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Bank Of America / billpay

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I just noticed that BOA Billpay sends out payments in 3 ways: 1. electronically, 2. by "regular" check, and 3. with a laser draft check. These payment types are random even when sending out payments to the same companies on a monthly basis. They say it's to stop fraud...

Here's the problem... the first two are deducted out of your account on the date of the scheduled payment. As it should be. The third magical laser draft check is not deducted until the company actually tries to cash the check.

So now everytime I want to pay a bill I have to go check the billpay payments for what has been "sent" and go back to the account to see if it was actually taken out.

This is friggin' ridiculous!!! That's not how you balance a checkbook!! A real world example is that I have 2500 in my checking account. A payment was scheduled for 1300 today. My stupid checking account still shows 2500 and will show that until the receiving company decides to cash the check!
WTF!!?? The only reason to do this is so that customers will overdraw on their accounts and BOA will collect lots of extra overdraft fees!

There is no logical explanation as to why they don't take the money out of the account as they should on the scheduled payment date like they do with electronic payments and regular checks. Hell.. if I knew which payments were laser checks, it would at least make things easier on me to balance my own account, but no... it's "random" so I have to balance my account every time I want to send a payment!!! WT[censored]

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  • Bo
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    I just sepnt 3 hours on the phone with BOFA about this exact problem...after 4 reps and 2 managers i the bill pay division, i finaly got someone to crack

    "sir, i dont know why your checks changed from draft to corporate"

    for a year i sent checks to my landlord using billpay, and today, of all days, it was sent as corporate...and it caused several checks to bounce as a result

    tier 1 and 2 reps are taught to blame you for not having funds at the time of delivery, regardless of a prior history of every check being sent as draft. they put the onus on us for not reading (or comprehending) the agreement

    as i told "lee" before i hung up...i base my timeline for "when checks will clear" on my existing timeline history with BOFA...if i send out a check to the same place, and every time i have 7 biz days between mail, delivery, and deposit...and suddenly that window is screwed

    bounced my cobra check today, lost insurance because of this...tho its is legally my fault, i made it abundantly clear the system is entirely flawed, and we need to be informed before submitting a payment whether it will be draft or corporate

    deaf ears i assume

  • Bo
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    Heres a lovely, thought out, and personal message from BOFA regarding their billpay policies:

    Dear XXXXX

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your payment to XXXXXX. We appreciate the opportunity to service your banking needs.

    You are entitled to receive a copy of any document that we relied upon during our investigation and/or processing of your request. To request documents, you can e-mail us anytime and we will send the appropriate documents by U.S. mail.

    Thank you for choosing Bank of America. For further assistance, please contact us by e-mail or phone, 800.933.6262, Online Banking Bill Pay.

    What documentation, and what investigation? I've heard of better customer service in Thailands street markets.

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