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Bank Of America / excessive overdraft fees

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I ended up paying almost $900 in overdraft fees for my checking account in a 4 month span. Their online banking that I was using to chen my balance was not updated quickly. Also, some transactions take forever to process a debit purchase and by the time it goes into my account I don't have money to cover it, although I did the day of purchase. I tried to get some of the $35 overdraft fees taken off and they said "there's nothing we can do." I was so upset! Were in a recession and you're taking money from me without me knowing it... I may as well give my money to a stranger to hold onto it for me! I couldn't even pay my rent that month because they took all my money!! Bank of "America"??? Not for this American!!! Beware!!! Will charge you $35 overdraft for a $1 overage!!! Bloodsuckers!!

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  • Re
      16th of May, 2009

    what the hell kind of idiot are you???? Its not bank of americas responsibilty to make sure you are not overdrafing your account. AND its not bank of americas fault that it sometimes take a BUSINESS DAYS EVEN WEEKS to take the money out of your account. HERE IS AN IDEA why dont you BALLANCE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT
    here, I will help you like the idiot you seem to be
    deposite 5-6 $400.00
    Chevron debit 5-8 $ 2.53
    Walmart debit 5-8 $63.89
    ballance 5-8 $333.58
    If you do this everyday you arent going to overspend, Banks of all kinds post those online, over the phone, what ever basically so you know what has CLEARED, it doesn't necessarly mean whats PENDING. If you dont know how to manage your money, take a class. Otherwise dont blame a bank for charging you for overdraft fees, THAT THEY TOLD YOU THEY WOULD IF YOU SHOULD OVERDRAFT YOUR ACCOUNT, its your fault not theirs. Yeah we are in a rescission and Bank of America has to protect themselves to. When you opened your account they let you know the terms, if you are really that concerned, get a freaking line of credit, but judging by your money management skills you admitted to, your credit probably sucks to bad for one of those.

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  • Th
      3rd of Jul, 2009

    NO... dont get mad at people for going over a dollar and them charging 1000. So because you go over a dollar, that means ALL HELL should break loose? Well why not charge a billion?

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  • Cm
      31st of Jul, 2009

    trust me this bank rearranges your deposits and debits to purposely charge you fees. they have terrible customer service and they tell you they can do whatever they want because they are the bank. this is a recession and they need to be more consumer friendly instead of trying to stick it to everyone. and to the idiot who was cussing at the complainer and telling them she probably has bad credit-he probably works for the bank. they are crooks

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  • Js
      13th of Jan, 2010

    I'm surprised at how many attacks there are against those posting a complaint about the bank. If that many people are complaining about the same thing, then something is up. And I'm sorry, whether you like it or not, keeping purchases in limbo DOES throw things off. If for no other reason than when it DOES finally post it doesn't have the transaction date. There is NO REASON for transaction to remain pending. If the money is there then pay it RIGHT NOW dammit! What are you waiting for. And I'll tell you this. Before computers started all this pending BS people were NOT getting overdrawn as often. It's clearly in the banks interest to keep it going because a hell of a lot of people find themselves confused over the state of their accounts, especially when transitioning into a new month. I'm sure the person to make the first comment about this complaint has Bank of America's heartfelt thanks. After all they do have to finish handing out all those executive bonuses before the new laws take effect in February and they need us little guys to help pay for it. They sure got a BIG chunk from me.

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  • Sj
      5th of Feb, 2010

    BofA has every right to charge overdraft fees. However, the fees should be proportionate(spelling)to the amount the account is overdrawn, or the transaction amount per fee. With that being said, I'm not the best at balancing my check book - but BofA has charged me over $860 in overdraft fees in 12 months. I added all the transactions that made the account overdrawn, and it came up to $78. That means they are charging me over 1000% of what they covered in fees.

    Also, if they were really trying to be customer oriented, they would give you at least 24 hours to replace the funds (bring your account back to balance), before charging you a whopping $35 dollars for every single transaction.

    The most frustrating fees I received just happened last week. I was overdrawn after the weekend (usually it's always on a monday when all the fees come in at one time) by $40, so I transferred $200 out of my primary account to my secondary account (the one I have issues with, becasue it's tied to my debit card), which made it +$150 and change. BofA charged me four overdraft fees that same evening for $140. Three new transactions came in for a whopping $27 dollars, which ended up making my account overdrawn (because the transaction fees were taken), so I had to pay $105 dollars more in fees for the items that were overdrawn because of the overdraft fees from the bank.

    Now that is scandalous any way you look at it.

    When my commission check hits this week for $13, 500 I'm going straight to the bank to close my accounts. I've been banking with BofA for 18 years, and ever since online banking came into factor, it's been a problem.

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