Bank Of America Mortgage / fraud / credit tampering

Simi Valley, CA, United States

We gave back our house in Sept. 2008 rec'd our Deed of Lieu in 2012 when Bank of America sold the house to a Bank in New York in Feb. 2012 never telling us of the sale; we found out when we went to Kingman, AZ, treasury's office and paid for the copy showing the house was sold. We each filed an 1099C in 2012 with the IRS. We have made several attempts to have them remove the $179, 713.00 amount from our credit reports as they do not own the house, NOR do we owe them money. One time we were told to just get an attorney and sue, knowing their deep pockets and Government backing will allow them to commit these ILLEGAL acts and get away with it. We are convinced there are many if not millions out there Bank of America have done this too! By still being on our Credit Reports for money NOT owed to them they have ruined are Credit and Reputations, Characters as I can not find a job even with an University Degree because of my credit, and Kathy who is Disabled can not get a vehicle that can carry her chair/scooter so she can go to the Doctors, and other places. We also fell that they have done this as a HATE CRIME toward us as we have turned them in to you which turned into a Class-action Law Suit involving several states. Sincerely, GloryaJane Ryan & Kathy A. Blakeman.

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