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**I purchased a Beoplay A1 (May 2017), 2-3 days later I took it back as it did not charge properly. More than a week later they "fixed it" by replacing the charging cable. 1-2 weeks later the product does not charge fully ie. It is supposed to charge within 3 hours and indicate green light. I charged the product for 24hours+ in two differnet sockets and still shows not charged full as result flickering orange. I returned the product demanding a new replacement with no success. Not even a mail addressing my concerns. Just saying and upgrade to software fixed issue number two**

I am stunned that a company with such a strong brand and message of quality does unfortunately not align with the buying/post service experience. I would argue any product from a shirt to a car that you buy and is not 100% will be exchanged on the spot at any other reputable company. I would also argue that if new customers are made aware that the product they might buy at Bang & Olufson might not be 100% working and if so, "Deal with it" is the approach that they would not purchase it.

The fact is my product is not even 1 month old and it has spent 1.5 weeks in "repairs" (1. "needs new cable" and now "software upgrade") and funny enough both issues related to the charging function. Now I am being told I need to accept paying R5k for a brand new product that already is showing durability issues. So I can only imagine how long this product's lifetime would be given it short life already.

Please also note that if you do not exchange for a new product (which I paid for) or refund that I will make my experience heard because obviously following the honest route is not honored.

I am confident everyone on CC would be an just as unhappy customer as me if this was you buying someone a gift that doesn't work 100% and now have to say don't worry now its fixed, after a month.

Jun 27, 2017

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