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Bank Of America / check cashing

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Went to B/A in Las Vegas, Nevada located on Martin Luther King and Washington Boulevard August 3, 2007 to cash a Credit Card Check which my fiance had given to me for $175.00. when I got to the window the male clerk took my driver license which had the exact same information (address) as printed on the check, he verified the funds then came back to the window and said he couldn't cash the check because my drivers license was not 30 days old. So then I showed him my employee cards, which are all dated and had my picture on them (Sheriff card, Alcohol Permit, Health and Tam Card he said he could accept these. I had a change of address he said he had no way of verifing that and this is bank policy. I asked to speak with the supervisor she also agreed that I could cash the check even though the funds were available unless I had a military identification card or passport, she went on to say that this is Bank of America policy. So then I went to another Bank of America they said because it did not have the Bank of America on the check they could not cash it (Rancho Drive and Craig Road), I said well the other said they could cash because my drivers license was not 30 days old. I called the call center, one person said that is not true about the drivers license and then another said it was true, that what they wanted was for me to open an account and deposit the funds into the bank. The reason I went there was because I needed the funds immediately or I would have deposited it into my account. What happens when someone wants to open, withdrawal funds they are new in the state and they don't have a military or passport how do they get their money? When their drivers' license is not 30 days old? Yet each person said that each Bank of America has their own policies as to the acceptance of check cashing, to me this is unacceptable. Bank of America is Bank of America, their policy and procedure are based on however each bank wants to do? It showed me that there is no uniformity within their system of banking.

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      30th of Jul, 2010
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    Bank Of America - Check Cashing Fee
    Bank of America
    Blue Springs
    United States

    My 16 year old son got his first job and was paid via a check written on a Bank of America account. He went into branch and was charged $6 to cash a check written on BofA's own bank!

    Talk about gouging! The bank took no risk on cashing the check because they knew the account had funds in it. It was written on their own account holder! Then to charge what amounted to a 12% interest to cash their own check!

    Explanation given was that this was "their policy". Secondly, they didn't look at his age. I pointed out they sure looked at his ID and fingerprint! What ###!

    How do they sleep at night?

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      6th of Apr, 2011
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    Bank Of America also charges fees to non customers who have a employer that pays with a Bank Of America account drawn check... They said we will waive the fee if you open a account with us and deposit money into it... I refuse to open a account with a bank that charges a fee to cash it's own checks, checks that are not personal checks. How dare they?

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      14th of Sep, 2013
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    For years I have been cashing checks that people have given me at their bank with no problem whatsoever. Recently I was paid by check from an idividual business account written on the Bank of America.
    So I go to the Bank of America in Scotts Valley to cash it.

    First the teller, Meredith, tells me to endorse the check and then asks for identification, a driver's license. At which point she informs me that being I do not have an account with the bank there is a $5 service charge. I asked to have the fee waived and was told I would have speak with the bank manager and wait 15-20 minutes before doing so, after she was done with another customer!
    The bank manager lectured me the same in a abstruse demeanor and rudely insisting that my "only choice was to pay the $5 fee or negotiate with YOUR bank."
    "You are holding up the line for other customers."
    I told her that I understood and that the person that wrote the check must be paying a fee for the account and that I didn't care to negotiate with MY bank for whom this transaction has nothing to do with. The check says "Pay To The Order Of" and
    that I just wanted to be paid without incurring some fee. I am a customer and wanted to get paid.
    So the bank manager and your teller associate denied serving me and I had to leave, without my money.

    I have had problems with Bank of America before because of so many fees. Nobody needs to be upset and act so arrogant as I was treated over $5. I can not believe a bank will not honor the checks that are written on their own
    bank without charging people a fee. With all of BOA's bad debts and their business practices I do not know how you
    ever stay in business unless the federal reserve is bailing you out?

    It is illegal for an employer in California to Issue a paycheck that can't be cashed without paying a fee. If I sue, the employer must pay all of the fees that have been charged plus penalties and lawyer fees. So if I sue my employer, after they loose, they will no doubt close this account with BOA.

    If enough people sue employers that use BOA. they may change their extortionist ways. Check out Cal LABOR CODE DIV 2 SECTION 212.

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