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Bank Of America / premium line of credit

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I or rather my ex-wife (whom is a employee for Bank of America as a loans underwriter) gained access to a 10,000 line of credit in 1998 in 1999 it was at it's limit of 10k since we have divorced and I have been paying the thing down to @ 4k as of late 2006 apparently my efforts were not sufficient and when a payment of 95$ was made in December 2006 it broke the camels back. A letter was sent to me stating that the money was received but actually 97$ therefore the account would remain "In Default" It is important that you know that I have had a commercial account with Bof A for over 20 years, I own 2 carwashes in the DFW area and I bank there no less than twice a week, the paperwork just dried up in the fall od 2006, I made repeated efforts to transfer monies using their online banking when I tried to transfer money it insisted I need to open an account, hell I already had to many, and it would not recognize my LofC account number, I tried often to reach the Lof C dept but they were Closed For the Evening,to say the least I am a very busy man single, home, 2 businesses that are open 7,24,365 get it. So on Feb. 11 of my own accord I called the line of credit dept and a lovely lady answered the phone explaining that the others had gone home but that she could assist me,finally a actual human with blood in their veins... she explained to me what was necessary to get their online banking to recognize one of it's own accounts (WHAT to HELL) and told me she would be glad to assist me in making a payment, I told her I would like to pay $235 and she transfered the money immediately, she then explained that after looking at the details of the account saw that if I and I Quote" would just pay an additional sum of @ 3o$ my account would be IN GOOD STANDING AND ALL WOULD BE WELL so like a good soldier I DID JUST THAT thinking finally I would have online access to my account and could resume paying this thing off... good rideounce, of course if the junior teller at the new branch 2 blocks near my home would of told me I needed to pay 2$ extra in December or how to "REGISTER" my LofC account online none of this happens... but that's not all oh it gets worse... 5 days after this payment is made I receive notice that indeed my account had been sold to United on a Bof A letterhead telling me to contact them, and that if I've made any payment recently not to that it could greatly increase the amount owed to united and that it was sold on Feb 9th 2 days before my payment that was at the time about 7 to 8% of the loan amount... the money had been taken from my account but the total had not been posted against my LofC balance... On early three months I spent 1 to 2 days of the week trying to retrieve rundown freaking find my money always a confirmation # was issued and a promise to resolve this quickly Diane Hicks lied repeatedly to me and never got back with me I was repeatedly bumped form dept. to dept... THE TREE as they call it each one saying it was the others DEPARTMENT... I finally got the EXWIFE to call in EARLY MAY and of course she got the real skinny... loan sold to united deal was made back in January of 2007 sold 4100$ not that united thought was secured with assets for 3167$ they claimed (even told my ex-wife) that they transferred the funds immediately to United Mortgage... United tells me that they received the money on MARCH 22nd and that at the current interest rate of 13% I now owe including the @270$ payment just over 4,500 dollars remember that balance was just over 4,000$ on January 1 of 2007-minus 270$ payment on feb 11th @13% (was never that high, variable rate at Bank of America). They are now calling like incestuous whore's insisting that they need a speedy one time payoff... the Loan was UNSECURED and personal, not secured and Business as united thought, see they even lie to each other... Hell I don't have that and refused to be bullied by these carpet bagging son's of bi**hes, I will pay when a judge determines that a FAIR recognizing has been made and yes I still for this moment bank there... Gerald L kannady.

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  • No
      26th of Jul, 2007
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    I recently wanted a car loan in which my car i owed 19k on and was getting 15k for it and the dealer was giving me 4k more than what my car is actually worth and and i know dealers like to bu***hit people but i looked it up myself on kellys blue book and its worth 11k with the miles i have on it and so i was trying to get a car with 40k miles and was 26,250 the as***les denied me.

    But check this.

    My credit score is 734 and i have 2 jobs and my father co-signed for me... He has 2 jobs also... The dealer place was enraged i mean like red in their faces all the way because nobody understood why and the bank of America people would not give a reason.

    U know what i am neverrr going to bank of America and anyone that asks is getting a bad referral from me.

  • Jc
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    This one is good. Same with this one:

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