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Chino, CA, United States

On March 19, I made a mobile deposit for $5000. The $5000 was a personal check from my aunt from her credit union (Arrowhead Credit Union). On March 26, the $5000 was debited out of my account with reason "DEBIT ADJUSTMENT DUPLICATE ITEM". I called customer service and was told to file a complaint. The claim was denied. I continued to file claims from March - July but each claim was denied. Each claim was denied with different reasons:
1) Duplicate Deposit made inside a branch
2)Duplicate Deposit made at an ATM
3) Duplicate Deposit made at a different bank
4) Duplicate Deposit made at Bank of America

My final attempt, the rep was kind enough to do her due diligence and escalated the issue to her manager. She actually called me back and confirmed that 1) she had a copy of the check, 2) the check was deposited at a Bank of America account, 3) the check clearly had my signature and account number BUT was processed under someone else's account.

I was told that with all the check deposits BofA receives, endorsements are not required. This check was for $5000! The simple fact that an endorsement was not required behooves me.

I told each rep that I filed a complaint with that there was no way a physical check could have been deposited because I shredded that check once it cleared my account.

Majority of the reps I did file a complaint with stated that it was Arrowhead Credit Union's responsibility to fix the issue. Arrowhead complied and filed the necessary paperwork but did not receive any help from Bank of America. They did their due diligence following up via phone and physical mail! No one from Bank of America responded to their requests. Arrowhead stated it was not a duplicate deposit on their end as the only check they received had my signature and account number.

This has been an outstanding issue for months. This was not a small amount. This was $5000 that I needed at the time. I have received ZERO help from BofA in trying to get this matter resolved. I have filed complaints at the Chino Hills Branch and different departments (Check Fraud, ATM disputes, Customer Service, Mobile Banking).

I have spoken to a lawyer and was informed that I could file a small claims since BofA refuses to assist. I do not want to go down this path as it will cost me additional $$. Need to understand if there will be resolution.

Oct 16, 2018

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