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Bank Of America Checking Account, Balance Transfer Fee / nsf, transfer fees, hidden which tricking consumers fees

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First of all, Customer service including the Branch staffs members are extremely RUDE! Banks has fair statement on "Same Day Transaction" except Bank Of America (BOA). Bank Of America do operate on "how much can we get ripe off because we are a big bank". So, if you have to deposit and withdraw money and say: withdraw first and then deposit second even within a couple minute away, BE SURE that BOA will charge you NSF (or) Overdraft FEE. By asking that it is the same day transaction will surely be treated with insult and humiliation. EVEN THE BRANCH STAFFS RUDELY HANG UP THE CALLS WHEN HE WAS BEING ASKED FOR THE QUESTION ABOUT "SAME DAY TRANSACTION". Customer service (All most all of them) LIED to me by saying that "I am going to transfer you to the manager" when you asked for it and then HANG UP ON YOU! When you called them again, they just make you look like an idiot and don't even say that there is no one such that person with the name that you spoke to.

As someone earlier mentioned that he/she was ripped off in Balance Transfer. There is a Balance Transfer Fees even they said it is 0% interest and HEY I am way too okay with any fees they mentioned at front and what kind of fees, what are the monthly expectation, what are the condition to meet and etc. which you sign and agreed, I believe it is fair. What I am going to say is RIPPING PEOPLE OFF WITH HIDDEN WHICH NORMALLY TARGETED TO TRICKING PEOPLE. THAT IS "SCAMMING". Make sure to read every single fine fine print and be extremely careful. So, I have this Balance Transfer from BOA and found out that I have been CHEATED ("the feeling": meaning: "exactly what happened"). So, it is okay and I just have to learn my lesson and I closed the account. I paid every single penny in the account and ask to close the account. The next month, the account is still open and I have been charged for "A Penny", one cents. For that one cent, my account is still open. What that penny charge is for, don't ask me (I have no clue). So, account can't be closed since there is a balance!!! What the hell is that????

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  • Jo
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    I whole heartedly aggree. I have had many of these NSF fees assessed to me even when I had money that was transfered on the same day to cover the negative balances from another BOA account and was not posted on the same day.
    I have complainted on deaf ears at BOA.
    I don't know why the attorney general hasn't unvestigated BOA yet. I am sure BOA has scammed millions of dollars off its victims like me.

    I hate BOA, if I didn't have a lower mortgage rate with them I would wish them all to hell.

  • Da
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    I am fed up with the whole BOA situation. My problems with them are when a transaction pends then hard post to the account a couple of days later all of the sudden its pending again. Prime example In one account there was 20.47 available in the account and nothing pending, no checks out etc and I went to the ATM knowing I get direct deposit the very next morning, took $20.00 from the account. My receipt showed I have .47 cents remaining. Later that day when I looked at my account at work, I noticed the hard posted items became pending again and over drafted the ATM withdrawl for 20.00.

    There were two other transactions so lovely bank of america took 35.00 x 3 out of my account. I contacted a local branch and explained and said I need to get these fees reversed and they refused they stated my receipt doesnt say no such of a thing and if I can produce it take it to a branch. So I am going to a branch today to discuss this matter with deaf ears. I think BOA has gotten too big to care about the little people. I think if you are not a 7 figure account holder they could care less. You and I are just another number is the pool and left to drown.

    Oh I can't forget this one, I love how they publicize on the internet when you open online there is never a min, no fees etc, but fall below 200.00 and there is a 3.00 maintenance fee every single month. When the account that I appllied for was online and no fees were part of the slogan. There are fees for everything with BOA and I am sure when I go to the branch today, I will be charged a fee for walking in.

    Wish there were other banks that we could use that were just as big so when traveling etc you have a bank, but with the monopoly giant buying them all up, guess it really doesnt matter, we will still end up a BOA customer anyways.

  • Ka
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I also have the same problem with BOA charging NSF fee's. They will always hold any check I deposit, including local bank checks. I had a check to deposit for $365.00 from a local bank. When I got my deposit slip back, I saw where they placed a hold on the check. I politely asked for the check back, went and cashed it at the local bank, went back to BOA and made a cash deposit before 1:00pm. They still not show the cash deposit for 24 hrs. I deposited a Northwestern Mutual check for $12, 000.00 on Nov. 14th, 2008. I did some shopping and used my debit card. I didn'd realize they placed a 21 day hold on the check. After 14 days, theydid credit my account $5000.00. The other was deposited 7 days later. Now, either the whole check cleared and they deposited part of it, or it didn't clear for 21 days and as a courtesy, the put the $5000.00 into the account.(haha) Now I have been charged $340.00 for returned check & NSF fees just for this month.
    I and my husband are medically retired, living on a fixed income and cannot afford these fee's. It should be illegal to do this. Deposits should not be able to be withheld at the whim of BOA.
    Just as soon as I can, I will be moving my account to another bank. It is just a mess because I have direct deposit for my retirement and SS. So does my husband. I just takes the government so long to transfer your money, I am afraid I will be late on some of my bills.

  • Ka
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I forgot to add that they are the most rude people I have ever dealt with. Especially my local Bank of America here in Aiken, SC. It is the one on Laurens st. They are the one's holding my checks. I even asked the teller why my check deposits were being held and sshe said because the Local Branch Manager requested it! What a ###!

  • Ba
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I have to agree that Bank of america customer service representatives are extremely rude. It took me 9 years almost before I realized that. No matter how nice you try to address them, they will hang up on you before you even say a word. That's why I took my business to TD bank. I do hope one day they go bankrupt.
    These sons of a gun placed a hold onto my checking account, talking about my account is pending closure, and I will get a "cash check" for the positive amount on my account mailed out ot me in 15 days. Mind you I had no cash on me, no credit card, my car insurance was due. These heartless people did not care, they didn't remove the hold. I will never do business with bank of America.

  • Ca
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    Bank of America strikes again! Got one of those special Extended Overdraft Balance Fees for my account being 76 CENTS overdrawn! This is the biggest bank scam to hit consumers. We all need to unite and file a class action lawsuit for their unfair business practices!

  • Ka
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    I was told by a manager at BOA that if your account is one cent overdrawn at any time they automatically charge $35 insufficient funds fee. The first occurrence of such a fee can be removed. Subsequent fees cannot be removed. Never mind that my automatic payroll deposit posted to the account just an hour or two after the automatic withdrawal posted!

    During these tough economic times -- especially after the American tax payer helped bail out BOA --- the bank should allow 24 hours to bring an account current before assessing NSF fees! $35 is a ridiculous amount!

    When I complained, the manager stated, "We are a bank and that's just the way it is!" I was told that I have to write a letter with my complaint about their services, and yes, I'm writing the letter!

  • No
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    I used to have B of A account at the Eastchester branch in High Point, NC but I closed it recently due to their rude manners.
    I will never use it again.

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