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This banks steals hard earn money. ie I had 175.00 and some change in my account, there was 3 little pending charges leaving 145.00 and some change, that night the 3 little charges should have cleared but a check for 165.00 came in so Bank of America choose to pay the check first causing 3 NFS charges instead of 1 NFS charge.
Just read that there was a class action lawsuit regarding this kind of stuff with Bank of America. but it ended back in May of 2009 but obviously it hasn't stopped them. There still robbing there customers.

I have also been reading on Bank of America complaint this happens quite a bit. Same thing with me not knowing where to turn to get this kind of business stopped.

Can you do anything about

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      Apr 21, 2010

    If the 'Bank Of America' "ANY Bank" would use a simple electronic TIME STAMP--(for date and Time) NFS charges would decrease dramatically.

    In this age of technology--All I'm asking for is "REAL TIME" Transaction Postings.
    And "YES!" Granny--they PAID all the "Lessor" Charges First (IN SPITE OF THE TRUE DATE AND TIME POSTING) which is WHY you're being Evicted!

    There are a few occasions i.e. this week--I used my Bank Card to pay StraightTalk WHICH POSTED TO MY ACCOUNT ON APRIL 17th for $91.00.

    In the middle of the night the payment "disappeared" and lost it's "Place" (Time and date)...
    On the night (between the 18th and 19th) this $91.00 charge "reappeared" with a cute "triggered for NSF fee" in the log listing--ALONG with two (2) much smaller transactions.
    I immediately got online (early morning on the 20th) and deposited $196.00--COVERING ALL CHARGES plus.

    Fortunately, I'm on Social Security Disability--so I handed my DAILY LOGS for my NSF charges totaling $105.00 to Uncle Sam.

    Ironically about 90% of NSF victims are NOT intentionally "writing 'BAD' checks."

    And set your Alarm clock for 2-3am EST and run another one.

    Hey Banker?! Ever heard the expression "First in First OUT?!"
    Until Banks are forced to put a REAL TRUE 'TIME STAMP' on a Posted transaction (electronically.)
    As Marie Antoinette might say: "Well Let them live their 'Surprises' Day by Day!"

    You can fool some of the people some of the time. BUT...

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