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Bank Of America / home equity line of credit

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The incompetence of this bank is truly sobering. A simple call to check the status of a loan application resulted in a three hour phone tree ordeal. I used the number they had provided for this purpose. The one department that might have been able to answer the question closed during my phone tree debacle! The phone message still said "please continue to hold, your call will be answered in the order it was received" long after that group had left for the day. The result was that I never even got an answer on my original question. I was repeatedly invited to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, but each rep claimed they were unable to transfer me to the survey as instructed. Tomorrow I plan to transfer all my accounts to a smaller bank!

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  • Lo
      22nd of May, 2007
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    May 22, 2007
    Volkswagen of America
    Lithia VW of Reno
    Lithia, Medford Oregon

    Re: 2002 VW Turbo Beetle

    I never thought I would be writing a letter like this about a Volkswagen, how very disappointing. I bought my first new VW Beetle 5 speed in 1999 from Lithia VW of Reno. I had regular maintenance and a few recalls; I liked the car so much in 2002 I bought a new 2002 Turbo automatic transmission from Lithia VW of Reno, “BIG MISTAKE”. I live 40 minutes away from Reno for service. I have to have someone follow me going and picking up. It has become very costly in gas and sometimes I have had to miss work. This car has only 42,000 miles, less than 9,000 miles a year and has been in for problems more than I can count. I go in every couple of months for some service light that goes on, such as air bag (3 times) within a year, coolant, engine. I have had a new catalytic converter, water pump, alternator, headlight brackets, headlights, temp. sensor, MAF sensor, etc. etc.

    I have spent $40,000.00 or more at Lithia VW of Reno on two cars, lifetime oil change, extended warranty. Good thing I bought the extended warranty or I would be broke. I still have had to pay $200.00 deductible plus extra cash for this, that, and the other, it is getting ridiculous. Just today I had to pay $372.00 on the airbag again, what is the use in having an extended warranty if you have to pay more than the deductible every time you take the car in.

    I was going to give this car to my 16-year-old daughter but she is a student and couldn’t afford the repairs. I’m wondering that when every service person I talk to says, “these things happen”, that maybe a got a LEMON FROM THE GET GO?

    A very unhappy customer on VW performance and service.

    Lori Ricketts
    1792 Mathe Drive
    Carson City, NV 89701
    (775) 882-1601

  • An
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    The bank is horrible. My step-father received a dividend check from his investment and deposited in good faith. However, when he went to use his ATM card it would not work. We went in and inquired about not being able to use his account. Well, they couldn't help that day due to "the block was put on today and the full information is not available yet". Today, my step-father goes down to the bank and was told that he can no longer do business with the bank due to the check that he deposited was fradulent. What in the world? He doesn't have a history of fraud and he is an elderly man. The worst part is he just received a loan for a home and cannot purchase it because the loan is approved to be deposited in a Bank of America Bank only. AAAGGGHHH!!!

    I have also had bad experience with them. They allowed electronic checks to be cashed against my account with the wrong name and address on it. How much obvious of a fraud is that and all they did was credit my account and told me to contact the company doing this. Sickening.

    I hope no one else has to go throught this mess.

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