Bank Of America / Car Loan / car loan delayed payment

Wilmington, DE, United States

I decided to pay off my car loan and delayed the last payment while I liquidated some assets to pay off my loan completely. I called Bank of America and advised them of my intention and to let them know that my payment would be late. I was able to make a payment before I paid off the entire loan. Although Bank of America had received the payment, they sent someone knocking on my door. This is the second time I've been late on my loan for the past 3 and half year (last time was a mistake) and they send someone to knock on my home to hand a debt collection letter. I am glad I won't have to deal with them again, but what this bank has done is irresponsible/bully behavior. If you have an account with this bank, I recommend either not using (if credit) or closing (if bank account). The bank seems to be on it's last legs.

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