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Banfield Veterinary Clinic / consumer complaints ignore

1 Fairless Hills, PA, United States Review updated:

On 5/22/08, we took our 2 year old Poodle, Bobby to your clinic for a physical examination. As a part of this examination, the Vet took Bobbys temperature with a rectal thermometer. His procedure, I thought at the time, was unnecessarily rough and Bobby reacted with severe pain when the thermometer was jammed into his rectum.

Bobby began having diarrhea by that afternoon, became listless and then started having blood in his stool by the next day. On Sunday 5/26, it was apparent our dog was ill and needed emergency intervention. (See paperwork). The diagnosis was an abscessed anal gland that had ruptured and he was treated for this. He now is on medication and has to wear a collar to keep him from aggravating the injury. The cost of the emergency visit was $180.

When we brought Bobby in this condition was present, but unnoticed by your vet. This gland was aggravated by the rough rectal examination. I note on your paper work that the Banfield vet inaccurately stated normal, empty anal glands and didnt see this existing condition. I am told it would have been quite visible in a careful examination, even by a non-professional.

I believe the emergency treatment we had to seek and the charges of $180 should be paid by Banfield because of the rough and negligent examination. The failure of your vet to see and routinely treat the anal abscess in a reasonable manner is unprofessional. Your own examination paperwork notes normal and empty glands.

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  • Au
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    FYI, rectal temperatures are routine and they may seem rough to you, but they're the only way to know your dog's temperature. Even if your dog has a sensitive rectum for whatever reason (worms, parvo, impacted anal glands, infected anal glands, injury, etc.) a temp is requisite because if your dog has fever or if he's hypothermic, these require emergency intervention immediately. They shouldn't have done it in front of you, for sure, and I wasn't there, so maybe it was rough!

    Anal glands are checked by squeezing the rectum in two different ways to express the accumulated fluid. Dogs almost always react with pain to this because if the glands are simply full, it causes distress and discomfort to empty them. They probably just squeezed, the dog reacted with pain (normal), and nothing came out (quite possibly due to this infection?) and decided it wasn't a big deal. Vet offices try to get them in and get them out.

    I never worked for Banfield but I doubt its operation differs significantly from other clinics. You're right. They should be responsible for part of the cost, but - in my opinion - not because of the temperature or whether or not it exacerbated the condition (it's unknown) but for their oversight and lack of thoroughness which exacerbated the condition.

    Nothing's worse than your baby in pain and an animal hospital that's more concerned with the bottom line and working within time constraints. I'm sorry for your experience.

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