Bank Of America Additupbankofamerica additup cashback fraud


I made multiple purchases from staples from 5/03/09-5/16/09 via going through my Bank of America additup account and by clicking the retailer link on their website. I was 100% sure that I went through the additup site to take advantage of 4% staples cash back they offer. However several weeks after the transactions the cash back did not show up on the additup website. When I called they said all transactions are there and would eventually give me cash back in few days. When I called this week to know the status they said, I won’t be getting cash back as I did not go through their website. This company is doing fraud found a silly reason to deny my cash back. As I mentioned, I am 100% certain that I went through the additup website to make all these transactions. This was confirmed during my first call with customer service person as she said she could see all the transactions. Now they found a simple way to reject my cash back by saying that I did not go through their website while making the purchase. This is not correct, but no way to prove it. There is no way that I missed additup sign up for all my 12 transactions starting from 5/3-5/16. If I miss one or two I would have agreed. I feel I have been cheated by this company as they are purposefully denied me the cash back. The whole reason of using a BOA card and additup was to get the cash back, otherwise I had better options to make this transaction rather than using BOA card. So lesson learned is the whole additup sucks. Don't expect cash back while doing your purchase. If you get it you are lucky. I am just amazed how this company takes away money by saying they give cash back and at the end not honoring that saying nonsense reason to deny it. Buyers beware using BOA services, this company is fraud, and it is just there to loot your money ...Pathetic cheats...

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