Bank Of America / employment offer

United States

Here is a good one. I was laid off from my last job due to a corporate restructuring. So I had to file for unemployment. I applied to a job with B of A and went through 4 telephone interviews and a face to face interview and was offered the job. They sent me an offer letter, set a start date, and setup payroll and benefits. During my background check they saw that I once in the past worked for Countrywide and that someone had put in my employment file that I "was not elgible for rehire". Seeing that I left Countrywide on my own for a position with a better company I sent B of A a copy of my letter of resigination and a copy of my exit interview, which stated that it was a mutual split. The recruiter said this should clear it up and he would get back to me. After a month of calling and e-mailing I got no response. Finally I heard back from the recruiter that they decided to go with an internal candidate and that they were withdrawing my offer for employment. What sucked was that since I accepted a job I had to report this to the state and my unemployment benefits were stopped. I asked B of A to send me a letter stating that the offer was withdrawn so I could get my benefits reinstated and they refused. What was ironic is that since I did not get the job, and could not get my benefits back I had to default on my credit card debt that was with B of A. Great business practice they have, offering a job to someone who is on unemployment, then withdrawing it, causing them to default on debt owed to the same company that withdrew a job offer because I worked for a defunct Mortgage company prior to them acquiring them. I hope this sheads some light on the type of corporation this is and how we are wasting our tax dollars helping them screw the working class.


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