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Sparks, NV, United States
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I was scammed by a fake tech support company-"Ayogi Support". B of A said I had to provide proof that I was scammed because the scammer provided B of A with a bogus electronic contract with my name on it stating that I agreed to pay Ayogi $149.99 plus a foreign charge!!! B of A denied my claim and believed the scammer!! I talked to the claims department by phone and convinced them to reopen my case. A couple days later I provided proof in print that this company scams people. Mine happened to be in connection with Netflix. I researched the internet and found an article stating that Ayogi support was a known scammer. I faxed the article to B of A, plus provided B of A the site address so they could confirm this. Then I got a letter from B of A saying my claim was once again denied because the evidence wasn't submitted in the required time frame. I faxed it all in right away!!! B of A said I should contact the scammer to see if I could get my money back! Seriously??????? None of this is making any sense to me. I am thinking I am slipping through the cracks of their system. I have been a preferred customer since the 70's and they would rather lose me as a customer over $149.99+. None of this makes sense. I will be going to US Bank. I didn't realize B of A had such a bad reputation. I thought they protected their client's money. I was wrong! I am also checking into suing B of A. It isn't the amount of money, it is the PRINCIPLE! As long as these internet scammers get away with this, the more they will keep doing what they do.

Dec 20, 2015

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