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Bank Of America / horrible customer service and unfair treatment.

1 408 Richardson Drive, Apt. D, 99505Fort Richardson, AK, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 407-718-4130

I recently moved to Alaska to help my aunt out with her three children and house while her husband was shipped over to Iraq for a third tour of duty. With that came the process of changing my address, my billings addresses, and so forth. Fortunetly, I was relieved I could still keep my bank, seeing as how Alaska is one of the fifty states. I was incorrect in this assumption.

I called to ask for postage-paid deposit slips and envelopes, and a representative assured me they'd be here in 10 business days. When I checked my mail, I had deposit slips, but no envelopes. I called in to inquire why I didn't receive any, but was told I would have to enroll in "Bank by mail". So I was transfered departments and waited a good thirty minutes on hold. When I spoke to another rep. I was informed that was only available for customers in California. I asked for a supervisor. When I spoke to one, he let me know that at this time it wasn't available for Alaska, and I would have to pay for stamps and envelopes, but maybe I would be able to get reimbursed for that amount. He advised I called Customer Care tomorrow. So I called and immediately asked for a supervisor. That supervisor informed me that Bank by mail is no longer offered anywhere, and I would not get reimbursed. I asked for his supervisor. After more outrageous hold time, i spoke to another supervisor who told me the same thing. I asked for Her supervisor, she informed me that her supervisor was busy, but as soon as he was free, I would get a call back later that day.

Surprisingly, I received no phone call. the next day was Sunday, followed by presidents day, So finally on tuesday, I called back and asked for a supervisor. Then their supervisor. Meanwhile, waisting more time on hold and getting different stories from each represenative of the company. By this time, I am upset, and I spoke to a supervisor named Louisa who informed me that I could not get postage paid envelopes and would have to buy stamps to deposit money into MY ACCOUNT, because there is no Bank of America in Alaska. She wanted to check with the military branch (my aunt and many neighbors have military accounts in which they receive postage paid envelopes) and the bank by mail branch, and said she would call me later today or tomorrow. Once again, I did not receive a call.

Luckily, I had her ext. so I called customer service again, gave them the ext. and asked to be connected. After more hold time, she came on the line and informed me that "Bank of america has not forgotten about me" and that she did some research and found out that they no longer offer postage paid envelopes to ANYONE.

After all my time wasted, many broken promises, dealing with representatives that had attitudes and ones that gave false information, I was fed up. I then realized I am going to have to switch banks.

I urge anyone who doesnt want to be treated like a small, meak, and FORGOTTEN individual to STAY AWAY FROM BANK OF AMERICA, which will not serve all americans in all fifty states like they should.

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      16th of Sep, 2008
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    Bank of America is a business, and can decide where they provide service (or not). Everyone is also aware that you can speak with five reps from any company and get four different policy answers. Just because they have "America" in the name does not mean BOA must subsidize communications throughout the continent.

    I am a customer, use Bank by Mail, I endorse checks, write my own label on a #10 envelope and buy my own postage. Please ... stop whining, hang up the phone, look for a pen and buy a stamp: Bank of America, PO Box 31900, Tampa, FL 33631-3900.

    I hope your aunt´s husband arrives home safely.

  • Da
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    BOA informed me through online customer service mail that postpaid envelopes are available (I don't know if it is true, just that that is what they said): "As per your request, we have ordered Bank by Mail envelopes. There is no fee associated with this request. Please allow up three to five days for delivery through the US Mail." (3/13/09).

    However, it was not clear from their answer whether the Tampa address is valid for all types of accounts registered in all States.

    I think the waiting you had to do to get simple answers is atrocious. Also, I think any bank ought to support depositing checks by mail no matter where you are in the world. Post-paid envelopes are a convenience, but I can understand that a bank might not want to offer them in these tough times.

    David Spector

  • Ha
      6th of May, 2009
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    This bank is not about custoemrs. Many issues with them to even put down. I left. But continue to file formal complaints. remember now they have LOTS of TAX payers dollars and dont want to help even more. My son is now having issues so he is leaving too. But yes he will be filling a cmplaint to get his issue resolved. Not customer friendly anymore... REMEMBER its your money they are living off of. Maybe it is time to aks them to Pay up...

  • Rh
      30th of Aug, 2013
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    I have had a horrible experience with B of A and I will recommend to everyone I know to pull out. They have terrible customer service. I do not use B of A personally. I have the unfortunate experience of having to deal with them concerning my mothers estate. They act like her money is THEIR money and froze the account. She recently passed away and I am in the process of paying her outstanding bills that are due. Since they froze the account, nothing will be paid. I tried to call the bank for help, but was blown off with not even a return call. I now have to go personally to the bank with all the paperwork showing Executor so I can try to get them to unfreeze the account so I can pay her last outstanding bills including her automatic deduction for her house payment. Throughout my mom's illness we were helping her with her online banking. When she got sicker, she told us where her important papers were so we could show B of A that we have Power of Attorney. They made us fill out their own Power of Attorney form and have to go somewhere and get it notarized. That was a hassle. I don't know what it will take to get them to release the freeze on time to get her bills paid. I am glad I do NOT bank with them and I'm sorry for anyone who does and finds out too late.

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