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told me to give all my information from my chk& sav account along with my name address and number for me and my bank also a swift code in promise that 10.3 million dollars will be transfered to my account...


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      Sep 28, 2009

    I agree. A friend I know received a loan mod from them. He and his wife were quoted a price to pay each month for three months as a trial basis. At the end of three months they payed early and promptly and called to find out what would happen next. They were told they overpaid monthly by $600.00 dollars and the plan had been changed!! Well they were happy the payment was lower then what they paid. It seems the Hop foundation was on a conference call with them and heard BOA quote this price and deal. Imagine how these people felt when they were told it was changed and they did not abide by the new changes that no one notified them of ! Now they were disqualified! I have asked them to call an attorney so they could actually sue BOA. How do you agree and then change it without sending written notice return receipt? BOA took money for bailouts to help the consumer and yet less than 7% of their default customers have been helped! Return the bail out funds and allow some agency to help people such as these. Project Hope would be the ideal candidate. Let BOA go to the dogs and the CEO work at Burger King!

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