I may be on the streets if I don't come up with 9000.00. I am a disabled veteran and this is the thanks I get for serving my country.

  • Ns
      26th of May, 2010
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    I am canceling my mortgage application with BOA. I am bewildered. I am not sure who to blame for the lack of response and communication concerning this loan. I went with BOA because I expected great communication and service. Before I applied, I ask Colleen Mitchell (loan officer) a question...Will my loan be approved and ready for closing by 5/14/10. This was in February. She said that it would not be a problem.

    A week and some days had gone by and there was no response. I called and left messages. No response until the end of that week. She says that she needs the contract before she can start on anything, even though I had sent my information to her. Why did she not tell my Realtor and I this? My Realtor sent her the information. Guess what? My information is still not submitted/inputted into the system. Finally Sheila Melendez (her assistant) did it. Thank God for that.

    I am still calling and emailing Colleen only to find out through another person that she no longer works for BOA. There goes another week. After a while I was contacted by Zoila with information that I needed to send/fax. I did just that by the end of the day (I thought). If I forgot to send something or I forgot to sign a letter, just pick up the phone and tell me or send an email saying...Hey, I got the letter but it is not signed. That is simple.

    I feel as if I am so alone on this deal. I am trying to make it work but I am in a tunnel listening to my echo. I know that they are busy and have other loans to process. I know that my loan is not much money ($19, 200) at all compared to other home loans. I know that some things are probably out of their hands. But communicate with me. If I send an email, it is OK and your responsibility to respond or get someone to do so.

    I have been down this road before with the other closing that I completely gave up on that took 5 months to close. I can not go through this again. I thought that by coming to BOA their processes would be more efficient and the communication would be better. I have been a customer with them since 1999 and I will say that I am saddened at the way this has turned out.

    I have given the documents that you requested "online" quickly and orderly. I know that most people do not do what I have done. Does BOA realize that the news has published that you are the worst bank in the country for customer service? You had an opportunity to prove them wrong...with me. Do not think that this is easy for me.

    I am loosing $1340 of my hard earned money. You have taken $535 for an appraisal and $35 for a credit report from me (upfront). I had to pay $300 for a survey and my $500 earnest money is gone also. That hurts.

  • Ni
      12th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I wanted to contact BOA in reference to a loan this morning at 8AM.

    After waiting on hold and being transferred several times I was redirected to a different phone number where they would be able to help me.

    8:50 I called the new number and waited on hold for only 10 minutes but then was quickly dismissed to an entirely different phone number where they assured me they would be able to help me now.

    915 After a short hold I was greeted by a friendly BOA employee who was quite frustrated and said "I don't know why they gave you this number" and I finally was given the correct number

    9:00 I called the number and was told by the recording they would assist me as soon as possible. I waited and about 15 minutes later the music went away, I just sat there for 2 minutes, then I started saying "HELLO" a couple of clicks and I get this young girl barley able to speak she is laughing so hard, I explain why I'm calling and she promptly transfers me to customer service. 9:20 A gentleman in customer service allows me to explain my loan request and then says "Here, Let me give you this number” I am getting upset now! I let him know how upsetting this has been and how unprofessional the gal was who transferred me to him, he apologized and said this number he is giving me is the correct number, this will go directly to the loan officers that will help me. I say thank you and apologize for venting on him.

    9:45 I call the new number directly the loan officers and I am immediately put on hold, "please stay on the line, we will return to assist you as soon as possible” It changes back and forth between "please stay on the line, we will return to assist you momentarily"

    It is currently 11:30 and I am still WAITING!!! The music and recordings continue...

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