Bank Of America / poor service

Murphy, TX, United States

My wife and I recently went to the Bank of America branch in Murphy, TX on FM 544. I want to file a formal complaint against the Assistant manager, Anayeli Cigarroa, and the branch manager. They refused to provide quality customer service and were both quite rude. Anayeli Cigarroa is apparently prejudiced against white people. She told me “white trash men like you have no class.”
I had a check drawn directly from my TDAmeritrade account and she refused to make the call to verify the funds. Her supervisor, the Branch manager also refused to release the hold on my funds. Then she looked at me and coldly asked “Why do you need the funds?” I told her it was none of her business what I needed to use my own money for.
The Branch manager told my wife to shut up or he would not release the hold. Then they asked me again what the money was for. Their behavior was rude and inappropriate. I am a high asset customer who will likely take my business elsewhere. I also intend to tell this story to a friend in the media.

Sep 23, 2014

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